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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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Fresh Water Challenge: Zombie Shower (15 posts)

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  • Avatar Image collins225p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    Imagine this…. its the end of the world, zombies, walkers, biters, undead are everywhere… whats the first thing you do? Go to the Winchester and wait for this all to blow over? yes! but nobody wants to go to the pub smelling of ass, so you have a shower first right?

  • Avatar Image collins225p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    So from that first post i may have egged it up a bit. This idea has been taken from one of the many end of the world novels that are out there.
    The novel is called Lights Out and it is set in america on a day when suddenly all the lights go out, all electronics fail and society is turned upside down. suddenly all the powerful rich people in the world are not worth squwatt, only those with guns, old mechanical equipment and skills are valuable.
    in this instance the main chap had a well, he got hold of a pump and some big blue plastic barrels and would fill them everyday on top of a small tower. They would heat up in the sun during the day and then he would invite people to shower in turns in the evening.
    This strikes me as a wonderfully unique and reasonably simple piece of terrain to build so im going to give it a go. It will be the third piece of terrain that i have made now.

    for those that are interested here is the book. It is long and very small print but it is really very good. I can be downloaded online too i believe.
     photo CAC27C61-D97B-4CD8-A036-A31593FFD4D7.jpg
     photo 15A15EDA-9DA1-4141-9C6C-88867F5C824E.jpg
     photo 350F9E15-3721-47F1-9818-9A70E5D03AA5.jpg

  • Avatar Image collins225p said 1 year, 4 months ago:

    Here we are! this is my idea of what the shower should look like (kind of)

     photo 85A30C92-1842-49D2-913C-D96DB4FC61DA.jpg

  • Avatar Image collins225p said 1 year, 4 months ago:

    We have the theme! we have the inspiration! we have a plan! lets go!

    this is the equipment and materials that i will be using for this project:
     photo ADA44C87-F93E-47F1-A7EB-C2E2C26552CE.jpg

    Plasticard (in two thicknesses, 3mm and 0.25mm or as thin as possible)
    Plastic tube approx 2cm wide
    Das Modelling putty/Clay
    Cotten ear buds (Q-Tips for the non-British here)
    large matches
    coffee stirrers (liberated from costa)
    wooden dowel (not used in the end! ignore this in the picture)
    two colours of flock
    two types of grass turf (one with flowers)
    gel type superglue
    Deluxe materials solid water effect (resin)
    various paints and grits (detailed later)

     photo 9EFFB8E7-822B-4487-977C-20846D96FC13.jpg
     photo 9269F5DA-2EA5-4BB4-B8C2-86905A112C26.jpg

  • Avatar Image collins225p said 1 year, 4 months ago:

    As we can see from the plan the basis for this build is pallets used for transporting goods in lorries etc.

    To make the pallets i used coffee stirrers and matches. everything was cut into 3.5cm lengths and there were 8 coffee stirrer lengths and 3 match lengths used PER pallet. Gel superglue was used to glue the lot together. I used gel as normal superglue was just sucked right up into the wood and didnt stick the bits together without using loads of it, also i suspected it would make painting afterwards harder.

    once the pallets were made they were stained using Quickshade Strong tone from army painter. if you use this product make sure you have white spirit on hand to clean your brushes afterwards.

    I have to at this point say that i copied the BOW hobby lab theory to make these pallets.

     photo E8959CF6-3C38-440A-B99B-18D164FEC03E.jpg

    The next thing to do was make the main wooden frame. This was done by supergluing long coffee stirrers to the sides of one pallet to elevate it to approx twice a 28mm model height. Cross braces were added to support it (see pics later).

    I then set about making a base for it. This was easy. cut the plasticard to a reasonable size and slap a load of DAS clay on it, building it up slightly on the outsides so that any water effect we add later doesnt just run off before setting. overall it was very shallow and really only 2-3mm high.
    Before it dried i pressed the tower and three pallets into the clay to mark out the locations to glue them down later. i then left it to dry overnight. when i returned the following day i saw that the clay had shrunk during drying and bowed the plasticard up so it no longer sat flat. I had to bend it back into shape and cause cracks in the clay. i PVA’d it all down and filled the cracks with PVA to reshape it to my liking, Be aware of drying shrinkage in future guys!
     photo 55DA8F87-0A2E-4E79-96B1-8037537DAD52.jpg

    Once i was happy with the clay i painted it with a cheap brown paint from wilkos, nothing special and dirt cheap. when that dried i PVA’d the whole thing and scattered the two shades of flock avoiding the recesses i made for the pallets.

  • Avatar Image collins225p said 1 year, 4 months ago:

    The next step was to create the blue plastic barrels to hold the water on the top of the tower. I neglected to take pictures of this step but it was really simple. I cut the plastic tube into 2.5-3cm lengths and plugged one end with DAS clay. whilst that dried i cut lengths of the really really thin plasticard sheeting i had spare to wrap around as a kind of bracing. fiddly but simple with many fingers superglued together in the process! These were painted blue and washed with a brown wash (see pics later)
    after that i made the trough or basin or sink thingy. that was made by cutting a 3cm length of tubing the splitting lengthways and gluing back together as a halfpipe shape. This was painted silver and washed with a sepia wash to make it look a bit grubby

    I then turned to the showerheads. I based these on my own shower

     photo 5FA67112-580F-444B-A3A1-BA38A7814F18.jpg

    to make them i used the plastic tubing from a cotton bud and some left over 3mm thick plasticard cut into a disk. I used a match to heat the cotton bud to bed it at a 90degree angle to replicate a basic turn. It was painted a dull silver and left as is.
     photo BAAB6784-1541-4C8A-864F-FDCD6D086C69.jpg

    when all this was completed the whole lot was compiled/built and glued together on the flocked base. I then set about making shower curtains, this was easy to achieve by using baby wipes and citadel washes in differing colours! cut to size making sure to include folds and overlaps, dunk in a wash pot, squeeze, fold to shape, leave to dry and then superglue to the support structs. Now onto the final step! add muddy areas and ruin it with water effects!

  • Avatar Image collins225p said 1 year, 4 months ago:

     photo BF429343-84BF-42E9-BFA6-EFF6D0B83FE8.jpg

    as you will shortly see this water effect is completely different to the last one i used on the bailey bridge. This one is clear and perfect for this situation where the flooding from a makeshift shower would be minimal and not deep enough to coloured by anything other than the mud/grass beneath.
    I followed the manufacturers guidelines on the resin to hardener ratio and used about 25ml of the effect product for the whole piece, leaving me plenty for another project. The water effect was poured into the barrels, trough and then the remainder was equally poured onto the pallets on the floor underneath each shower head and it was allowed to spread out and flood the area. Interestingly it was also drawn up into the shower curtains which i liked as it gave them a nice wet look (happy accident!).
    The water effect took two days to harden fully but afterwards the effect is fantastic! reflects light just like a puddle would!

    anyway onto the pictures! complete with my new walking dead all out war figures! (sadly unpainted) enjoy!

  • Avatar Image collins225p said 1 year, 4 months ago:

     photo F5A04C3F-0AED-4D58-8928-207BDC290093.jpg
     photo 1980A946-D2B5-476B-B212-C401101E31FD.jpg
     photo 12593972-3E19-464D-89B0-79516792F41F.jpg
     photo 5D243A1C-E616-447C-AE70-1AF04657D1BB.jpg
     photo DCC6EB86-A531-487E-9144-F3A82036B820.jpg
     photo 0440B63E-376F-4B72-9C62-04D9ACD186BB.jpg

    ‘No Ronnie! i dont want to share a shower with you!’ – Carol, episode 2 The walking dead bootcamp wave 2
     photo C3955176-78AE-4B93-B82D-469CFE22077D.jpg

  • Avatar Image zombieking664p said 1 year, 4 months ago:

    this has turned out super! the staining/colour of the wood and the water effects look ace. the dampness creeping up the shower curtains is just bang on too.
    nice work man :)

    brainzzz or GTFO!
  • Avatar Image collins225p said 1 year, 4 months ago:

    thanks! I’m really happy with how it turned out too. although i need to figure out making the well and solar pump to truly complete it.

  • Avatar Image maledrakh687p said 1 year, 4 months ago:

    that is so excellent in every way!

    but it made me think of the shower scene in Zombie Flesh Eaters. Talk about your splinter to the eye! Urgh!

    The infrequent blog: At the Mountains of Minis
  • Avatar Image nakchak4599p said 1 year, 4 months ago:

    Love it :)

    For solar panels cant beat ripping the real thing out of an old calculator…
    As for a pump scavenge a motor from a toy?

    As for a well, maybe use a 28 or 32mm base turned upside down with water effects in the rim, then build a corrogated steel shack over it, or just go extra simple and just have a sheet of “corrogated iron” or mesh on the floor with a pipe coming out of it?

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  • Avatar Image collins225p said 1 year, 4 months ago:

    @nakchak thanks for the ideas! i’ll look into those before the deadline!

  • Avatar Image zorg3736p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    love it.

  • Avatar Image mwcannon513p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    Very nicely executed.

    I don’t blame Carol, I wouldn’t shower with him either since he doesn’t have the requisite three colors of paint….

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