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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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Advice on basing 40k bases (15 posts)

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  • Avatar Image grimcrazy373p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    I used to paint my 40k bases Goblin Green, do a Green Wash and then dry-brush with Bad Moon Yellow…

    My brother used to glue flock to the bases of his Eldar (now covered in twenty years of wardrobe dust!)

  • Avatar Image grimcrazy373p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    What should I do in 2017? – Here is what I have painted on my return to 40K :-)

  • Avatar Image grimcrazy373p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    I am doing a Genestealer Cult army :-) and painting my brother’s Eldar

  • Avatar Image minigiant727p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    What basing are you looking for

    Simple dirt and grass?
    More specific; Forest, Desert, Snow etc
    Scenic; Temple, Ruins etc

    “Don’t bring me good miniatures- bring me Lucky ones” (Napoléon Bonaparte, 1780)
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  • Avatar Image grimcrazy373p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    basic city or standard battlefield – something that looks good on most modern mats

    I have the 40k 4×4 mat with grey streets and fiery mud (?) but will upgrade to a larger mat – no idea what yet.

    The Harlequin painting guide has a five-step base system – but I am not sure – it just looks like burnt sand :-(

    It was so much easier when everyone fought on green mats and most 40k battlefields looked like a Train Set/ Golf Course :-)

  • Avatar Image craigwrdouglas529p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    I’m using the the Sector Imperalis bases from Games Workshop (Except for Space Hulk where I am using the ones from Dark Arts Miniatures)

    With the Sector Imperialis I prime with Black, then base with Leadbelcher(Bolt Gun Metal), then I spray a few spots of VGA Hull red and sick green to give tone which I cover up with a spray of VGA Steel, then Wash with Nuln Oil, and drybrush with Necron Compound to complete.

    They come a range of sizes and there are hero bases as well (the same is true for the dark arts bases)

  • Avatar Image caladors5479p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    I will echo what @minigiant said it really depends on what you want

    So I have done a lot of different bases and almost all of them I am happy with. One of the easiest combinations is this one, which is this

     photo DSC00557.jpg

    That is just sand with slate rock thrown into the sand and mixed in picked up with pva painted up, and then add grass.

    Steps rock and sand PVA
    Paint brown
    Dry Brush with Zandri Dust
    Pick out rocks with darker grey
    Highlight/drybrush rocks with lighter rock
    PVA for grass

    If you want to skip the rocks, you can try this

     photo DSC01064.jpg

    The only difference is the areas left bare were for grass to give some depth to grass compared to the sand, so that takes away the rocks.

    If you want more complex with this basic formula

     photo Untitled-3-2.jpg

    Just adds some cork board for extra rock which is the exact same as other rock process

    If you want to keep it all to a single colour maybe something like this

     photo DSC00497.jpg

    Which is simply the same sand process as before but painted grey instead, and it adds large slate rocks which are super glued on to get the darker effect
    paint it all dark grey
    use a black wash
    drybrush original colour
    drybrush lighter grey

    There is a lot of options out there.
     photo DSC00083.jpg
     photo IMG_0303.jpg

    If we can get a good idea of what your looking for there is a lot of ways of doing whatever you want to do :D

  • Avatar Image angelicdespot1063p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    I think brown is the new bla- er, green. It’s a nice dull colour that won’t take the focus away from your miniature and looks good on desert, forest / field, jungle and even urban boards/mats. Personally I think just textured paint (with sand, doesn’t need to be specially bought stuff) painted either a warm mid brown or pale grey-brown (depending on what units you’re basing) looks really good. Painted on and drybrushed an ochre or pale grey colour. Perhaps two drybrushes. Adding a variety of different sized bits of rubble – little pebbles or pieces of cork, etc. – adds a bit more variety and ‘naturalness’ without getting distracting.

    Simple, but effective.

  • Avatar Image craigwrdouglas529p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    If you just want grass (but want it to look a bit better, the flockbox is an option – just got one through the post so not tried it out yet, but essentially its grass that stands up straight just like real grass.

    checkout the bow review: ( I think there is a newer one, but you get the idea)

  • Avatar Image caesar1066p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    I use the end of old natty brushes as tufts of grass, there usually a mottled brownish colour and scruffy.

  • Avatar Image grimcrazy373p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    Thanks everyone :-)

    that was my thought – I used to see goblin-green as ‘invisible’ – but now brown is.

    I will have to go with those sculpted Sector bases for my Hybrids! something to make them more Space Hulk compatible

  • Avatar Image mattadlard219p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    A sand base thinly painted with dark brown, I use cheap emulsion pots, wash with thine black poster paint washed over, and dry brush with silver, then brown, orange washes. attach grass tuffts. Simple and easy

  • Avatar Image mattadlard219p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    For characters you can make use of resin bases or just add bits to the base. MDF ones are good as they hod the glue better and easier to pin models.

  • Avatar Image onlyonepinman5415p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    Try using textured paints. If you’re looking for quick urban bases use Astrogranite and then drybrush with terminatus stone. Paint the lip of the base Mechanicus Standard Grey and bob’s you’re uncle

  • Avatar Image mattadlard219p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    You can also use plater powder, poster paint and pva glue gives a good effect similar to texture paints just cheaper and easier for mass painting.

    Key thing is to follow your instincts and remember that the base is part of the model.