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My necrons (6 posts)

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  • Avatar Image krazyturd10p said 3 years ago:

    Heres what i have and getting enjoy

    What I have 2 monoliths
    4 scarabs
    10 necron warriors

    what im getting

    Commad/anialtin barge
    2 pretorians/lych
    2 warriors
    4 imortals/deathmarks
    2 ghost arks/doomsday ark
    lord w orb

  • Avatar Image bloodhunter882p said 3 years ago:

    so what are you going to build your ordered units up as?

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  • Avatar Image krazyturd10p said 3 years ago:

    thats what im asking the people what should i build out of this

  • Avatar Image bloodhunter882p said 3 years ago:

    Trazyn, no build options here, but nice choice.

    command / annhilation barge is an easy one because you can make both without the need to magnetize it.

    i’d make one set of lychguard with warscythes and the other with shields, then if you want you can use the warscythe ones as lords for a royal court if you wanted.

    warriors, no options here either UNLESS you use the spares from the immortals kit on them for bonus immmortals. i did very easily.

    Immortals / deathmarks: i love deathmarks so make at least one of these box’s deathmarks, i would strongly suggest at least 2 of them are made up as immortals.

    Doomsday ark / ghost ark: i’d make one of each, they’re both useful things.

    Lord w orb: once again no options here.

    Remember though what i’ve suggested is what i would do, i know there are some people that can’t stand deathmarks and will say “don’t bother with deathmarks just make immortals”. Overall though you’re going to have a decent army to start off with.

  • Avatar Image maxwelledison134p said 3 years ago:

    I am awaiting delivery of the following:

    Command barge/annihilation barge
    2 boxes of warriors
    2 boxes of immortals

    I figure this will give me a good base, the lord from the barge will make nemessor zandrekh and the overlord will be obyron the badass, I like the idea of making a unit of warriors into immortals with other weapons but I may use a unit to make 10 deathmarks and stick obyron with them and keep veiling them out of harms way

  • Avatar Image krazyturd10p said 3 years ago:

    @maxwelledison looks like a good start