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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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Converting Primaris Marines (12 posts)

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  • Avatar Image bop363516p said 1 week, 3 days ago:

    Hey guys,

    Thought I’d start a thread on how people are converting up their new 8th Edition Primaris Marines.

    I got to sit down with my set this morning and had a go at building the Primaris Captain. I have a standing army of Space Wolves and wanted to try and incorpoarte them as best I could without just going for a stock build with an SW colour scheme.

    After a few hours and some digging through the bitz box and old sprues I came up with this.

    Any thoughts?

    Anyone else got some conversions on the go?

  • Avatar Image synthetik259p said 1 week, 3 days ago:

    Maybe dremmel the eagle off the front ?

    Looks good.

    Plays Infinity , 7TV , SuperSystem, Gruntz , Pathfinder
    my Mecca…
  • Avatar Image bop363516p said 1 week, 3 days ago:

    @synthetik – I did consider taking off the skull and replacing it with a tiny wolf skull icon. However I am not currently blessed with the power of a dremmel and think if I attack it with a scalpel I’ll either wreck what I have or do myself a mischief lol.

  • Avatar Image roguellama37p said 1 week, 3 days ago:

    Looking good so far! I was thinking of Space Wolfing up my Primaris to supplement my existing my existing army, but I have a bit of Fenris fatigue. I’ll be building and painting mine as Crimson Fists- not sure how converted they’ll be, but I’m sure I’ll at least be doing a head-swap or two.

    I agree about replacing the skull on the torso- just be really careful with the scalpel!

  • Avatar Image bop363516p said 1 week, 3 days ago:

    @Synthetik @roguellama I have taken your advice and done some work on the chest. Used files instead of blades for more control and have swapped the human skull out for a wolf symbol. Gotta say, it looks so much better. Thanks for the advice guys!

  • Avatar Image kantor72294p said 1 week, 3 days ago:

    Now that is some good work :D . Between @agis and yourself @bop3635 , i have plenty of inspiration for the Primaris i have now and any future purchases.

  • Avatar Image milmaa122p said 1 week, 3 days ago:

    @bop3635 this is really good! Great source of inspiration for me :) Ive yet to tackle the lord!

  • Avatar Image roguellama37p said 1 week, 3 days ago:

    @bop3635 Good man! The result was worth the risk :)

  • Avatar Image bop363516p said 5 days, 20 hours ago:

    Started on the painting. Is still very much a work in progress but I wanted him to look like he was having the powers of the warp running through him from his rune priest casting a buff. Any thoughts?

    Also I converted up one of the lieutenants also and did some greenstuff work too.

  • Avatar Image angelicdespot852p said 3 days, 17 hours ago:

    The lieutenant’s cloak looks ace. How did you make it? Do you have some kind of ‘fur-maker’ that you roll over a sheet of green stuff to give you a cloak, or did you hand-sculpt it all?

  • Avatar Image bop363516p said 2 days, 21 hours ago:

    It was a ‘fur maker’ lol. I’m not skilled or patient enough to have done it by hand. I found someone selling a fur texture mould on ebay. They listed it as being primarily for sugarcraft but those moulds are really resilient – they have to stand up to molten sugar etc. Bought it and it works brilliantly for greenstuff. Only cost me a fiver.

    Try searching for Fimo texture mould. Had an image of blue circular moulds/pads

  • Avatar Image angelicdespot852p said 16 hours, 16 minutes ago:

    That’s cool – thanks!