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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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Hobby Pledges 2018 (65 posts)

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  • Avatar Image lawnor1364p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Every year I set myself various hobby targets to meet before the year is out. I find this a huge help in motivating myself to paint models I might avoid otherwise and to work towards targets. I find posting this list somewhere public helps me hold myself accountable to my goals, and sometimes other people join me and pledge towards their own targets. Seeing other people make progress towards their goals helps motivate me (On that subject, go join the WAYPN thread if you haven’t already. Just post progress pics. There are no standards or requirements. Share and enjoy.).

    I will be posting my pledges below in a moment. I’m still nailing them down, but this is the time of year I like to get them out there. I’ve just finished my 2017 pledges so it’s time to start the 2018 ones. In the mean time I invite everyone to join me in my 2018 hobby pledges. Here is some advice for those considering it:

    1: Be aware of what you can get done in a year, then halve it. You will get more models and want to prioritise them so don’t lock yourself out of being able to do so. For example, I paint 300+ models a year since I got my airbrush. As such I try to pledge around 150, knowing I’ll end up adding to that number across the year

    2: Set quantifiable goals. Saying “Paint more” or “Buy less” is great, but how will you measure your success across the year and see how you’re doing? Use numbers or hard targets where possible.

    3: Update your initial post with your progress as it happens. Bookmark your pledge and visit it often. Crossing things off the list and seeing the list have less and less to do on it is encouraging. Post your finished projects in this thread as they happen. Its encouragement for us all. (And post them in WAYPN too. See above)

    4: Don’t be afraid to change your pledge until the new year starts. Even then, remember this is meant to be fun and motivating. A gamification of hobby progress. Don’t let it take the enjoyment out of your hobby.

    Anyway, as examples here’s my threads for the past two years. I hope to see some of you join me for this in 2018:


    EDIT: Link to pledge progress worksheet. Anyone can edit it.

  • Avatar Image caladors5478p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:


    I am going to have to think about this but I am definitely >Joining< in on this will edit this later

  • Avatar Image lawnor1364p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    All targets ignore models gained in December 2018

    Tier 1 (0 models at this time):
    Paint more models than I gain I will be tracking this. In 2017 I painted 298 models and my collection grew by 96. I currently have 1620 models, 345 of which are unpainted. The point here is to end the year with less unpainted models than I started.
    If a faction starts the year 100% painted it must finish the year 100% painted
    This covers all of Warmahordes, Bolt Action, Dropfleet & Dropzone Commander, Kings of War, Home Raiders, Batman, and Guild Ball Butchers. This year I expect to add to that list.

    Models gained for factions that were at 100%:
    Brennos the Elderhorn

    Tier 2 (55 models):
    Finish off the Tyranid Swarm Box
    40x Termagants
    10x Gargoyles
    Get Infinity to 100%
    Imperial Agent Crane Rank
    Finish Fishermans Guild for Guild Ball
    Vet Siren

    Tier 3 (28 Models):
    Guild Ball
    Hunters x9
    Masons x7
    Morticians x7
    Union x5

    Tier 4 (67 models):
    Deadzone Plague inc Space Zombies x26
    2A x2
    3A with grenade Launcher x3
    3a Mortar and Crew x3 models
    Plague Teraton
    Plague Swarm

    3Z Space Zombies x15

    Deadzone Rebs x15
    Kraw Warrior
    Rebel Commander
    Human Trooper x2
    Yindij Trooper x1
    Survey Drone x2
    Grogan x2
    Zee Scavenger x2
    Judwan medic
    Missile Launcher and Crew x2 models

    Flames of War x26
    Grant x5
    Crusader x3
    17/25 pdr guns x2
    25 Pdr Field Gun x4
    Panzer III x5
    Panzer IV x3
    8.8cm FlaK36 gun x2
    8.8cm Heavy AA Platoon x2

    That’s currently 150 models. I’ll be in and out over the next few days tidying this post up and possibly changing it as I have ideas. I’ll want some help with the FoW stuff. I have the books with the painting guides but no one stocks the Colours of War range. Does anyone have any and can help me work out Vallejo/P3 equivalents? I have no idea what colours half those paints are even supposed to be.

  • Avatar Image mage6119p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Best of luck with the yearly pledge. I never commit to these because then it becomes something set in stone (Im stubborn and somewhat ocd so if I commit to something and get bogged down I continue, but with very low motivation) and I tend to change my mind and lose interest in some projects.

  • Avatar Image cypher2009185p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I think mine will be editted as I start finding more and more models, but…

    Tier 1: Xmas Present
    I am getting either Dark Souls or Star Wars: Imperial Assault for Xmas (Not sure which one yet for obvious reasons), but I will want all the minis painted from whichever game I get.

    Tier 2: Bolt Action Soviet Army
    A while ago, I got myself the Soviet Starter army for Bolt Action, plus the Standard Bearer. Then, when Warlord had a sale on, I found myself getting the 2nd Edition rules and another infantry box. Most of these are assembled, some are even primed… But thats about it. So Project 2.

    As I said, I will look at updating this as I find other things.

    Good luck to all who take on the challenge. :)

    BoW Forum: Cypher2009
    Twitch Chat: WargamerHaven
  • Avatar Image 144artist456p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I like this idea. I believe I get more done with a schedule or challenge. I’ll have to start thinking about my own list. Thanks for the pointers.

  • Avatar Image gorillawithabrush978p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Haha…wow. I have NO way to predict what models I will paint this year, as each time I finish a project something unexpected usually catches my fancy – something different from what I intended to paint. But I can, sort of, play along I think, even if the specifics might be a little hazy.

    Tier 0
    Paint more models than I gain. [This includes ONLY models purchased in 2018, and not Kickstarter models that I already purchased that might arrive in 2018.]

    I have been really bad about this in the past and need to stop. :)

    Tier 1
    Paint at least 2 models for donating to the NOVA Open Charity Auction, document my progress on BoW
    Complete any commissions I accept, document my progress on BoW

    Tier 2
    Paint at least 10 28/32 mm scale miniatures [small size - if it's a 32 mm scale giant then I count that as a large model], document my progress on BoW
    Paint at least 5 54/75 mm scale miniatures, document my progress on BoW
    [Note that if I paint more of the larger scale I will allow these to substitute for unfinished 28/32 mm scale if I decide to focus more on 54/75 mm scale stuff this year.]

    Tier 3
    Paint at least 3 busts, document my progress on BoW
    Paint at least 1 large scale model (dragon, giant, etc.), document my progress on BoW

    Tier 4
    Finish typing up and/or moving all project logs, tutorials, etc. from BoW and my old website to my new website

    Interested in following my painting progress? I post WIP pictures after each painting session and am happy to chat about the hobby any time. Facebook: @GorillaPainter; Twitter: @GorillaBrush; Website:; Twitch Streaming:
  • Avatar Image noyjatat1034p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I am a little confused by the Tiers what do they mean?

  • Avatar Image gorillawithabrush978p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    @noyjatat said:
    I am a little confused by the Tiers what do they mean?

    Just a way to keep things organized, and also to maybe give yourself some ability to meet certain levels of your goal without meeting them all. For mine, I sort of prioritized them in terms of either one or both of: 1) what I most want to achieve and 2) what I think is most likely to get achieved.

    So, for example, I think my Tier 4 pledge is the least likely to happen knowing myself. I have several large scale models but don’t always like to get locked into painting them because they suck up a ton of my painting time for the year, so that model is in Tier 3- it will be nice if I can finish it, but I can cross off lower tiers of accomplishments even if I don’t end up painting a large scale model.

  • Avatar Image cornishdaimyo150p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I’m sure I’ve seen these threads each time you’ve done it and balked at doing it myself until now but I’m definitely on board this time – will have a potter about tomorrow when I’m off and draft something up. The idea of bringing a bit of order to my hobby (whilst trying to factor in the impact of inevitable random outbursts of ‘shiny syndrome’) appeals to me greatly.

    I certainly can be overwhelmed sometimes when I open the cupboards and see all of my projects just sitting there expectantly – cue a good hour of shuffling about and reacquainting myself with all the cool kits I’ve forgotten about before I wander off to do something else having achieved very little.

    Hmmm, food for thought….

  • Avatar Image noyjatat1034p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    @gorillawithabrush thanks for the clarification buddy.

  • Avatar Image zoidpinhead178p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I’m in again this year. I have an annual target of 365 models painted within the calendar year. Each year I’ve finished earlier so either I’m speeding up or my concept of what constitutes a finished paint job is changing. Either way I think this is an excellent opportunity to make inroads into the lead mountain. I’m not organised enough to break down what is going to get done too far in advance but 365 completions it shall be again.
    @lawnor I’ve very much enjoyed following the 2017 thread and have found that the notion of participating in a community effort has helped incentivise me to get stuff done. Thanks and I look forward to our mutual journeys in 2018.

  • Avatar Image kevlin267p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I’m joining in like the two previous years. I can say my track record is poor but I enjoy trying to anticipate how my hobby year will go and then end up somewhere completely different.

    So what will I accomplish next year? I have decided to revisit some of my old projects that has been moth balled. I have a chaos knight that need to see the light again. It will slay imperial scum during the next year. This is my pledge!

    And I have a Forge World troll hag that will be a great unclean one if I ever get it done. One foot is miss cast so I need to do something to make it fit. And as I pledge to get in on the table during 2018 it also ties in to another pledge… That of my dormant Air brush. Bought it last year and since, it has only been used twice. Shame on me. So using that more will have to be another pledge.

    On the campaign side I would like to run a big apocalypse game now that the rules are back. So that is another pledge – A big game with fluff and the whole she-bang.

    I have started to write some fluff around a frontier world that I would like to get of the ground. So writing fluff and getting a gaming table ready for it will have to go into the pledge pile as well.

    Since I have invited my good friend HobbyTyrant to join me on my blog I want to do a collaboration of some sort. Not sure what yet but I have some crazy ideas that I hope he would like to try. Like doing a pod for example. For a win I have to convince him of something unspecified together.

    Ok, I think that will be all for 2018.

    My hobby blog: Miniature darkness
    My hobby on Instagram: @miniaturedarkness
  • Avatar Image lawnor1364p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    @noyjatat WRT Tiers:

    I have around 1500 models. At one point I must have had around 1000 unpainted models. Looking at that its a demotivating infinite paint queue. Its like what cornishdaimyo said. its overwhelming. By setting a years goal all I have to worry about is the 200-300 I’ll likely paint this year, and the 150ish in particular I have pledged this year. Much more manageable but still a bit much to look at all at once. So by breaking that 150 down in to groups I can focus on a smaller bunch. Once I’ve finished my Termagants all I have left is 1 solo, 1 10 man unit and 4 men for a GB team. Thats 3ish manageable jobs before I can say I’ve crossed a big job off my pledge. I can cope with that and then I get that little endorphin rush from having achieved something and crossing it off my list. It also helps me prioritise my work over the year and focus on what I’ll need vs what i just want out of the way. Its all just a mental trick to provide extra motivation.

    Its like the old saying: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

    Its nice to see so many people getting on board with this!

  • Avatar Image witteridderludo167p said 4 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Well, I don’t make any year xxxx pledges, for me the gaming year goes from Crisis to Crisis (first weekend of November) so I’m already a month into the year.

    For this year the plan is to stick to three main projects:

    1, At the club we are looking to start 6mm Napoleonic. All of the interested member have picked up armies, second hand or at Crisis. So obviously getting my Russian brigade up and running is the first goal. To my surprise I’m the only one who has started on his army so far…

    2, Keep painting my 15mm WW2 forces for Bolt Action/Chain of Command/Battlegroup. I have several small forces (platoon sized with supports) arleady done and two more (BEF and British airbourne) organized.Throughout the year I will be purchasing a force for 21st PzDiv to face the airbourne guys, based on the Kampfgruppe von Luck pint sized campaign by Toofatlardies. In May I’ll be going back to Normandy on holiday and I’m staying in walking distance of the places in that campaign. And in spurts add to the existing supports, growing them to platoon size for the tanks to be able to field bigger Battlegroup armies.

    3, Running the Sharp’s Practice video the day before Crisis… what were you guys thinking??? So I picked up a single box of Perry French infantry as a start and as opposition to the Perry Russians I bought for SP two years ago, but never got around to.

    And by Crisis next year I want to have reached an average of 1 figure painted per day. While trying NOT to give in to OSS (Ooooh shiny syndrome) and dipping into my reserves for the occasional change of pace. To be honest, working on those 28mm French wants me to paint something plain and simple, like SS pea dot camo :-)