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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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Hobby Weekender – Olympic Edition (99 posts)

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  • Avatar Image evilstu868p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    Welcome al to the next instalment of the Hobby Weekender. Newcomers please feel free to join in. Tradition dictates that there is to be no religion or politics on the thread. The following are encouraged:
    1. Make a hobby pledge, and let us know how you get on with it.
    2. Share some tunes so we all have something to listen to while we hobby.
    3. To get the conversation started, post your responses to the following questions:

    To get the conversation started it is tradition to have a few questions to respond to, to get the ball rolling as it were. So, this week’s questions are:
    1. The winter Olympics kicked off last night, will you be watching? If so, which events hold your interest?
    2. Are there any real life (sorry no quidditch or dreadball…) sporting events you would like to see included in either version of the Olympics?
    3. Any type of sport you would like to see in the Olympics of the future? Ie, the future in which we have remote controlled automations who can carry out hazardous or outright dangerous sporting endeavours with no actual risk to people’s health or well-being. Would you like to see jousting make a comeback? Crazy car races with massive jumps and loop the loop sections? Some sort of high speed slalom race through asteroid belt?
    ‘Winner’ of the thread will be determined by augury if I can get my hands on some livestock by the end of the week, failing that, usage of the up vote buttons. And bonus recognition for ‘post of the week’ whatever that may be…
    Clarification to the above so I don’t get yelled at: Yes I know some people play quidditch in real life but until we have magic brooms or at least affordable jet packs I don’t know that it is true to the original intent…

  • Avatar Image evilstu868p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    And some tunes to get the ball rolling….

  • Avatar Image caladors5376p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    I wrote up a big bit on the purpose of the Olympics, but I realised technically it breaks the rules of the thread, because my answers for the question were nope nah and no
    So I wanted to add something :/
    But I think that Olympics and politics are way too closely tied together.

    A bit of old but gold Mitchell’s Soapbox.

    And something to get you pumped

  • Avatar Image oriskany12693p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    Back at work at the moment, will post something this evening or tomorrow morning. :D

    Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War – 50th Anniversary – Begins January 30, 1968
    Historical Editor – Beasts of War
  • Avatar Image caladors5376p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    Working on these at the moment and I was betrayed by the rattle can (is what I believe you guys call it) but the citadel white spray can came out chalky so I have finished basing the girls in just scar white from the airbrush I end up doing three coats but I am not sure how things with turn out we will see, these guys aren’t that far from finished

    But the bases won’t be that hard to do up

    Something for the beasts of war some dogs of war

  • Avatar Image robert2052p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    Pledge is to get some work done on my Death Guard, do a bit more organising in the hobby room and get more work done on the Sally 4th house.

    1. Not a big fan of the Winter Olympics. The gfriend is so will watch what she wants to watch.

    2. Needs to be less sports. The Olympics should be the pinnacle of your sport, so soccer, golf, tennis don’t belong for example.

    3. All I can think about is the Movie Running Man or Robot Wars when it comes to this question.

    Tunes later.

  • Avatar Image biggabum2653p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    Big thanks to @evilstu taking the helm this week.

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to participate much, if at all, for the next few weeks, due to preparing for, undergoing, and recovering from surgery, I will be back as soon as I am able though.

    So I won’t be able to get much Hobby in this weekend, although I do intent to try and get some done to calm my nerves a little bit if nothing else. Started working on the Warlord “Ruined Hamlet” Set (the missing bit still hasnt arrived from 4ground yet so the last building from the Mordenburgh set is on the back burner – may have to improvise at some point).

    Ive done some buildings with 1 more to go and a shedload of bits to make some smaller pieces later on.

    On to the questions

    1) Will probably watch some here and there, but it doesnt interest me as a whole. Maybe the Ski Jumping and the Bobsleigh events.

    2) Snowbike/Snowmobile racing.

    3) Spiky Pit Jumping :-D

    @caladors Excellent work Sir. Very impressed with the blending on the skin.

    Have a good weekend guys.

  • Avatar Image caladors5376p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    Thanks @evilstu for doing the thread, but I think it is hard to talk Olympics without politics :P ha ha

    The things we do for love insert song

    @biggabum that looks like quiet the project :D

  • Avatar Image nakchak4504p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    Laid low with 3rd bout of illness due to kids being germ magnets, if i can lift head without feeling like I’m drowning i will procrastinate and fail ungracefully to complete a pledge

    1. it is the cooler Olympics of the 2, bobsleigh and louge are always fun to watch for the crashes
    2. freestyle motocross and street louge, sod it just make most red bull sponsored sports Olympic
    3. not painting minis we could all be champions :D

    There is no ignominy, there is glory,
    There is no servitude, there is dominance,
    There is no defeat, there is victory… victory eternal!
  • Avatar Image evilstu868p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    Alright, so where are we…

    @caladors yeah I know where you’re coming from with the Olympics and politics overlap. The bit that really kills me is the commercialism. But I won’t go diving down that rabbit-hole… I love that Pendulum album! Sorry they parted ways but hey, we got Knife Party out of the deal so I guess all’s well… I thought it was just me that ended up with chalky GW white?… I really should just throw away the half can I have left… In fairness it is a few years old now. Nice work on the minis, really happy to see some KDM stuff that doesn’t look like it is trying to claw it’s way out of it’s own butt (The sculpt on that old man bird thing was just next level unsettling… – great paint job on it though :) )

    @robert I hear ya – we’ll probably have figure skating on for a bit as that’s what the girlfriend likes most. A version of Running Man would be awesome! Kind of like paintball but with more punch I guess… Robot Wars – yeah I was pretty much thinking Solaris VII style Battlemech arena duels… Keen to see how the Death Guard progress.

    @biggabum hope you’re doing OK. Can’t imagine it’s a fun thing to be looking forward to. Will keep our collective fingers crossed all goes smoothly and for a speedy recuperation. Ruined houses are coming along really nicely. And as you say, plenty of spares. You can pretty much get a full ruined town out of one of those hamlet boxes (So I guess it does what it says on the tin now that I think it through…). Ha, snowmobile racing, brilliant! I’d have probably gone for rally driving but this seems a lot truer to the ‘winter’ theme of the games (plus if it was rally driving in the snow Finland would just win all the time – not that that’s a bad thing but it might get a little predictable…).

    @nakchak hope you recover soon. A red Bull olympics is one I could get really excited about – Have you seen the air racing? I couldn’t believe what I was seeing the first time I caught some of it. In my most family friendly voice: “Gosh darn those gentlemen have gonads of concrete…”.

  • Avatar Image evilstu868p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    Apologies @oriskany missed you in there – hope work is going well and you get the opportunity to get stuck into your weekend soon :)

  • Avatar Image evilstu868p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    Have been feeling reasonably average for the last week (tail end of the flu or something?…) so my hobby has been restricted to binge-watching 3/4 of Macross Delta (not as good as Macross Frontier but still good fun) and reading the Dark Imperium novel, which I’m only about 1/3 of the way through. Today I did a bit more work on the Pox Walkers (touched up the bone spikes, eyes and rehighlighted the boils) primed a bunch of Bones Yetis to be used as wandering monsters in Frostgrave and assembled and primed a Bretonnian battle standard bearer and another half dozen minis for the Afterlife game – these ones are Unity Council Guards, so six grunts to oppose the commandos I finished last week. Probably should start a PLOG/HOG to track progress on the project overall… So continuing with that lot will probably be my pledge for the week ahead.

  • Avatar Image robert2052p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    70s Aerosmith this morning

    @evilstu Thanks for running the show. Will try and be more regular at posting in the weekenders. Will keep an eye on your prox walkers as i will be painting mine soon.

    @caladors nice work on the skin tones – I hate aerosols for exactly that reason, they can’t be trusted. The Gfriend also likes rugby so all good.

    @biggabum I have some of those Warlord Buildings, never quite sure what to do with them so not built them yet. Good luck for the operation.

    @nakchak feel well soon. Been years and years since I have listened to Draconian Times – good tune! Never heard of Grimpen Mire – right up my alley as well.

    Ok, I am off to lube my airbrush

  • Avatar Image caladors5376p said 1 week, 1 day ago:


    I see what you did there :D
    It is freezing over there…

    Yeah some politics, like this Venn diagram…

    The red is politics… the green is Olympics

    Yeah I feel betrayed. I hope that’s a good thing with your lady :)
    And I am trying pretty hard do to the skin tones well…

  • Avatar Image nakchak4504p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    @evilstu yeah the plane stuff is nuts :D

    @robert found them from clicking through corehammers various associated labels, witchhunter i think they are on.
    Pissviper are well worth checking out too, I’m hopeful my eldest will allow me to watch the rugby this week, not impressed to loose the battle last week and have 8hours of peppa pig instead :(