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KS 48H left ! Everlasting Wet Palette (101 posts)

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  • Avatar Image vivienred21p said 5 months ago:

    APPROVED BY PRO-PAINTER. Need a review or 10 ?


  • Avatar Image fishman1506p said 5 months ago:

    I was just looking at these, they look great!

  • Avatar Image maledrakh583p said 5 months ago:

    Are they actually keeping “everlasting” in the name even though the touted super membrane that was going to be resusable and there for justifying that name did not happen and it is just an expensive fancy box with a sponge and one use papers in it?


    The infrequent blog: At the Mountains of Minis
  • Avatar Image yogiebear104p said 5 months ago:

    And that folks is how you market a kickstarter.
    Very well done guys. Let me know when the product works as I’d love to get one.

  • Avatar Image onlyonepinman5379p said 5 months ago:

    @Vivienred I have backed this as I think it looks like quite a nice product, even without the original “everlasting” element of it. Painting is my hobby and I don’t mind spending a bit of money on a decent quality products to enhance that experience and this certainly seems to fit the bill (same as the miniature grips from Rathcore)

    However I would like to ask about the original idea that was to have a reusable membrane on the top of the foam essentially making it “Everlasting”. Obviously that doesn’t seem to have come to pass, I am assuming that there’s a technology/material barrier that has caused that. Are you planning to try to continue developing the everlasting version of the wet Palette and perhaps make them available in the future, either via retail or as a further crowd funding campaign?

  • Avatar Image while198p said 5 months ago:

    I do think they are planning on getting the everlasting membrane to market, but I think there was som issues with manufacturing and pricing.

    I’ve jumped on it!

  • Avatar Image maledrakh583p said 5 months ago:

    I found the following review of this product enlightening:

    arcane paintworks review of the everlasting wet palette

    This basically tells me that the “hydration paper” has the exact same properties of the sandwich / baking paper I have problems with on my homemade poundstore food-container-and -sponge wet palette.
    (I have recently solved said problems by using backing paper from shipping stickers instead of baking paper. Keeps the paint almost perfect for hours on end and does not dilute the paint much when the airtight lid is on!)

    The “everlasting” membrane was a very enticing unique value proposition. But sadly, without it all this has going for it is a fancy box.

  • Avatar Image onlyonepinman5379p said 5 months ago:

    And the miniature grips from Rathcore have exactly the same properties as a bottle cork and if we’re being cynical, all they are is a fancy wooden handle. But I am afraid I really don’t see your point. I didn’t back the miniatures grips because I needed them, I have plenty of corks for mounting miniatures on while painting. I backed it because I wanted the product. I’m not backing this because I necessarily need it, I could construct a wet Palette t home. I am buying it because I want one and because I see this as a step on the journey to getting the original vision to market, even if that means buying a new membrane in the future or backing an additional crowd funding campaign to get one. Even without the everlasting membrane, the product still has some useful features such as the ability to keep the paint moist after use by closing the lid and the magnetic mixing pots that can be attached to the sides.

    You do seem to be obsessing over the only negative review you have found when there’s plenty of other positive reviews out there. But nobody is being conned here. Ultimately products like this are luxury products that I am buying because painting is my primary hobby and I feel that they will enhance my painting experience. In this specific case it also helps lay the foundation for a potentially superior product in the future.

  • Avatar Image warcolours61p said 5 months ago:

    The problem they had with the membrane was that they needed to conduct more tests on its durability and so needed samples, but the manufacturer asked them an unreasonable sum because they wanted them to buy directly larger quantities. SO they decided to go ahead with the rest of the prject (that also has the anti mold sponge, which alone is a great enhancement) in order to gather the funds to go ahead in perfectioning the membrane that is going to be released as soon as they can test it satisfactorily.
    I backed the project and I am glad to see it funded quick because I really think that it is good value as it is, and once they manage to get the membrane released it will be just perfect for my needs.

    Warcolours Miniature Painting Studio
  • Avatar Image onlyonepinman5379p said 5 months ago:

    @warcolours that makes perfect business sense. You have a marketable product that might not be exactly what you wanted but is still a sellable product. So you put the product to market to ensure that there is cashflow within the business.

  • Avatar Image warcolours61p said 5 months ago:

    @onlyonepinman said:
    @warcolours that makes perfect business sense. You have a marketable product that might not be exactly what you wanted but is still a sellable product. So you put the product to market to ensure that there is cashflow within the business.

    My feelings exactly. The product is still a very solid product and I think it will help me in my work, so I had no doubt in backing it. Actually there was this nice surprise that they are making a larger version of the original design as well, which is an added bonus to me. I can live with the paper while waiting for the membrane, given that the case (air and watertight), the sponge and the additional well palette are good enough on their own to justify my investment. It is a working tool after all.

  • Avatar Image maledrakh583p said 5 months ago:

    Absolutely, no arguments there. I am not saying this is a useless or bad product or anything such.

    I am sure this is a nice product that has been properly thought out and that the value is present for anybody that chooses to back this. It certainly looks good. But backers should also be aware that it is not necessarily the best thing since sliced bread either.

    My point is that all the info should be available for potential backers to make their own minds up before pledging. I mention this review specifically because is not to be found in the links on the KS (naturally they have not included it as it is negative) and I think this review should also be known by backers for the sake of a bit of diligence. Maybe the reviewer did use it wrong, maybe someting else. Readers can judge for themselves. But to do that they need to see the review.

    I for one would have felt cheated if I had got this rather expensive box in based on the info in the KS campaign, and the palette then had behaved like in the arcane paintworks review. That is all.

  • Avatar Image nakchak4514p said 5 months ago:

    Backed because i want the box(s), as for reusable membrane i have always been sceptical over wether i would really use it or just reach for my tried and tested paper selections.

    I did experiment with a home made reusable membrane though which worked quite nicely, and looked to be very similar to the work in progress pics they showed off a while back. I had a ruined pair of wicking breathable hiking trousers i snagged on some barbed wire, i cut the arse out of them and made sure that the outer surface was the paint side, worked pretty well as water only got sucked one way through it, but it did stain the fabric so not quite the wipe and be done product they showed off, might see if i can get some scotch guard and treat the fabric with that to see if it works…

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  • Avatar Image onlyonepinman5379p said 5 months ago:

    @maledrakh The product is what it is. Whether you think it’s the best thing since sliced bread is entirely your own opinion. While I am sure that everyone appreciates your efforts to make all of the information available (and on balance I would say that one negative review does not balance the 10 positive ones) and provide a counter narrative to the sales pitch, can we expect to see this level of service for all hobby product kickstarters, or is it just this a one time thing?

  • Avatar Image redben8007p said 5 months ago:

    Looks nice, is more convenient than my current plate/spongecloth combo, is affordable. Will most likely back.