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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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Death Guard (12 posts)

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  • Avatar Image svboel138p said 1 week ago:

    Half a yearh or so ago i started painting my orks, but then the death guard caught my attention. And i have been caught kinda deep.. so i want to use to show of my easy paint scheme, inspired by a couple of members @kevlin and @dignity

    My approach is simple:
    a white undercoat, i have used both army painter and GW for this
    then i paint all the base coulors
    I used primarly Army Green (AP).Screaming Bell (GW) Uniform Grey (AP) Chaotic Red (AP) and some diffrent browns, and metal colors both from AP and GW.

    After all the base colors have been painted, i give the model difrent kinds of gw shades. All of the armor, weapons get a Sephia wash, a couple to dirty them down. All the tentacales and a fleshy bits get a Carronburg Red wash, a light one, not to make them to dark.

    For my base i use a astro granite from GW. When its dry, I give the whole base nuln oil, and afterward i will give it a white drybrush.

    Then its time to play with the nurgle slime paint, Nurgle’s rot. I use it mostly on the bases, but also on the models.

    Right now i have painted all the guys from Dark Imperium, and a Hellbrute.
    Im thinking about adding some old plauge deamons and one of the new deamon minitank to my force.

  • Avatar Image svboel138p said 1 week ago:

  • Avatar Image svboel138p said 1 week ago:

    I found some old cultist i will add some point too. My goal with this post, is too keep me motivated and keep track on my progress.

  • Avatar Image botchb12p said 1 week ago:

    Very, very, very…um, nice hardly seems the right word, but they are! Inspirational – I have a plan to convert some in 1/32nd scale 54mm…What a super effect achieved so ‘simply’.

  • Avatar Image miniaturebrushwork35p said 1 week ago:

    These look really great!

  • Avatar Image svboel138p said 6 days, 22 hours ago:

    Thanks @botchb and @miniaturebrushwork Tomorrow i will begin on my blight crawler, and my plauge deamons, probely take some step by step pictures.

  • Avatar Image davehawes309p said 6 days, 20 hours ago:

    So much gory plague-ridden nurgly goodness :)

    Check out my skirmish game Deneb! –
  • Avatar Image svboel138p said 6 days, 1 hour ago:

    A little update on some old plauge demons, and my mini deamon tank.

    been doing some base painting, and washing the demons up.

  • Avatar Image svboel138p said 5 days, 21 hours ago:

    The deamon mini tank is almost done, but needs time to dry up

  • Avatar Image svboel138p said 4 days, 3 hours ago:

    Hi again, a little update, finished my deamon tank (cant still remember the name) and my old plauge bearers. Those models was actuly hard to paint, because there was not the same amount of details. But i think they turned out table top worthy.

    And just a fast picture of it all

  • Avatar Image milmaa248p said 4 days, 2 hours ago:

    Really nice looking filthy Nurgle force you have going here! I like the way you have done these!
    I was painting up my Dark Imperium set, and really the Pox walkers were a real stumbling block for me!

  • Avatar Image svboel138p said 4 days, 1 hour ago:

    Thanks, milmaa@. I will probely add some cultist i have from the dark vengeance set. I started the set by painting the pox walkers. because they looked like the would take the most time (and is was right :P ) but again i chose a few coulors, to get it done fast. The real easy thing with these “dirty” armies, is that washes can do so much to look them gritti and nasty.

    The other thing im doing with this force, is primarly looking though what i have laying around, and adding that to my force. I have a defiler somewhere, and possible some more plauge bearers. Then im thinking about converting some possesed. But right now my painted force is:
    20 poxwalkers
    7 death guard
    1 bloat drone,
    1 deamon mini tank.
    10 plauge bearers
    Lord of Contagion
    Malignat Plaugecaster
    Noxios Blightbringer