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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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Exciting day – Hobby Den (Blog) (29 posts)

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  • Avatar Image laughingboy951p said 2 months ago:

    Well, this will be the first post of many as I record the building of what will be my hobby den.

    Today I purchased a 6 Metre (19.5ft) by 4(13ft) Metre log cabin which it looks good enough to live in. So over the next 6-8 weeks, prep work needs to be done so it can be built and then I will kit it out to be an awesome gaming space for me and my kids.

    Hopefully, I can encourage some local BoW members to come round for a few games to give the place a good launch.

    One thing I am on the lookout for is a really good gaming table (UK availability) so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

    I will post pictures as it progresses, but this is day 1 and I am very excited.


  • Avatar Image caladors5471p said 2 months ago:

    Some men have dreams…
    Some men make dreams happen

  • Avatar Image davehawes309p said 2 months ago:

    Wow, that sounds pretty awesome. Look forward to seeing some photos!

    Check out my skirmish game Deneb! –
  • Avatar Image laughingboy951p said 1 month, 4 weeks ago:

    Got news the build starts in 6 weeks so it is a bit of waiting game but this what it should look like when built.

  • Avatar Image davehawes309p said 1 month, 4 weeks ago:

    Pretty sure that is going to be amazing!

  • Avatar Image solar1352p said 1 month, 4 weeks ago:

    Looks amazing. Please think hard about security as well, those things are prime targets for scumbags trying to steal tools, machinery etc

  • Avatar Image nakchak4578p said 1 month, 4 weeks ago:

    Very nice space, as for gaming tables depends what you want….
    Do you want several tables, or do you want one big one? I used to be of the mindset of 6′x4′ table minimum, but now im more of the opinion that 2 4′x4′ table is better, as you can play 2 different games, most games these days play well on 4′x4′ and if you need bigger for a mass battle you just push the 2 tables together for a 8′x4′ surface, or use one for hobby and game on the other, lots of options.

    Does it need to be moveable or shall it be like a pool table and left in situ once placed?

    Does it require integrated storage?

    Do you want to be able to sit at it, or will it be a standing/leaning against table?

    What finish do you want on the table top, it used to be a simple case of cover in green flock, but depending on what you play that will look rubbish, given how good mats have become i probably wouldnt bother to do anything to the table top, and leave it as unfinished ply/osb and cover with a mat, then you can use the table as a hobby space and not be too bothered by spillage and mess

    for “off the shelf, purpose built for gaming” tables the only company that springs to mind is geekandson, but thats super highend, dont think there are many companies out there making purpose built tables, most you see are diy, dining tables or what ever large flat surface you can find.

    One thing you can do (which i have done in the past) is scour gumtree for someone getting rid of an old kitchen (often free to collect), if you can get hold of some floor standing carcasses they are perfect as they are usually 600mm deep and a multiple of 600mm wide (600mm is approx 2′), so sink units, double and single cupboards are what you are after, then its just a matter of bolting a sheet of plywood on top and prepping as you see fit, or just leave as wood, and use mats, and you have a decent amount of storage from the cupboards as well
    Also gumtree is a great source of dining tables, something in the 6′x4′ ball park would work well, just try and get a rectangular one.
    Its worth noting that im a bit of a skinflint when it comes to stuff like that, figuring the less i spend the more i have for hobby… ;)

    A pool table would work well also, again would need some sheets of ply/osb to go over the top, but then you get the double bonus of a pool table in your den as well ;)

    There is no ignominy, there is glory,
    There is no servitude, there is dominance,
    There is no defeat, there is victory… victory eternal!
  • Avatar Image laughingboy951p said 1 month, 1 week ago:

    Ok so the first real significant update on this, today we had to clear out the old shed and playhouse, also cut away a significant amount of the trees so we can fit the log cabin in.

    I am absolutely knackered now as we did this all in just a few hours.

    Space looks great and I am very excited for the build to begin soon.



  • Avatar Image angelicdespot1050p said 1 month, 1 week ago:

    Very exciting!

    I’m not asking to post your address on the internet, but where roughly in the UK are you?

    Also out of interest, did you have to formally request planning permission to build this? Not that I’ve ever had the opportunity to do anything similar but I’ve often wondered if I’d need to try to explain that I wasn’t trying to build another sneaky house on the greenbelt but was in fact just wanting somewhere to play games…

  • Avatar Image laughingboy951p said 2 weeks ago:

    @angelicdespot sorry I did not see this message, I live in Southeast London and no we checked into it no planning permission is required. The lodge company actually ensure everything they sell meets the requirements for this (because they also don’t sell without them doing the install).

  • Avatar Image laughingboy951p said 2 weeks ago:

    Well 2 weeks away now from the build date and then it will all happen very quickly.

    I am still looking for tables and it is hard to find a decent gaming table in the UK for the size I want.

    I am very tempted by this, not typical but with the hard top and coming in at 7ft by 4ft plenty of space and the option to play other things.

    Does anyone have other options for good gaming surfaces? more than just a dining table.

    Also, can anyone recommend a good storage, racking, display shelves solution?

    On the day I will post some pics of the build process.

  • Avatar Image nogbadthebad90p said 2 weeks ago:

    @laughingboy I have nothing to add other than my jealousy, however your post implies a link that isnt there.. how can I find the motivation to keep throwing money at the lottery if i dont see what could be mine!!

  • Avatar Image janus1004698p said 2 weeks ago:

    Looks sweet, will be cool to see the journey progress! :-)

  • Avatar Image laughingboy951p said 1 week, 6 days ago:

    haha @nogbadthebad … it was a test and you passed my friend :P

  • Avatar Image limburger2133p said 1 week, 6 days ago:

    damn it … you’re making me drool. LOL
    I want one of those … and a house that’s big enough for everything and a credit card with no limit.

    festina lente cauta fac omnia mente