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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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And meanwhile outside of London – a hobby weekender for those not in the Docklands (47 posts)

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  • Avatar Image rasmus4693p said 1 week, 5 days ago:

    Things been a little quiet on the hobby weekender front, so I did think I would throw one out there, for a little fun while we envy those at Salute 2018.

    Just of @mage a full lyric of a song :

    “You are dead” (SOD – the ballad of Kurt Cobain)

    We all know the rules – No politics, no religion and no “Richard”s

    So a few questions to get us started

    1 with Salute going on, any plans for Cons this year ?
    2 any other hobby related travelling planed?

    Answer the questions, ask some of your own, make a hobby pledge or just BS along with us

    Official graduate of the Oriskany Operational Warfare Military Gaming Academy
    Warrens personal Viking Henchman
  • Avatar Image rasmus4693p said 1 week, 5 days ago:

    And while you think here is some quick music

  • Avatar Image sotf75p said 1 week, 5 days ago:

    Don’t really have the time for any of the conventions for the foreseeable future. My major vacation time is being taken up by a trip where I’m meeting up with family for a week or so around Rushmore this summer.

    But I have finished up another Stormtrooper squad…

  • Avatar Image torros4378p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    Morning all

    1.No real convention or show plans as we don’t have any wargaming shows where I am and since the invention of the internet don’t really need to.

    2. Travel wise I keep meaning to travel up to BoW to game with the Causeway Giants gaming group folk on a Sunday but never seem to be able to organise it somehow

  • Avatar Image nakchak4605p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    1) games expo
    2) probably see what happens ;)

    There is no ignominy, there is glory,
    There is no servitude, there is dominance,
    There is no defeat, there is victory… victory eternal!
  • Avatar Image robert2088p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    Hi guys, I might get some hobby in today and tomorrow… in between work, housework and being dragged out by the missus.

    1) Nothing planned. I don’t like them either, too many people, too busy. I can cope with big crowds at concerts and rugby matches but for anything else I get annoyed and cranky (even shopping at a busy time in the supermarket stresses me out lol)

    2) I’d quite like to head over to Warhammer World and visit Warlord and Mantic at the same time… Maybe do that in the autumn.

    And my favourite SOD song

  • Avatar Image biggabum2692p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    @rasmus Thanks for hosting this weekend.

    Unfortunately no hobby for me this weekend :-( I’ve been a naughty boy. The wife has worked out that i haven’t decorated the living room for nigh on 15 years so thats what i’m being forced to do this weekend, Paint the walls, lay carpet and buy her a new (second hand) 3 piece suite. I did try the “Nibiru is due to collide with us so theres no point.” excuse, but she’s not buying it.

    Ok on to the questions

    1) Nah. I wouldn’t even consider going to a Con without my bestest Gaming Buddy, but sadly one of Matty’s Autism disorders is his inability to handle crowds and excssive noise. So, while we would both love to go and meet up with some of you guys, its not on the cards.

    2) Not at the present, for pretty much the same reason I gave to question 1.

    See ya later

  • Avatar Image rasmus4693p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    @sotf love the Stormtroopers – Even more so having dappled in painting white armour lately, and your blow mine out the water, faster than Stormtroopers die in the movies

    @torros the Internet bring the news, but as your answer to the 2nd question point to new people to play with Cons are great for that – and general gamer socializing

    @nakchak the one year I did go to the Expo, I came home after a day with the flu -and as you are a man in the know we will watch you …. like hawks

    @robert I can follow you on crowds – I need to enjoy the subject to handle them as well – the supermarket can make me agressive as well – to the point I get parked with a coffee until it is time to pay up.

    @biggabum one to one scale room building, I will advice against suggestions like weathering of the wall – with Matty I can fully understand

  • Avatar Image rasmus4693p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    And let me answer my own questions

    1 it being Salute Weekend, I got so “depressed” Friday – that I booked the time off work, in the start of August to do Gen-Con, I will if all goes to plan also go down to Columbus for Origins – from my limited experience with them the US cons are missing the Club-demonstration tables, that are the best at Salute – no manifacture can beat the love of a club burning for a display

    2 I might also make it to Gettisburg with the extended family

  • Avatar Image oriskany13237p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    Great call, @rasmus – hosting a weekender on Salute day. Frankly I don’t see the point, this seems like the kind of event that should really be more than one day. But horses for courses, and all that.

    This weekend is jam-packed with projects, things are actually extremely busy at the moment. In fact, I’ve been more than a little scarce on the site lately and will likely be so for the foreseeable future, and here in these posts I will will illustrate the two main reasons why:

    World War I and tactical starship wargaming: DarkStar

    First, World War I. My friend @neves1789 and I are working on a huge Great War 100th Anniversary commemorative article series we hope will start publishing in the not-too-distant future. Part of the support for that has been myself building a new edition for Valor & Victory set in World War I (battles of 1918, specifically) – and playtesting with @aras :

    So in our first game, I take the American Army – summer 1918 (Cantigny, or some such action). So here’s my force – each counter is a squad, officer, or support weapon.

    In all, I have a reinforced rifle company.

    So we see (from top left) four rifle platoons of three squads each (carrying usual Springfield M1903s and also a handful of wretched French M1915 Chauchat “machine rifles”). Next we have a weapons platoon with 3″ Stokes Mortar and M1917 MGs, and finally an extra rifle platoon.

    @aras‘ smaller German force, fortified in buildings, ready on defense. I have six turns to take EVERYTHING, wiping out the German force and taking all buildings, all while suffering no more than 50% casualties.

    Our final set up. Here we go!

    I go for a left hook, with my mortar section laying smoke shells to cover some of my inside right flank against German MG 08 fire coming from those buildings to the northeast. Bursting out of the trees, my assault platoons are now making the rush straight at the enemy, while @aras lays down interlocking “fire lanes” of automatic fire with his MG 08s.

    The assault goes in. Grenades are thrown. Casualties on both sides are heavy.

    Battle of Villers-Bretonneux – April 24, 1918 – 100th Anniversary
    History’s First Tank vs. Tank Engagement

    Historical Editor – Beasts of War
  • Avatar Image oriskany13237p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    US Army vs. Imperial Germans – summer 1918 – continues!

    We’ve cleared the first building! Note the senior American commander (-2 on the counter) – is named “Lomax” – in honor of US Army veteran @stvitusdancern – she’s taken the buildings but suffered some heavy losses in the process. Now it’s time to hit that second building to the northeast. Fresh smokescreens are dropped, but @aras gets a great roll with his remaining MG 08 crew and really decimates another American platoon caught out in the open.

    If only that American platoon had made it one more hex to those shell holes, they would have had at least a little more cover.

    Things turn in the my favor when @aras rolls another opportunity fire attack and rolls boxcars! (the worst possible roll in this game). Not only do the Germans miss, but Valor & Victory rules stipulate an American sniper is operating in the area! I place him behind the German position, and immediately starts taking pot-shots at the German MG08 crew n Hex D4. I score well enough for some light casualties or a pin, @aras opts for the pin to keep his losses down and his crew intact. But now that they’re pinned, I can make that rush with the rest of @stvitusdancern ‘s company with less danger.

    “Captain Lomax” is ready to make the next charge across the field to the German house. This time, mortars are coming in right on the German house, together with M1917 MG fire into the house, trying to soften the enemy up a bit before mounting a second deadly charge (might have been a little too aggressive with that first assault, I’ve taken a lot of casualties and remember the victory conditions: even if I win – if I take too many losses … I still lose.

    The attack goes in! Again, American losses are severe (they always are when close assaulting enemy positions in woods, buildings, trenches, or … God help you … bunkers … if you don’t have them pinned down first). I had pinned some of them, which lightened my butcher’s bill a little. I can’t spend any more time on bombardment, remember I am up against a time limit as well.

    For now, all that remains of the Germans are Hauptmann (captain) Paulssen and one squad of eight men. Surrender, Hun!

    Of course he doesn’t – so there’s now a firefight INSIDE the farmhouse, with American squads and sniper teams shooting into the German-occupied rooms (and trying not to hit US as we storm into those rooms).

  • Avatar Image mage6120p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    Hey guys, many thanks to @rasmus for starting off this weekends…. Ongoings? No, proceedings.

    Answers to questions

    (1) Wish I was going to Salute this year. Finances, alas. I don’t plan on going to many or any cons this year. In Ireland they tend to be small ish gatherings with a lower population than other European countries, and even then they mainly focus on tournaments and such for Warhammer, X wing and magic. Some RPGs. They’re all kind of…. Same-ey imho. Some of them tend to charge enough for entry without participation to the vents (Knavecon is a prime example of a good, reasonable, laid back one). Dunno, competitive 40k a few years ago put me off of them.

    (2) A guy I went to school with got back in touch after some 17 odd years. He moved back home from Japan recently and went through his old 40k and decided to get back into it and reached out to me on FB. I might travel a few hours north some time for a weekend of 40k or something. We’ll see. I got him and my old circle of friends up there into gaming and 40k and when we were teens we’d play at mine with plenty of free time and space to play in. Memories…

    My pledge:

    > Work on my Chaos Knights
    > Assemble, clean, gap fill and prime my burgeoning Lord of the Rings reboot collection
    > Work on my friend’s carousel
    > Work on two Dreadball teams (Judwan and Convicts)
    > Work on my BMG Bane Crew
    > Prime Models (ten Dark Elves and two dwarves)

  • Avatar Image oriskany13237p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    Americans vs. Imperial Germans – Summer 1918 assault – wrap up

    The situation for the final turn, zooming out for a look at the whole field. We see the American mortar team at lower left, dropping shells in support. American platoons and MG teams are at upper left, where they were supporting the assault on the German-held-farmhouse at upper right. The assault has now gone in, with American snipers and an ejected squad in the woods in the extreme upper right corner. Close quarters fighting continues INSIDE the farmhouse.

    I finally clear Hauptmann Paulssen and his die-hards, winning me the battle. But did I win the game? I started with 17 squads, so I’m only allowed to take 8 1/2 squads’s worth of losses. A quick count-up reveals …

    PHEW! I BARELY made it! The 4-5-4s are full squads, of which I have lost 7. The 2-5-2s are half squads, of which I have lost 3. So 7 + 1.5 = 8.5, JUST at my limit of allowed casualties. ONE MORE casualty and my mission would have been considered a failure, too costly for the objectives taken.

    @aras and I start setting up a second game we regrettably don’t have a chance to finish – but he was taking in a kompanie of “stosstruppen” (shock troops or “Stormtroopers”) – elite badasses with MP 18 SMGs, extra grenades, special melee weapons, MG 08/15 LMGs (basically a lighter, “assault-portable” version of the dreaded MG 08), even one section with flamethrowers.

    What could possibly stop such a force? How about a company of United States Marines?

    This would have been a battle along the smoldering perimeter of Belleau Wood somewhere, June 6-28, 1918 (although if memory serves there were no actual stormtroopers in that battle) – but Saxon Jaegers and the like as well as Imperial German Reserve regiments. Would have been a fun game. Might get a chance to come back to it soon.

  • Avatar Image mage6120p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    @sotf What paints are you using on the models? Black on the base looks super reflective. Is that the paint or the camera?

    @torros Fingers crossed you can get to make it there at some point

    @nakchak Super concise answers lol. Good to see you.

    @robert Sounds like a busy day. Supermarket stresses you out? You need to take up boxing or something, burn off that stress and be prepared for a hectic day waiting at a checkout! Just in case…

    Warhammer World I would love to see to be fair.

    @biggabum No hobby? Too bad. Best of luck this weekend. I googled Nibiru, I can see how that didn’t work, haha. If it isn’t too intrusive a question, how large a group of people is too large?

    @rasmus Sounds like a decent plan. No club demo tables? Seems very…. Corporate.

    @oriskany Articles sound like fun. Game looks good too.

  • Avatar Image oriskany13237p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    Question and answer time:

    1) Honestly, I don’t do cons. It’s just not really my thing. Historicon in Virginia maybe one of these years, if BoW wants to set up some kind of event or liveblog I can help with, but that’s about it.

    2) Hobby-related travel this year – There’s always another trip to BoW “on the books” somewhere, there are two possibilities for 2018 that I don’t think have been announced or finalized yet so I won’t say any more. I wouldn’t make it to both of them, but at least one. If both don’t pan out I’m thinking of flying over anyway for some kind of “Oriskany themed week” of filmed content if @warzan and I can settle on a topic.