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2017 Great Wargaming Survey (2 posts)

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  • Avatar Image avernos871p said 4 days, 14 hours ago:

    This Wednesday 19th July Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy’s annual survey will be starting.

    Jasper’s survey looks into the wargaming population to see who is playing what games and where in the world, are fantasy battles preferred in Spain? Is the American gaming population aging? Why is Bangor the lead belt for Northern Ireland? ….okay maybe not that last one, but it is a question that demands an answer.

    The survey is quick to take and if you go to you can see last years results.

    On Wednesday at 11am BST, 12pm CET and 6am EDT that same link will bring you to this years survey.

    So if you can pop by and fill it in it would be great to know what constitutes the wargaming hobby around the world and what changes we are seeing.

    Sophia LIVES!!!

    Wargamers are like smokers, get them hooked young and they’re yours for life!

  • Avatar Image avernos871p said 2 days, 7 hours ago:

    the survey is now up and running, for those of you who need temptation their are some prizes and everyone who completes a survey gets a 5 euro voucher for the webstore. If you’re unaware apart from W,S&S Karwansaray do some fantastic books as well, for Roman fans I recommend Romans which is full of high quality photographs of reenactors and the Dacian Wars book is currently on offer.

    prizes are:
    - A Warlord Games starter set and one plastic box set of the winner’s choice
    - A Rubicon plastic box set of the winner’s choice
    - A Plastic Soldier Company plastic box set of the winner’s choice
    - A Gripping Beast plastic box set of the winner’s choice
    - A Perry Miniatures plastic box set of the winner’s choice (ACW starter, Travel Battle set excluded)
    - Two Osprey wargaming rulebooks of the winner’s choice
    - The two latest wargaming books from Pen & Sword
    - A 4Ground set
    - Two rulesets of the winner’s choice from Peter Pig
    - Two copies of Baccus Polemos rules of the winner’s choice
    - A Pendraken 10mm Army Pack of the winner’s choice
    - 3* A two-year subscription of the winner’s choice to either Ancient Warfare, Ancient History Magazine, Medieval Warfare or Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy