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Time of Legends: Joan of Arc (87 posts)

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  • Avatar Image redben8020p said 10 months ago:

    The FB page is now up for Joan of Arc, which is Mythic Games’ next project after Mythic Battles: Pantheon.

  • Avatar Image redben8020p said 10 months ago:

    “Time of Legends: Joan of Arc is the new miniatures board game by Mythic Games, creator of the very popular Mythic Battles: Pantheon game, that was launched in November on Kickstarter, and that will be delivered in December 2017. Joan of Arc takes place during the 100 years’ war, a medieval world of wars, conspiracies and betrayals, where myths mingle with reality. All the beliefs of this period are real : witches, werewolves, ghosts, dragons, demons, angels, … It gives this universe a very unique atmosphere, that you could describe as a midway between Game of Thrones and Warhammer. The Game of Thrones reference is not very surprising, as Martin was very much inspired by the 100 years’ war for his novels. And Warhammer (the old version) for the fantasy elements, although we are talking about very European myth fantasy rather than traditional fantasy: no elves, goblins or trolls in Joan of Arc!
    The game is grounded to reality: you can play real historical battles, and you can add a little bit of myth and Magic to the scenarios. It is a story-based game, inspired by historical facts. Games can range from a simple story with few characters, that includes elements of role play (discussion with non player characters, exploration of buildings, clues to find) to great mass battles involving dozens of knights, warriors and 3D terrain.
    For example, one of the scenarios is an investigation lead by knights and an inquisitor in a small French village in which one of the inhabitants is suspected to be a werewolf. One of the players play the knights, and the other player plays the villagers and the hidden werewolf. Each game, including the mass battle games, lasts less than an hour.
    We’ll give you many more details in future posts, but there are tons of cool aspects in this game. For example, players in both armies can make a pact with the Devil, gaining access to powerful demons. It’s very easy, but you have to pay the price… a major drawback for the character(s) who asked for the devil’s help: impulsive, bloodthirsty, alcoholic, etc. These drawbacks will have impact on the gameplay of the character.
    Or you could ask for the help of God. It’s much more difficult, you need to be at a high level to ask for this divine intervention. But then, you have some of the most powerful figures of the game: Angels and Archangels!
    Joan of Arc is played in an unusual scale: 15mm plastic figures of unprecedented definition. Unprecedented is the word. Actually, on the pictures, you wouldn’t believe that they are 15mm, most people would think this is 28 or 32mm. We could achieve this result by using the most advanced sculpting technology. Joan of Arc will mostly be done digitally. “Mostly”, because we will not simply have “small” human figures. Expect some REALLY big figures too, that can also be sculpted manually. This small scale allows to play with a huge number of models on each side, on a table of reasonable size. And it allows for large plastic 3D terrain (houses, inns, churches, bridges, trees, castle) that will all be in the core box. The core box of Time of Legends: Joan of Arc will be insanely filled with tons of material.
    The small size of the human infantry models also makes it possible to have spectacular effects, with truly gigantic creatures. Scale, size difference, will have a major role in the game.
    The game mechanics is very innovative. You allocate activation cubes on areas of the game. When an activation cube is put on an area, all the miniatures of the active player can be activated (movement + combat). At the beginning of each turn, you receive a certain number of activation cubes (not the same number each turn, and it also depends on the scenarios and the card you draw during your turn). You can save some cubes for future turns. It’s an important management. The most remarkable thing about this mechanics is that you have an incredible feeling of freedom, as you can activate who you want, where you want, and you have so many possible and different actions to choose from: combat, interrogation, search, exploration, prayers, … The game is very simple to explain, less than 10 minutes. But the depth is so big that a same scenario played twice (or more) will never look the same.
    Time of Legends: Joan of Arc will be launched on Kickstarter and published by Mythic Games, creator of the successful Mythic Battles: Pantheon game that was co-published with Monolith. But this time, Mythic Games is on their own, they are the only publisher, without Monolith (although Monolith and Mythic Games will work together again in the future, on Mythic Battles: Ragnarok, follow-up of Pantheon). A lot of the artists and sculptors who were on Mythic Battles are back with Joan of Arc: Stefan Kopinski (art), Stéphane Gantiez (art), Irek Zielinski (sculpts), Arnaud Boudoiron (sculpts). But we have many new artists also, to give the game a new “feel”. Thus, the main artist is the incredible Bayard Wu (whose work includes covers and art for Games Workshop (Age of Sigmar), Wizards of the Coast (Magic: the Gathering), or Blizzard (World of Warcraft). We also worked with some other artists (Nicolas Jamme, very talented freelance French artist), some new sculptors (Olivier Thill, comic artist and master of digital sculpting). The game designer is Pascal Bernard, who’s been designing games for almost 20 years, and whose first game was already called… Joan of Arc! 20 years later, Pascal is back on the game he’s been dreaming of his whole life. He’s been working on the mechanics for more than 3 years.
    Jake Thornton, the Voice of Olympus during Mythic Battles, will be back during the Kickstarter campaign as “the Voice in her head”. Erwann Le Torrivellec, Benoît Vogt and all the demo team who will take on the new demos during the “Tour of Legends” and on the major international conventions. And Leo will be back with his “Leo Live” shows. Expect a very spectacular Kickstarter campaign by the end of the year!!”

  • Avatar Image redben8020p said 10 months ago:

    Here’s the Black Prince. The second photo shows Herakles from MB for scale.

  • Avatar Image jocke140p said 10 months ago:

    These are the best 15mm minis I´ve ever seen. Awesome, can´t wait for the KS.

  • Avatar Image fiore135p said 10 months ago:

    Wow, this looks potentially great. Think that’s the best 15mm figure I’ve ever seen.

  • Avatar Image janus1004698p said 10 months ago:

    Very cool, looking forward to seeing more on this!

  • Avatar Image siygess1218p said 10 months ago:

    This game had me at hex map.

    Now I have a hobby blog
  • Avatar Image redben8020p said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Here is Joan herself.

  • Avatar Image tinfish49p said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    15mm, should make it very affordable. Hopefully it goes live around the same time Mythic Battles did last year, because I’m broke.
    The last Kickstarter they ran was certainly entertaining throughout.

  • Avatar Image redben8020p said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I think they’re looking at a September or October launch.

  • Avatar Image limburger2133p said 9 months, 1 week ago:

    I thought she would have had shorter hair …
    otoh at this scale you’d need something to make it obvious she is a woman and not yet another knight on the battlefield.

    @tinfish : the MB kickstarter updates are still entertaining.

    festina lente cauta fac omnia mente
  • Avatar Image turbocooler286p said 9 months, 1 week ago:

    I am glad I have been saving up for this. I hope the game is as compelling as the miniatures.

    Holy “BBBllllleeeeppppp!!!” I just read the info from the German TableTop Magazine and saw picture from a demo game at unnamed Con. OMG! I am screwed. Need to put more pennies in the game jar. Just launch this thing with the God Pledge Level and save me the trouble of the add-ons because I want them all.

    In addition, I can put my Terrain Kit KS to good use.

  • Avatar Image turbocooler286p said 9 months, 1 week ago:

    Jake Thornton, the Voice of Olympus during Mythic Battles, will be back during the Kickstarter campaign as “the Voice in her head”.

    A shout out to Jake Thornton, the Voice of Olympus who will be one of many reasons I will be backing this campaign. He has done such a tremendous job that I compare other KS to his dedicated work and thus far except for very limited few exceptions, all other fall flat to the community work done by Mr Thornton.

    I am unsure to Mr. Thornton’s availability but it would be awesome if BoW could have him live for the kick off of Joan of Arch.

  • Avatar Image redben8020p said 9 months, 1 week ago:

    Read the last paragraph of the second post :)

  • Avatar Image spaced2020745p said 9 months, 1 week ago:

    15mm – I find it a trial detailing my 28mm minis! :D

    “I know not with what weapons World War Three will be fought, but World War Four will be fought with sticks and stones.” A.E.