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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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Hobby Weekender – Fashionably late! (89 posts)

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  • Avatar Image mage6035p said 8 months ago:

    Tossed into my mind, stirring the calm
    You splash me with beauty and pull me down
    You come from out of nowhere
    My glance truns to a stare
    Obsession rules me – I’m yours from the start
    I know you see me – Our eyes interlock
    You come from out of nowhere
    My glance turns to a stare
    One minute here and one minute there
    Don’t know if I’ll laugh or cry
    One minute here and one minute there
    And then you wave good-bye…
    Sifting to the bottom, every day for two
    All energy funnels, all becomes you
    You come from out of nowhere
    My glance turns to a stare
    One minute here and one minute there
    Don’t know if I’ll laugh or cry
    One minute here and one minute there
    And then you wave good-bye…


    Welcome one and all to another hobby weekender. I decided to throw this up and finish off the other thread since it is getting a little late of the usual Friday. I shall take up the reigns and take great pains to remain!

    So, the rules: Scottish pub law rules: NO religion or politics. If it is part of another point or a comparrison, then fair enough, but let it lie and move quickly on. Also, no dicks. Do not be a dick to anyone, goes for me too, whatsoever. We want to encourage and welcome any and all forum members.

    Also, throw on some good tunes, put your feet up. Drink a beer, order a pizza, whatever, you get chill. This is more a bit of a clubhouse with an open door chillout zone policy than a chat room or thread.

    To start off with, please, please, please no individual posts. Either participate or don’t. Im not being mean, but this is supposed to be something special, and a beast of war tradition started by @unclejimmy that I firmly intend on keeping alive and pure.

    So, please join in! :)

    First thing is first! Make a pledge for the weekend, or duration of the thread if you work weekends. It could be assembly, priming, fiction, a battle report, old war stories, a rant about the latest movie that let you down… keep it hobby and keep it nerd culture! Also tell us how are doing and if you need to get something off your chest or need some moral support, we are all here for you.

    So, to simulate question and remember there are other people on the ends of other computers/keyboards/profile pictures, we shall use artificial means to get people a talkin’

    The Questions!

    (1) What are your non hobby plans for the weekend?

    (2) Tell us a funny gaming anecdote of yours

    (3) Tell us about a tournament battle you loved! Or an important club / campaign game – yes, an old war story!

    (4) What was your first army?

    (5) Do you have any suggestions to improve the thread – no wrong answers!

    Gentlemen, and more importantly, and gentlewomen out there! …. let us begin :)

  • Avatar Image evilstu911p said 8 months ago:

    Hey @mage thanks for kicking off. First part of the pledge is to actually get involved this week. Work has been chewing up all of my time of late so have just been reading the posts for the last while rather than jumping in, but should hopefully get some hobby time this w/e. Will post more later :)

  • Avatar Image mage6035p said 8 months ago:

    Your pledge still counts! Work has a tendency to do that.Feel free to join in whenever, no pressure ;)

  • Avatar Image irredeemable1377p said 8 months ago:

    Starting with my pledge!
    I will finish my Death Company.

    I can say this with a good deal of confidence because I just have to finish the script on the purity seals and touch up their bases. It would have been done tonight if I hadn’t lost the plot painting gems.

    I F***ING hate gems!!

    I just can’t paint them! If I get one in ten right it’s a good day. They always look crap and the Death Company are covered in them. I got so frustrated my hands started to shake and I had to put the brush down. Added to that my phone was having a meltdown and I couldn’t type on it (I had to respond to @mage on my computer).
    My cat jumped in the window onto the kitchen counter while I was getting a glass of water and it was testament to my self control that he wasn’t drop-kicked back from whence he came.

    Anyways, barring another breakdown, they should be finished. I’ll be moving onto Chaplain Lemartes after that. Reward my batch painting slog with a single mini.

    I also backed the new Carnevale KS today. Went in for the lowest pledge as I really just want the rulebook and a few random minis to pad out the factions I have from the last KS. I went through the stuff I had tonight and added up the new points to see who needed some help.

    Now for a couple of questions.
    1. Non hobby plans are just work. I’m in both days so I won’t get too much done. Maybe see what some friends are doing.

    2. The absolute joke that are my Grey Knight Terminators. They either always do appallingly or I make a silly decision and get them all killed. Their last four games went as follows:
    Game 1. Playing my brother’s Guard. Deep Striked in, scattered into the open, died in a hail of ordnance shells.
    Game 2. Playing Chaos. Held a defensive position and performed well. On the last turn I charged Kharn the Betrayer. He killed the whole squad and reduced the Librarian to a single wound.
    Game 3. Playing Guard. Deep Striked, scattered, massacred by a Calidus assassin.
    Game 4. Walked this time. Lost three termies to lasgun fire, retreated behind a building and in the following turn tried to use a psychic power to teleport. Failed and rolled the worst result. Librarian sucked into the warp.

    3. Never played in any. Only friendly games.

    4. Dark angels. Bought the 2nd edition starter box and when I asked my father to get me some paints he got the Dark Angel starter set. I wandered through different armies for a few years as I didn’t really take it seriously. Came back to Dark Angels when they were released in 3rd edition.

    5. I’ll think about this one properly and get back to you.

  • Avatar Image mage6035p said 8 months ago:

    Drop kicking the auld cat eh? Talk about first world problems lol.

    Want me to take a crack at the gems?

    (1) Im off for the weekend! Huzzah! Enjoy work lol.

    (2) Sounds like they need a Land Raider or Stormraven

    (3) Any hardly fought battle or good war story shall suffice then!

    (4) Ah, your first love.

    (5) Do! :)

  • Avatar Image mage6035p said 8 months ago:

    My own pledge:

    (-) Finish my 4 Trandoshans from Imperial Assault from the last day. Im not adding any more. I’ll be hard pressed to finish them with how busy the weekend is. If I can start on other stuff, get some assembly, priming and the like done then well and good but for now, no other plans.

    I’ll see how it goes!

  • Avatar Image biggabum2676p said 8 months ago:

    Good morning guys, hopefully will finally have a bit of hobby time this weekend, after a rather barren fortnight. and should be able to participate a bit more this weekend. Unfortunately next weekend might be a problem as the daughter is moving so i’ve been roped in to help… Dunno why because all i do is watch every body else do all the lifting and drink all their tea.

    Well i’ve finally done it, i’ve bought a Games Workshop game after a seven year abstinance…. Blood Bowl. So this weekends pledge is to get a game in with that, although it will be with unpainted miniatures (something i’m usually loath to do). but I shall spend the next week or so painting them up. A bit disappointed that GW havent really released a lot of teams yet especially my go to team of High Elves. So been trawling the net to see if i can find a non GW option, which I have, by a company called Star Player Miniatures, only they are out of stock at the moment… just my luck.

    Anyhoo, on to this weeks questions:

    1) Well not really non hobby, just a different hobby. Currently painting a portrait of the grandkids for the wife. I don’t do a lot of portraits and i’m not really a fan of doing them, but she insisted.

    2) Oh dear this is a hard one. There tend to be quite a lot of funny moments when you play Matty. One in partyicular one was way back when we were playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle. He was playing Orcs and had a large regiment of Spear armed Savage Orcs, he had also been bought a nice fluffy sweater by his nan for Christmas. So we are there playing the game and Matty is wearing his sweater and leans over the table to move a unit of Black Orcs, stands up, and has 20 odd Savage Orcs hanging down his front by their spears. Was almost as funny as watching his mother trying to unhook the little blighters without damaging the sweater.

    3) I havent played in a tournament, and wasn’t really able to get to the club I belonged to often enough to take part in any of their campaigns.

    4) Well. Mmmmmmm… depends. My first ever game, and the one that got me into Warhammer was a game called Battle Masters, so my first army was sort of Empire. However when I began to take the hobby seriously my first real army was High Elves.

    5) Actually No. I think those that have run the thread have done a fantastic job. Ok so they dont get the Post numbers that UJ got but I don’t think thats down to the quality of the thread. Maybe they don’t realise it’s still going. Or just the time of year. In my case it’s real life taking up a lot of time at the moment, the hot weather makes things difficult for the wife so she needs extra care and hobby time becomes limited and erratic.

    I do think that the thread will grow back up to what it was in time, as new faces realise what it is and some of the old faces return.

  • Avatar Image rayzryr858p said 8 months ago:

    It’s the Weekend, it’s the Weekender!
    Cheers @mage for last week, extra cheers for this week! Sounds like you’ve got much happening in your world!

    I shall start with my Pledge! More Shael Han! I think it’s time to get my Dark Angels back together too. That’ll do for now…
    Time is limited, which directly relates to question 1.

    This is the last weekend of the school holidays, so I have my daughter with me until tomorrow, it’s also a big weekend for my immediate family as three out of six seven of us are having birthdays within the next two weeks, so we’re having a birthday lunch this weekend too. That means hobby is probably out until Sunday evening (to be expected) though there’s a small chance my Brothers will want to play Kingdom Death since I introduced to them last time they visited.

    Unfortunately I have run out of time on my lunch break, so I will have to answer the rest later.

    One day all the armies will be painted… one day.
  • Avatar Image fishman1506p said 8 months ago:

    Hi. How is everyone. It is overcast, cold and shitty. 4 in the afternoon and 8 degrees.

    I have been keeping busy painting these guys:-

  • Avatar Image mage6035p said 8 months ago:

    Nice goblins @fishman what range are they from?

    You are welcome @rayzryr , I do have a lot happening but hopefully I can get some hobby time in. Shael Han sounds great. Dark Angels eh? Enjoy your time with your daughter. That is a lot of birhtdays. Kingdom Death? Another game on my ‘want’ list. Back to work *whip*


    Helping move? Ouch. Can you call in sick? Blood Bowel eh? Have fun. Hee hee. I don’t like to play unpainted either. Maybe you can prime them and get some basecoats in? They did do a couple of weeks here and there where they re-released older teams on their webstore. I guess its good to see the support tick by every now and then. I think they are doing a slow burn with releases. There are a good few companies out there that do fantasy sports teams but how many of them stayed in business I don’t know
    (1) Ah, ‘real’ painting. You don’t like doing them, but are you good?

    (2) Haha, that’s quite unforunate. Were any Orcs harmed? A +1 wooly jumper of protection, the bane of plastic tiny spears.

    (3) Thats unfortunate. You could always try a simple narrative campaign at home?

    (4) Battle Masters? I might be too young to know that. Please tell us more.

    (5) UJ was special in that regard, but it does seem the post numbers and count these days is a shadow of what they were. I guess thats the trend right now. Is what it is. Gotta do what you gotta do.

    I hope some of the old faces return. Time will tell.

  • Avatar Image mage6035p said 8 months ago:

    And now a band I am quite fond of, Killswitch Engage:

  • Avatar Image mage6035p said 8 months ago:

    My own answers!!!

    (1) Spend time with my son and girlfriend each day. A movie and either a meal/drink/takeout/all of the above with the mrs in the evening. Hopefully call up to a frieind for a game of risk

    (2) I’ll come back to this one.

    (3) I’ll come back to this one too. 2 and 3 will be longer, more short stories of what happened.

    (4) My first army was Space Marines, the ones from the 3rd edition starter set which, as a ten year old, I painted as Ultramarines. The models have all since been repainted or dumped.

    (5) Im open to suggestion

    I’ll be logging off soon and getting some sleep after work. Ill be up around two pm, and get in some quality time with my boy and the mrs.

    Try not to burn the place down, knuckleheads ;) :) :D 8)

  • Avatar Image fishman1506p said 8 months ago:

    (1) What are your non hobby plans for the weekend?
    To sleep. About it. Too cold to do anything other than paint with music on and wait for it to warm up in a few months.

    (2) Tell us a funny gaming anecdote of yours
    One afternoon, playing Talisman with the kids, the dear children aged about 9 and 12, I was sitting one square away from winning when my darling daughter, all blonde hair and blue eyed innocence, draws a card, looks at me and says, “Roll the die Daddy!” Both burst into laughter as the dice roll came up 1, and my ultra powerful troll was turned into a toad! Dropping all items and not having a talisman meant I was in a world of trouble and a bloody amphibian in Hell stands about the same chance as a snowball. That is to say, two, and Buckley’s is the best one…

    (3) Tell us about a tournament battle you loved! Or an important club / campaign game – yes, an old war story!
    My back was against the wall, crippled and destroyed jacks strewn across the battle field, the stitch thralls and necrosurgeon unable to keep up with the losses to the mechani-thralls. The Pistol Wraiths both destroyed in a petty act of revenge as they materialised into being for long enough to do their crippling attacks. The Withershadow had done their job though and the converted Khador Jack now rampaged through their ranks, catching the winter guard off guard and out of position, Malice having dragged the Marauder into range with the last of your focus, before the reapers and ripjaw ganged up to allow Maelovus the final kill.

    In his rush to finish me, Vlad had overextended, killing not me but the Death Walker and he had forgotten an important fact, I am called the Bastard for a reason beyond the misfortunes of birth. I have fought a god…

    Invoking the power of the dark forces at my command, I summon the Bane thralls put at my disposal by the great powers of death and command them to attack my foe, laughing as they tear into him with their great axes. I save the kill for my own pleasure, resurrecting the soul of this pitiful Khador Warcaster into the Death Walker he had so recently thought he’d killed…

    (4) What was your first army?
    Rogue Trader Space Orcs.

    (5) Do you have any suggestions to improve the thread – no wrong answers!
    Ban me…

    No seriously….

  • Avatar Image fishman1506p said 8 months ago:

    @mage They are from a Kickstarter I backed ages ago, from 4A Miniatures. To say I am impressed is to understate things terribly. The little fellow with the mouth wrap is possibly my favourite gobbo to date, and I have a horde of the little green fellows from a dozen ranges.

    I liked the ides of doing the Gobbo Champion in armour that resembled the scales of a carp or fish of some description, it kind of looks like old samurai armour and it is in fitting with the theme of sea demons and goblins. The rest of the range is even more awesome, I have saved them to paint as I finish these. The bolt thrower and sea demons.

  • Avatar Image evilstu911p said 8 months ago:

    Ok, back on deck. First up, question responses:

    (1) What are your non hobby plans for the weekend?
    Boring grown-up stuff mostly. Pretty much all of which I got done today which should free up tomorrow for some hobby time (although it is forecast to be stupidly cold so the mancave might be a little inhospitable, will see how we go…).Cleaning, grocery shopping, made soup, that sort of thing…

    (2) Tell us a funny gaming anecdote of yours
    Had a good laugh playing Frostgrave a few months ago. Frostgrave has a mechanic where the more outnumbered a mini is, the higher the chance of it getting killed. I rushed one of my mates thieves (the worst fighters in the game) with 3 of my warriors and my wizards apprentice, only to have his lone isolated thief single-handedly slay the lot of them over the next few rounds. Good times :)

    (3) Tell us about a tournament battle you loved! Or an important club / campaign game – yes, an old war story!

    Sadly most of my tabletop exploits have been heroic defeats (but good fun nonetheless). Most rewarding gaming experience would probably be a D&D campaign I played about 10 years ago. This campaign was brutal, had been flagged as high level and was not meant to be an easy endeavour. It was set in the city of Sigil and involved a great deal of dimension/plane hopping. We had tried to get through this campaign and been party-wiped on at least four occasions over the course of a few years. The penultimate battle involved our characters from this campaign (all 19th level at that point) recruiting all available characters from another on-going campaign we had been playing for the last 2 years (using a rotating portfolio of characters who were now between 8th and 12th level) and facing off against an avatar of Jubilex and his horde. It was pretty intense seeing the characters we had spent years playing and building up getting cut to ribbons in a higher level campaign that they weren’t equipped to deal with, but after many casualties, we prevailed. It was a massive adrenaline rush and we all pretty much forgot about the BBEG we needed to confront the following session. The following week was not quite as intense , but close to it, as we worked out how to strip away the main villains power and then beat him down. Felt good finally getting closure on that campaign after so many failed attempts.

    (4) What was your first army?
    First one I could call ‘complete’ would be my WHFB Empire Talabecland army. But I have a HIgh elf which I started before that which is still a work in progres (Almost 2 decades later… <_< )

    (5) Do you have any suggestions to improve the thread – no wrong answers!
    I'd say just let it run and evolve, take a less is more approach, and see where it ends up.

    Hobby pledge – Finish the 4ground buildings I've been tinkering with. Then maybe (weather dependent) look at painting up some minis.


    Language warning (German in this case.. :-P )