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Code Zero – SG Unlocked, 3D Printed Masters (7 posts)

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  • Avatar Image shinlocke15p said 1 year, 1 month ago:


    Our Kickstarter is funded, now we are moving towards unlocking stretch goals to grow the miniatures line we are working on for our the skirmish game we are developing. We are working on building and developing the miniatures line as we continue working on the skirmish game. The main focus of the Kickstarter is to expand the miniatures and start to build a community centered around the game. The first of our miniatures for this universe are digitally sculpted, 3d printed and cast in high quality resin.

    Code Zero is a 32mm miniatures skirmish game set in a futuristic alternate universe. Players take control of a small squad of troops, broken up into fireteams, competing with each other to achieve one or several objectives and complete their mission. It utilizes alternate activation with a action/reaction system.

    We will be approaching our Kickstarter a bit different than the traditional method.

    A traditional Kickstarter sets a goal to create a full game. That goal is usually short of what is actually needed, with stretch goals/add-ons generating the funds for the remainder. This can often cause the core game to run into late delivery issues, creating multiple waves of shipping, or in rare cases, may even result in not delivering at all. By the time the backer receives the product, it has been so long that excitement has worn off or they have even forgotten about it.

    The goal of this Kickstarter is to fund the creation of the Anazi Dynasty miniatures, one of the factions involved in the Code Zero game. We would like nothing more than for this kickstarter to be hugely successful, allowing us to fully fund the game and miniatures all at once, but decided on taking this different approach for many reasons.

    Our plan by creating miniatures for each faction, one faction at a time, allows us to ensure we provide our best in a timely manner. This will let us run a smaller campaign, putting the full focus into each faction as we expand the game bit by bit. That means we can fund at a smaller amount which allows us to put the product into our backer’s hands quicker. Instead of waiting two years for something, you’ll have product within a fraction of the time.

    Meanwhile we can start small and build the miniatures line while we release the Code Zero game rules in beta format to our backers. Although we are confident we can test and implement it in the traditional time, that often leads to rules being rushed out too soon. This results in sub-par rules, something that needs to be heavily revised within a few months of release. Our method will give backers a unique opportunity to help shape, adjust, and improve the game as we continue to build the product line. We really do value your feedback, and although we might not be able to implement every suggestion or idea, we will definitely listen and make adjustments where needed.

    Although we have chosen the faction to produce first, backers will be able to help determine the next faction moving forward as well as what it could unlock. But don’t worry, that does not mean we will be launching multiple campaigns at once! The plan is to fund, deliver, and then move on to the next campaign. That will allow us prove ourselves to you, the backers, as well as continuing to foster the growing trust we develop with you, our community. It also means we can learn, adjusting to any mistakes or issues encountered on the way. The slow and steady pace will allow us to better grow Code Zero with our community.

    Size Comparison

    From left to right: Wild West Exodus, Warhammer 40K, Code Zero, Infinity, WarmaHordes

  • Avatar Image shinlocke15p said 1 year ago:

    Here are some painted examples of our miniatures thanks to spiralingcadaver. There is also a review on the miniatures in the link.

  • Avatar Image shinlocke15p said 11 months, 3 weeks ago:

    We relaunched our Kickstarter and are now funded.

    Our Kickstarter relaunched and is now funded. We are going to be creating some new sci-fi miniatures which will be used in our skirmish game (Code Zero) that we are working on. We wanted to share the process from start to finish that we go through to create the gaming miniatures; Concept Art, 3D Sculpting, 3D Master Print, Resin Casting.

    Update #2 | From Concept to Casting

    Designing a Miniature

    When we look at designing a miniature there are a few things to factor into it. What role will the miniature be taking; Is it a light armored scout or a more heavy armor figure? How big the miniature is size wise to other miniatures; Are they average human height, larger or smaller? In order to be able to properly communicate what you want to an artist, you have to know what you want. That can also mean getting some reference material. Once you have all that then you can find an artist to start working on the concept art.

    First Pass Draft

    We like to start with a primary draft, which gives us multiple options to choose from. They can be various variations based on the information given to try to hone more into the look we are wanting. This also helps communicate to the artist what we like, don’t like, what works and doesn’t as well as the why. It helps in the process to ensure that we are all on the same page as to the visual design.

    Second Pass

    Then a second pass is done with more options to further fine tune the design. We normally ever have to do two passes before we settle on the semi-final design. If we don’t feel that any of the options are working, we have done a third pass but we rarely have to go down that route. Once again we look at what options we like and why, which helps the artist create the final piece.

    Color Palette

    Now that we have the semi-finalized version, we examine the color palette. It is very much similar to the 1st/2nd Passes where we have different colors, patterns to determine what we want. Technically the colors aren’t necessary to create the final miniature. However in some cases colors can help determine the final texture/material that clothes and other items are made of.


    Now that we have the final concept piece done. We need to validate it. We give artists certain room for creativity to create. Although some things look great on paper, they don’t necessarily translate well when going into 3d. If pieces are too thin, they can cause an issue casting, if something is too large it might require being cut differently. We try to identify what these places are before talking to the sculptor. Sometimes those the issues are found as we enter into the sculpting process. I try to share that information with the artists, so for future projects they start to develop what the limitations are.


    It helps to have some basic ideas of how you will want to pose the final piece because that can effect sculpting in some aspects. It also can effect how and where the 3d sculpt will be cut to create the multi-parts of the miniature. You usually don’t have to do a posing sheet for each new artwork, sometimes just having one for a couple sets is enough for the sculptor to work with.

    3D Sculpting

    3D sculpting I mostly take a back seat and let the digital artist do their things. For the most part they start with the base, build around it. As they work on the items I get WIP pictures which I do give some feedback with.

    Once we get the T-Pose done, finish the rest of the detail then we can do some final touches before moving to posing. Some things that may have looked fine with the concept art, visually or mechanically may not work properly in a digital aspect. For example the pocket was in front, but it made more sense to move it.

    Now we can finally look at where we want the pieces to be cut and seperated.

    We can finally do a master 3d print.

    Now that we have our 3D Master, providing everything checks out with sizing. We can begin casting the miniature to get the final piece.

  • Avatar Image shinlocke15p said 11 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Awaken Realms

    If you don’t know, Awaken Realms is a miniatures painting studio which has provided services for many people. They have also been working on their own kickstarter projects and who will be letting us use their Pledge Manager to help fulfill our Kickstarter with. They have been busy with many things but one of them has been working three of our fireteams (15 miniatures) getting them painted up for us. They are still a work in progress but here are some early pictures of some.

    Miniatures Review

    We have also had Nick Wirzt also known as SpiralingCadaver on some forums who painted some miniatures for us as well. He created a blog pos with the process along with the review of the miniatures we have cast that he assembled and painted. You can check the review out here.

  • Avatar Image shinlocke15p said 11 months, 1 week ago:

    We’ve added another miniature to the lineup.

    She is an ex-Inquisitor originally from the Europa Confederation working as a Corsair, freelance mercenaries, bounty hunters and traders that operate within multiple factions.

    Europa Confederation

    They are the second largest nation in the galaxy, well known for their strong psion presence. When other nations created pushed for Apartheid against humans who developed psionic abilities, the EC exonerated them. They welcomed anyone with psionic abilities and often put them into positions of power within the nation. That meant most of them were part of the inquisition or church, since psionic abilities were gifts meant to be used for the betterment of all while expanding the influence of the church and the nation.


    Inquisitors are classified as defenders and make up key elements within the Europa Confederation. They are responsible for mediating, handling disputes, investigating psions as well as working as an enforcement and police force. Strangely the majority of inquisitors tend to be female operatives, although there are a few male psions who have the inquisitor rank. Outside of select officials, no one really understands why or how. It seems to be a carefully guarded secret.

    The Corsair Accord

    The Corsair Accord, an official agreement recognizing licenses that authorizes someone to collect bounties and work as a freelance mercenary. The license will also allow traders to travel between factions, authorizing someone to collect bounties and work as a freelance Mercenary. Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters and Free Traders need to be sanctioned and registered with the Syndicate. The Syndicate is the largest unaligned party with a sizeable security force that rivals many factions because it protects some of the older ship yards and museums protecting much of human heritage.

    Her Corsair license allows her to operate within Anazi Dynasty, Federated Commonwealth, and United Republic controlled territories. She has barred from operating within Shingen Empire and Europa Confederation although she can travel to Europa Confederation Code Zero planets, she is just barred from operating as a Corsair. It is unclear what led to her leaving Europa.

    Her psionic specialty is with Telekinetic Fields, she has the ability to create a TK-Field which she can create around herself in moments of duress. In game terms it allows her to absorb/deflect 1 damage until she takes a wound then she loses the ability to create the TK field while she is wounded. Her standard equipment that she is armed with is a Battle Rifle and pistol (standard issue for the EC). She also favors and is efficient in the use of a Vibroblade or Ratchet Blade.

  • Avatar Image shinlocke15p said 11 months, 1 week ago:

    Update # 9 – Closing in on the Last 48 Hours

    We are approaching the last 48 hours of the campaign. It will come down to the wire but I do believe we will unlock the Stretch Goal for 2 more Corsair mercenaries.


    We will be utilizing some sort of pledge manager. This will allow backers to be able to choose which miniatures and fireteams they are getting as part of their pledge. Backers will also be able to add additional funds. Although they can add them to the pledge manager, if you can, you’ll want to add what you can to your current pledge now. That helps the campaign get closer to the next stretch goal, although it is also perfectly acceptable to wait until the PM comes out.


    Questions have been asked a couple times about the game rules so I wanted to clarify. There was an initial concern over the pledge levels only listing “Beta Rules”. All backers will get access to the final rules. The only reason the beta rules are listed because as part of fulfillment for ‘this’ campaign, the beta rules are part of it. All backers will always have access to the rules.

    The idea is that the rules themselves should be free and available for download when they are complete. That is the plan as I believe rules should be free. Make great miniatures but provide free, accessible rules with them as well. They won’t be available for the public until they are done, only backers get early access to them. There may be a book version for those that like to have a physical copy in their hand but we won’t be printing it until we’re sure it is in a final state.



    The Anazi Dynasty are not the most technologically advanced or have the largest military but they are the indisputable leaders when it comes to medical knowledge, genetic manipulation, and bioware. They are most known for their genetic experimentation as the leaders in gene-splicing, but that came at a great cost.

    For decades their tampering with gene-splicing with themselves have left dormant genes which passed to their offspring, births started to happen where there were non-controlled mutations. At first, some of them was considered cute; A boy with cat ears, a girl with a tail, another child covered with fur, and there was a child who developed reptilian skin. Along with those traits came other benefits, but there was no mistaking they didn’t look human anymore.

    This caused them to be treated poorly, given the other history of their nation which resulted in them developing xenophobia of the other nations. Although they were called mutants and freaks, it didn’t stop other rich families of other nations seeking them out to ‘enhance’ themselves. Forced to obtain the scraps and choices of planets has required them to live in very harsh environments.

    Very few outsiders have gone to the core, most encounters have been through the borderlands or neutral territories. Over decades rumors grew, some people have said they aren’t human or largely grotesque, rumored to be monsters. Anazi Dynasty, of course, have done nothing to change the perception of others, they are perfectly fine with others thinking them monsters. In fact, they embraced much of that psychological profile within their military. That is why many of them have horns, modified armor, to make them seem less human. Even if there was a human underneath without any mutations, their enemies would never know.

    The core citizens and initial countries that make up the Anazi Dynasty are descendants that can be traced back to Terra and Africa.


    The United Republic is the oldest, largest and most powerful nations in terms of military, territory, and technology. Although the Shingen Empire would disagree about UR being the leader in technology.

    After Terra Fall they were in the best position to bring order to the chaos that ensued. They blazed a path to creating order and maintaining discipline, although this was usually through the means of a strong military. The assumed control of New Terra and secured their seat as the controlling body of what would soon be the failing United Nations.

    Their society was built on the back of capitalism and a free market, often the wealthiest were who made the laws and rules. This end result was a strong matriarch in control of most things. Since public image held an important factor, the United Republic became the embodiment of what it meant to be human. That meant there are no mutants, aliens, or cyberoids in their ranks, at least that one can tell from visual appearance. Only those citizens that were part of the productive society were considered able to vote, everyone else was considered second class citizens.

    They utilize a natural genetic breeding program, which pairs good “households” with each other. This ensures that the best genes are produced so that the wealthiest, strong, beautiful are the ones who continue to maintain their power.

    The core citizens and initial countries that make up the United Republic are descendants that can be traced back to Terra, USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia and the former Eastern Bloc.


    Next, to the United Republic, the Europa Confederation is the second largest and oldest nation. Before the Civil War that led to Europa Confederation being formed and the splinter nation Shingen Empire, they were a force to be reckoned with. They were able to stop the further advance of the UR from taking over all the good colonies and planets.

    In the early days, they established themselves when fear of the psions started to emerge. Instead of fearing those with psionic abilities or trying to utilize them as weapons, they instead embraced the evolving humans. Other nations created restrictions and apartheid but they welcomed anyone with psionic gifts. They even elevated them to places of leadership and power. Most psions were part of the Inquisition of the Church since psionic abilities were gifts meant to be used for the betterment of humankind. This also served to help expand the influence the Church held. Legends date back to the early days of psions that the royal family themselves had psionic abilities and that was the main reason they welcomed them. It would make sense if that was true since every royal member since after Terra Fall have been psions.

    The core citizens and initial countries that make up the Europa Confederation are descendants that can be traced back to Terra, most European nations including United Kingdom, France, Spain and some of the middle-eastern area of China.


    The Shingen Empire was born from war so it makes sense that their ideology is centered around warfare and bushido. There was a disagreement in what the next evolution step for humanity should be. Europa wanted to embrace psionic abilities while Shingen believed that human bodies were frail and weak. He believed the next step was for humans to shed their broken bodies and embrace cyberization, not just part cyborg or cybernetic enhancement but full blown cyberoid.

    Their technological level is on par with the United Republic, if not better. Since the UR technology has safety measures put in place to protect human life, they were able to throw those cautions and safety’s away. There are not many situations or conditions that can prove to be devastating to a cyberoid.

    The process to undergo cyberization doesn’t come without costs. Currently there is a psychological strain as well as pain that the person endures. As such they are bred in cybernetic embryo’s, taught in schools until they become a mature age. In which they do an aptitude test to determine if they are ready for cyberization. Although the main core of their society have undergone full cyberization, there some that are still human. There are also some cyberoids that can be made in the image of a human, these mostly interact with other humans since most of their nation are a machine. Having a human-like interface makes people feel more comfortable around them.

    The core citizens and initial countries that make up the Shingen Empire are descendants that can be traced back to Terra, Japan, Korea and parts of China.


    The Federated Commonwealth are one of the smaller nations, only having six planets that comprise their core planets, with a few systems on the outlines around them. They originally were part of different mining corporations who rebelled against the United Republic control. They were being overworked while being forced to defend themselves from raiders and pirates. They just weren’t considered worth sending security forces to defend, at least that was the perception of the workers.

    The six planets worked together, deciding to become a Federation forming under a Commonwealth and declared their independence. Although only a few planets, the mining rights they maintain help keeps them in a position of power. Since the majority of the planets are buried deep within systems with chaotic asteroids, which makes great mining, but proves highly unsafe conditions for those not familiar with them.

    Their society is very much a melting pot in terms of appearance. They have normal looking humans, those with cybernetic enhancements, a few psions, mutants and even alien species amongst their planets. One could even find a few independent cyberoids as well. Appearance and even money were never important, the only thing that mattered was hard work. If you could work and you did work hard, you got rewarded.

    The core citizens and initial countries that make up the Federated Commonwealth are descendants that can be traced back to Terra, Australia and various islands along the Pacific Rim.

  • Avatar Image shinlocke15p said 11 months, 1 week ago:

    Update #10 – SG Unlocked, New Pledge Level


    We made it to the $2K Stretch Goal with plenty of time to spare, which allows us to add two more miniatures to the line. That means we will be adding two more Corsair mercenaries to the available add-ons. They are available as an add-on individually for $10. You can add one of them by adding $10 to your current pledge level or you can increase your pledge by $20 for both of them.


    There are only 28 hours remaining. Will we be able to power through to the next Stretch Goal?

    The next SG will unlock another miniature to add to the lineup. If 80% of the backers added the two new Corsair mercenaries to their pledges, we would be able to reach that next SG. However, no one is obligated or should feel pressured to do so. We are already grateful for everyone who has already backed allowing us to make this a reality.

    You will also be happy to know that what doesn’t get unlocked, once we finish casting and delivery, then the next Kickstarter will most likely focus first on the remaining as well as new units. Which units really comes down to backer input and it is one of the benefits of backing even if only for $1 or $10 for one of the miniatures. The backers get to have the most input since they are ultimately the ones who helped create this line.

    But wait! There’s more! The next stretch goal will also unlock a hidden stretch goal which will reward every backer who backed at Corporal and higher with a free miniature of their choosing!


    There have been a couple requests from collectors and painters who were not necessarily interested in a complete fireteam or the game. After looking over everything we have decided to add a new pledge level where backers can choose any 6 individual miniatures for $50. They could also simply choose 6 of the same one if they wanted as well or they could essentially get one of each type. This allows some to dip their toe into the miniatures line by having a sample of each of the styles.


    We were hoping to have the 3D printed masters for the Federated Commonwealth power armor suits last week but they, unfortunately, got held up in customs. We were not expecting them for another week. However, something unexpected showed up in the mail today. ^_^ The masters for the power armor have arrived! I apologize for the poor quality of the images, it is overcast here in the northwest so there is not a lot of natural light to use for photos.