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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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I’m going to Wichita – An unclejimmy weekender (148 posts)

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  • Avatar Image mage5508p said 10 months ago:

    I’m gonna fight ‘em all
    A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back
    They’re gonna rip it off
    Taking their time right behind my back

    And I’m talking to myself at night
    Because I can’t forget
    Back and forth through my mind
    Behind a cigarette
    And the message coming from my eyes
    Says leave it alone

    Don’t want to hear about it
    Every single one’s got a story to tell
    Everyone knows about it
    From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell

    And if I catch it coming back my way
    I’m gonna serve it to you
    And that ain’t what you want to hear
    But that’s what I’ll do
    And the feeling coming from my bones

    Says find a home
    I’m going to Wichita
    Far from this opera for evermore
    I’m gonna work the straw
    Make the sweat drip out of every pore
    And I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding
    Right before the lord
    All the words are gonna bleed from me
    And I will sing no more
    And the stains coming from my blood
    Tell me go back home


    So, its that time of the week again for our little forum weekender. Welcome, anyone old and new. This is where we pledge to do some hobby work, be it prime, assemble, paint or play and post our progress. Here we will hang out and chat. So, please post pictures, give other people feedback and comments, and chill out with some music – no wuss rock, and play it loud and proud!

    @unclejimmy has been a tad quiet lately. Ill check in with him tomorrow to check all is well. In the mean time, bon appetite.

    Scottish pub rules apply – NO POLITICS AND NO RELIGION to be discussed, please and thank you.

    And now, onto the questions, to simulate conversation, the little extra cherry on top that turns this into more an actual chat and hangout than any other forum

    (1) Name something that made you happy this week and why

    (2) Tell me if you’ve felt a nostalagic yearning lately

    (3) Tell us about something unexpected that happened to you this week

    (4) What has been a good watch on tv lately?

    (5) Name a tv show, old or new, which you dislike, and why.

    (6) What recent games product came out that you really enjoyed

  • Avatar Image seldon91746p said 10 months ago:

    You don’t muck about @mage!

  • Avatar Image mage5508p said 10 months ago:

    That @seldon9 , I do not. 10 points!

    My answers:

    (1) Me? Seeing my son, he came up for a visit and is here until Sunday. Was very happy and chill when he arrived up, and we went to a kids club nearby, he had a blast.

    (2) I have – 90s pop / dance music reminded me of being around ten in the late nineties. A time before wifi, devices, downloads, itunes, facebook. A simpler time, a tad more innocenct, for me anyway. It reminded me of winters going to Galway with my parents on shopping trips before Chritmas, going into a shop that used to stock Games Workshop, back when stores stocked a bunch of blisters in metal, and older box work graphics and such. I fondly miss that time.

    (3) My son woke up crying and kept freaking out. Calpol, cuddles and letting him watch a little tv and eat a snack helped get him back to bed, but this is the worst he’s been after going to bed since he was a tiny baby.

    (4) For me Gotham Season 3, Im spreading out my viewings and savouring it. Luke Cage was good for the first few episodes but either I stayed up too late and focussed to much on painting but found it slow in the middle. Still not bad, but more nuances a story. Im not sure if its just how the story is structured or if it is badly structured. Ill rewatch a few episodes.

    (5) Back in the day I hated Dharma and Greg. Written by hacks, acted out by idiots, a pointless, pointless show. NCIS is a close silver medal, every episode is the same. Mark Harmon sucks

    (6) Hands down the Konflikt 47 starter. The Sherman T, Coyote Mech and Power Armoured infantry…. Im in love with this game…

    My pledge:

    > Paint up my human Dreadball MVP – Rico Van Dien
    > Finish my Bloodsecrator for Age of Sigmar
    > Finish my 5 Bloodreavers for Age of Sigmar

  • Avatar Image mage5508p said 10 months ago:

  • Avatar Image querion1498p said 10 months ago:

    Good morning everyone, let’s see what i can get typed in before i need to go to work in the greenhouses.

    (1) Finally having an idea what i can give a very good friend for her upcoming birthday. It’s a struggle every year to find something for her. The usual: what do you give someone who has everything.

    (2) I do have those yearnings often, lately it was for the good old time where i would sit down with my dad and play a game on my NES or SNES, mostly it was Mario Kart. Well and i had that feeling while we were sitting down with our 3DS for a round of … yeap … Mario Kart 7 *g*

    (3) unexpected …hmmm. Nothing comes to my mind sorry. Somehow this week was not very surprising at all.

    (4) browsing netflix i discovered Elementary for myself, there’S something about that show i really like.

    (5) does it count if i say 90% of what the german tv makes? It feels like almost of all of it are reality tv shows or casting shows that make you dumber and dumber just from watching them. Thats why i’m happy to have netflix and amazon prime.

    (6) Arkham Horror the Living Card Game. I just love it. A great co-op game full of flavor.

    Pledges: Finish my 3 Reverend Moiras, didn’t have the time or energy to do anything on them since the pic i posted in last weeks UJWE

    Just a bit of a total mix that was playing just now

    And off to work, read yo uall later

  • Avatar Image seldon91746p said 10 months ago:

    Alright all. My week’s been fairly poor hobby-wise. I’ve been overloaded with work so I’ve done near sod all. On Sunday I went to see a couple of mates and we played some Dropfleet and Infinity. I’ll add the pics when I get a chance. Otherwise I’ve primed my Red Veil Yu Jing starter.

    (1) Name something that made you happy this week and why
    The short bit of airbrushing I did went without a hitch. Pure primer straight through the brush and no clogs. Didn’t have to disassemble until I finished. I oiled my Badger Patriot and it feels a lot better. Honestly I was pretty disappointed with it up till now. Feels like it’s finally starting to do what I want.

    (2) Tell me if you’ve felt a nostalagic yearning lately
    Roboute Guilliman’s return ringing any nostalgia bells for anyone? I’ve been listening to Emma Pollack recently. She used to be in the Delgados back in the day. I need to dig their albums back out again.

    (3) Tell us about something unexpected that happened to you this week
    I’ve been stuck doing a lot of work this week. I’ve not had time for much else.

    (4) What has been a good watch on tv lately?
    I quite enjoyed Ascension on Netflix but the ending was annoying. 6 part miniseries and frankly they left a lot of questions unanswered.

    (5) Name a tv show, old or new, which you dislike, and why.
    Murder She Wrote. Growing up I used to argue with my sister a lot about what we watched on TV. She loved detective shows and the cream of the crap was Murder She Wrote. Why did anyone remain friends with Jessica Fletcher when there was such a high chance of death or jail.

    (6) What recent games product came out that you really enjoyed
    Ummm … the Kingdom Death pledge manager came out. Worked so well for me I ordered a bit more stuff ;)

    It’s been a funny week. I’ve been very disappointed by Corvus’ move to introduce their bootleg / pinup miniatures into the game as official miniatures. I’ve been going through Angel’s new book looking for suitable paints, so not very exciting. I’m having to reign in my spending given I’ll have other costs coming this year. But then on a Dropfleet Commander Facebook page I saw …

    Wargames terrain mat – Orbital Night Coast

    KAFAF NAQ KA QUA QUA as old C’thulhu might say. What a mat! I’d been looking at mats that might double up for other boards but f- that. Stunning. Pure Dropfleet as Dropfleet should be. The trouble with mats overlooking the earth or something like that is even with the cloud layer imprinted they don’t look quite right for games with spaceships. For me it just needs to be dark. The night mat combines both features perfectly.

    @mage Good to hear you had a nice time with your son. I hope he didn’t have any awful temperatures or the like. I’ve not really dived into the superhero series. I watched a bit of Daredevil and while it was quite good I wasn’t compelled to watch any more. Agents of Shield was the last one I followed with any regularity. 15 years of NCIS, how you’ve suffered! Maybe Murder She Wrote just numbed me to crime cheese. Konflikt 47 does look good.

    @querion Now that you mention it I can’t think of a single German TV show. Auf Wiedershehn Pet is probably the closest we got. Crikey now I’m getting nostalgic.

  • Avatar Image thedace712p said 10 months ago:

    Hey folks

    I’ve got a quick few minutes while its quiet at work so..

    1. Name something that made you happy this week and why.

    Getting tickets to see Russell Howard for Valentines day. It was a very nice surprise.

    2. Tell me if You’ve felt a nostalgic yearning lately.

    Much like @querion for old computer games this week. Here are a few that I used to love – In this one you used to have to move a sphere from one place to another (back in a time when things were simpler)

    on the NES

    on the PC

    and what I think is one of the greatest games ever

    Link 4 ERPPC’s together and watch the world burn (and your mech overheat and shutdown)

    3. Tell us about something unexpected that happened to you this week.

    To be fair this week has been pretty boring. My mirror fell off my car for no apparent reason (pretty poor I know)

    4. What has been good to watch on TV lately.

    Recently I watched the first season of The Expanse which was pretty awesome. Also Black Sails is back for its last season.

    5. Name a tv show, old or new, which you dislike and why.

    Murder she wrote, I really hate that meddling women. Im not a fan of reality TV either.

    6. What recent games product came out that you really enjoyed.

    I’m really enjoying painting up my Chaos from Age of Sigmar much the same as you @mage . I have recently acquired the Wrathmongers which i’m looking forward to painting up.


    1. Finish painting the Chaos Skullgrinder model.
    2. Try and get some Frostgrave in (which didn’t happen last week :( )

    Some good music for the weekend.

    love the lyrics to the last one.

    Happy hobbying folks.

    @Thedace1 on twitter
  • Avatar Image thedace712p said 10 months ago:

    wow @seldon9 good call on Murder she wrote I was still typing when you posted that :)

  • Avatar Image seldon91746p said 10 months ago:

    Great minds are bored alike @thedace :)

  • Avatar Image querion1498p said 10 months ago:

    @thedace now i’m trying to remember if it was Mechwarrior 2 or 3 where you could destroy a mech very easily if you just hit his leg a little bit. In that one i used to run around in a little scout mech, my only weapon an AC20 and destroing all those tatsy knee caps of larger mechs ;) And damn you … now i want to play Mech Commander again!

    @seldon9 most tv shows that are made for tv are just crime or police shows, sometimes police comedy, or tv drama shows. But nothing realy worth watching in my opinion. Even Netflix had trouble to find something they could make for the local audience because most of the scripts they got were garbage.

    And a bit more music
    Subway to Sally – Wenn Engel hassen (When angels hate)

    Subway to Sally – Sag dem Teufel (Say Good Day to the devil inside of you)

    Schelmisch – Caput Draconis

    Van Canto – Primo Victoria

    Van Canto – Badaboom

  • Avatar Image torros3851p said 10 months ago:

    OK let’s get the party started

    Or maybe not

  • Avatar Image commodorerob1701p said 10 months ago:

    Good Afternoon peeps

    Well this weekend is not going to include much gaming or hobby time, just a family event and relaxing as much as possible after two long weeks.

    (1) Name something that made you happy this week and why

    I spent Tuesday night with someone I care a lot about

    (2) Tell me if you’ve felt a nostalagic yearning lately

    At what point does something go from a memory to nostalgia?… honestly cant thing of anything really.

    (3) Tell us about something unexpected that happened to you this week

    I got to spend Tuesday with someone I care about

    (4) What has been a good watch on tv lately?

    Well, The Walking Dead started up again this week… I have been watching the remake of Roots, Black Sails series 4 and lots of random stuff.

    (5) Name a tv show, old or new, which you dislike, and why.

    Just the one …. basically any Soap Opera

    (6) What recent games product came out that you really enjoyed

    Well I acquired some original resin masters of the Scourge frigates for Dropfleet and spending ages trying to get them prepared.

    Official graduate of the Oriskany Operational Warfare Military Gaming Academy
    Bootcamp Veteran: Dropzone Commander, Bolt Action, Team Yankee, Walking Dead, Dropfleet Commander, Flames of War, Hobby Camp, Wolsung
  • Avatar Image mage5508p said 10 months ago:

    Lots of good stuff I’m reading here guys! I’ll do points later. Took my boy for a haircut, donut shop and town, then to kids club. Off to the hobby shop soon

  • Avatar Image querion1498p said 10 months ago:

    Just stumbled over some of my old comic books and had to have a read again. It’s Die Sturmtruppen, an italian anti-war-comic by bonvi with a really black humor. And i was just wondering, was it ever translated into english and does anyone else here, besides me, know this comic series?

  • Avatar Image cpauls16024p said 10 months ago:

    Good Morning All!

    This may be my only post this weekend, but I’ll try and get on here again, work permitting.

    Pledge: Still working on my orcs. Over the last few days I have painted ivory on weapon grips, and done some red touch-ups. Now I’m on to putting an agrax wash on the tan, ivory, and red. Just started. Won’t even be an illusion of progress for a while, as after the wash is done, I’ll be drybrushing in the same places. Then on to the last major colour: metal. Pikes and bases last.


    (1) Something that made me happy? Vi made me happy. I’ve been hobbling around on uncooperative ankles, endured long work days, 100-mile commutes, and have had a deadly flu all week. I’ve collapsed without eating every night, and Vi has done everything she could to keep me going.

    (2) Nostalgic yearning? I was retired until just after Christmas. Wish I still was.

    (3) Something unexpected? I’ll likely work all weekend. Our lawyer doesn’t work pro bono.

    (4) A good watch on tv? Nothing I can think of.

    (5) A tv show I dislike? All of them. They’re dumbed down nonsense.

    (6) Games products I really enjoyed? I’ve been fiddling with my Dreamforge Eisenkern models lately. Haven’t put them together, but I’ve been playing with org charts and such to come up with different types of units I.e. mountain, mech, light, cav, etc. They’re cheaper now, so will likely finish buying what I need to round out a combat team. I’ll also be picking up one of the APC’s for my flying column HQ. Expensive at $50 a throw, but it comes with 12 seated troopers I can use in other vehicles. That makes it a good deal!

    A bit of fun this morning:

    Music this morning:

    Time to paint till I get the call. Game on everyone! :-)