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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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Growlers hobby log (54 posts)

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  • Avatar Image growler78107p said 3 months ago:

    Hi Guys & Gals,

    Thanks for taking the time to have a read of this hobby log.
    Now this is going to be slightly different from most of the threads on this part of the forum as it won’t be 100% about painting and modeling in fact it is going to be about 25% painting and 75% playing games.

    Inspired by a friend and Az from beasts of war, I am going to log every game I play, every miniature I build & paint this year on this thread.

    I have been gaming for 28 years ever since i picked up a box of plastic imperial guard troopers and the rouge trader rulebook. Like many people I started with GW miniatures and games and played 40k, fantasy battle, man o war, bloodbowl, epic and necromunda for about 9 years. After that period I started trying out other miniature games. Battletech, heavy gear, confrontation, chainmail, vor, void, crimson skies, chronopia.
    Gencon 2002 was coming up and a buddy said you got to look at this warmachine game this new company privateer press is bringing out. Looked into it and saw that Mike Mcvey was involved which added a lot of weight to the company for me (bit of a Mike Mcvey fanboy, even have a couple of minis painted by him and his wife Alison)
    I bought into the game straight away and since then I have never stopped playing.

    2 years ago I started playing and collecting alot more board games trying as many genres and game mechanics as I could. Favourites include camel up, rhino hero, blood rage, great western trail, onitama, chaos in the old world, battlecon.

    So the above is basically a longwinded way of saying I’m a warmachine player who also loves to play loads of boardgames, lol.

    So the goal for the year is to play 100 games of warmachine and get 200 plays out of my board game collection with a focus on getting games off the unplayed shelves to the table.

    So I hope you will join me in discussing games, painting miniatures and whatever else I end up rambling on about.

  • Avatar Image growler78107p said 3 months ago:

    Before I decided to take on this endeavour of tracking all my games I had got to play some games this month.

    I have played the following
    Godfather the board game x 1 game
    Five tribes x 2 games
    Anltiplano x 1 game
    Photosynthesis x 1 game
    Ethnos x 1 game
    Onitama x 2 games
    Battlecon devastation of indines x 1 game
    Azul x 2 games
    Warmachine x 1 game, Cryx vs Minions

    On Sunday I travelled through to common ground games in Stirling to play 2 games of warmachine. There was a 32 player age of sigmar event on that day too, so there was loads of games being played and a great atmosphere.

    My first game was against Dan using his protectorate of menoth force. He was playing the harbinger of menoth with a very nasty list that just plays a great denial game and grinds you down. Dan was recently at the conquest event in Oslo, Norway where he done very well with this list. He had 2 of his games streamed on the twitch channel if you want to see it in action.

    Second game was against Fraser who is the captain of the Scottish wtc team using his trollblood force. Really tricky game as Fraser had some effective shooting and some very fast units against my almost all melee force which was slower in comparison to the trollblood forces. I managed to edge ahead on the scenario and time and won the game when Fraser clocked out.

  • Avatar Image growler78107p said 3 months ago:

    Painting wise the latest miniature I have put any paint on is my mountain king. I am fairly new to airbrushing and this miniature is the 3rd time I have used my airbrush so I am pretty happy with the results so far.

    Just the skintone and the rocky outcrops done so far which leaves the chains, cloth etc to get some paint onto.

  • Avatar Image davehawes386p said 3 months ago:

    Onitama is brilliant little game! Played it a few times over the xmas break. I also played a game of photosynthesis, it was ok, we only had two players and I think it doesn’t shine in that scenario. Also, it has this whole setup that is like 90% very very thematic, but then has one mechanic that doesn’t really have an allegory in the theme (when things move from the player board to your supply, no idea what this represents). The shadowing mechanic is still very original.

    Check out my fantasy miniatures game Deneb!
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  • Avatar Image growler78107p said 3 months ago:

    Onitama is amazing. My son loves it too so got him his own copy along with sensei’s path.

    I have only played photosythesis with 4 players where the board gets quite crowded and makes placement quite tactical and important. With 2 players this would be less of a factor. The theme is excellent and it is a striking game on the table. When I taught the game to some friends they got a bit confused with the supply and player board, they kept trying to put trees straight from the player board into play.

  • Avatar Image davehawes386p said 3 months ago:

    Yeah I mean mechanically I can see why that system is there, but for a game where most of the gameplay fits so close to the narrative that it’s very intuitive, that is an odd wrinkle.

    My wife is a great fan of plant life based games. We have cottage garden, Indian summer, herbaceous and now photosynthesis!

    I’m 35 and funnily enough, I taught my father to play Onitama over the festive period :) Yeah I picked up sensei’s path and two of the (I think now) 4 promotional Dice Tower cards.

  • Avatar Image growler78107p said 2 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Rising sun arrived yesterday which was a very pleasant surprise. Playing a 6 player game today and looking forward to some political backstabbing.

  • Avatar Image growler78107p said 2 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Good day of gaming today, with rising sun, glux, five tribes and mission red planet getting to the table.

  • Avatar Image beardragon142155p said 2 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Very impressive (the number of games played) … rising sun does look interested. Also a novel idea for a blog … “glog” ??? . All the best and thanks for the info.

    Likes: KoW, DS, DB, DZ, AoS, MESBG, BB, WWX, GB, WM/H, AW and acronyms :-)
    Also likes: Dwarfs, Beer, Family, Good Friends, and Women with no taste in Men (thank god for them)
  • Avatar Image davehawes386p said 2 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Very cool stuff! Contributing to that goal! Spent today playing SWRPG, then it’s Deneb play-testing tomorrow, followed by some board gaming. I don’t think I’ve played any of the games in your latest batch there. What of those would you most recommend?

  • Avatar Image growler78107p said 2 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Sounds like you are getting a good amount of games played too, Dave.
    It has been a long time since I have done any roleplaying, but it is probably a genre I won’t go back to. Too many experiences of the players I was playing with just d**king about and the game going nowhere because of it. Left a sour taste in my mouth, so to speak.

    What kind of board games do you enjoy and also what haven’t you enjoyed?
    I enjoyed my first game of rising sun and I can see it needing at least 4 plays to even start to develop proper strategies with all the variables you can introduce with different monsters, upgrade sets, kami etc

    I really do enjoy mission red planet from ffg. I love my dudes on the map area control games and this game use a neat role selection mechanic, with a 10 to 1 countdown which really fits the theme of sending astronauts to mars on rocket ships. Its pretty quick witn not much down time for players and the rules are really easy to teach.

  • Avatar Image davehawes386p said 2 months, 3 weeks ago:

    I started with wargaming when I was 12/13 with Warhammer Fantasy, then 40k, and at some point Warhammer Quest, which lead to RPG’s games. So for years my main/only physical gaming thing was RPG’s of many kinds with many different groups. At the peak between my wife and I, we were at like 7 sessions a month, ranging in length from 2 to 6 hours. These days it’s more like one or two 4 hour sessions a month! You get bad groups sometimes, but good groups, it’s about the most fun I’ve ever had!

    In terms of board games, I play a pretty wide range, but my favourites are usually fantasy/sci-fi in theme, usually involve active combat with other players, and can be played in not much more than an hour. So I like things like Phoenix Covenant, Guilds of Cadwallon, Onitama, Lagoon, Carcassone (which doesn’t fit my earlier description!). I don’t like games that primarily involve individual scoring and minimal interaction (a lot of euro games feel this way). Also, don’t like catan or ticket to ride as examples. Hard to list effectively. Play hundreds of games one or two times, but a few games get very regular play.

  • Avatar Image growler78107p said 2 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Then the games I would suggest looking at are Mission red planet from ffg, Inis and Kemet from matagot.

    All 3 are dudes on the map area control games. There is more direct confrontation in inis and kemet but you can kill other players figures in mission red planet just not as often in the other 2 games.

  • Avatar Image growler78107p said 2 months, 3 weeks ago:

    @beardragon14, thanks for having a look at what ive posted so far.

    I put it in the hobby forum as gaming for me is the main part of my hobby.
    I love miniatures and beautiful terrain on a board as much as anyone on this site but I despise building terrain and painting is often done when im in the mood for it.

    Whereas sitting down to play a game, im pretty much always in the mood for that even if I think im not. Couple of months back, I was at a local warmachine event and was chatting to 1 of the other players and saying to him how I was tired and couldn’t be f**ked playing that day. Soon as the pairings were called and I was at the table going through the list selection process, it was game on lol. Won all 3 of my games that day.

  • Avatar Image growler78107p said 2 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Another game of warmachine against Dans menoth forces. This time he is using reznik2 but he forgot the model and we proxied with my troll wagon. Another grindy game where lots of models were killed. My heavy warjacks charged Dans jacks but came up short in killing them. Dan then buffed them up and they took out my best warjack and broke both arms on my other heavy. The game ended with me running out of time but it was a very enjoyable game. I need to get quicker at playing my games.