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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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Infinity Terrain Project Log (24 posts)

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  • Avatar Image soapdodger577p said 2 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Happy holidays! (when I started this)

    This will no doubt be another ongoing project of mine. I have a lot of materials and just need to find the time I am hoping to recreate the operation ice storm buildings first before moving on to some other buildings I have created as well.

    I love infinity. I have yet to do much past operation icestorm but I have about 30 – 40 games under my belt. I hope that as I start to expand my small part of the sphere that I also get more models bought and painted to fill it.

    I stepped on one of my card containers you get with the base set a few months ago and this then proved to me that I needed to upgrade the buildings. I liked the style of the original set, but I wanted something that wouldn’t move around when knocked as I tend to be drinking and get clumsy when playing.

    I started to look at the first two buildings the power hub and the container. Both are highly detailed card stock buildings. I was swithering in-between getting a laser cutter and a 3D printer at the time. A laser cutter won, so designed these with the tool in mind.

    The drawings took a bit of time I think I have shown these before. I have also since made further changes to how this is constructed. I have even made some mistakes when cutting / gluing due to the complexity and the number of components (over 80 in the container alone). A challenge was measuring off a 3d/2d object with shadows and the originals do not need work as a complete 3d object and only look great as a box. This has lead to inconsistencies in between my drawings and the art.

    I have also done the main management module, but I am not so far along and deleted my flat drawings of it somehow so now need to go back to drawing for that one.

    Current project:Infinity Terrain
  • Avatar Image soapdodger577p said 2 months, 3 weeks ago:

    I decided to use 2mm MDF, 1mm Card and 0.5mm card. The card is the type you would get from the back of a sketchbook and I can get it in large quantities. I did experiment using plastics for this. Styrine was too soft and left a very bad finish from the laser and the small components did not come out and while acrylic was superior in almost every way it also cost about 100 times the price.

    I had to mess with my laser cutter being the cheapest one you can buy it also seems like the hardest to use. The software is poor and it is the most inconsistent tool I own. This involves propping up the material due to the lack of a raised bed as well as changing the mirror alignment now and again. I did do its job though. If you got one and thought, you could just click print you would be disappointed.

    After about 40 minutes of cutting, watching and waiting for a fire I hope never came you get 100’s of bits. I got very excited at seeing something virtual take physical form and couldn’t wait until I assembled the first one.

    In my rush (still takes 3 hours to assemble) I made a few mistakes which the layers of how this is assembled but didn’t realise until the last step. I went back and corrected some of it and went again. I have yet to assemble one of the power hubs properly (out of 2).

    I also found out on the laser cut handles they are to accurate for paper and need to cut them down little to fit in the holes. All of this is experimentation.

    Here is where I am at just now. I think I need to do another 2 and assemble slowly and pay attention. I also need to decide if I want to go further with the detail to match the original or try and do that with paint. Let me know what you think.

    More to come as I get more time. I hope to post more pictures and less text in the following posts. If you have any feedback or you see something I am making hard for myself with no visual benefit let me know! This is fluid and I am just doing this to learn the process, when I come do my own stuff I can design using this experience and your feedback to get better.

  • Avatar Image seldon91857p said 2 months, 3 weeks ago:

    This is officially ace.

  • Avatar Image qmpsjj108p said 2 months, 3 weeks ago:

    They look awesome already. Maybe paint one or two and see which parts of the details would be easier lazer cut. The one that stands out for me is the writing. I cannot paint neat writing to save my life.

  • Avatar Image soapdodger577p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    @seldon9 thanks!
    @qmpsjj I took your advice and started to paint one learned a lot, cheers! Lettering shouldn’t be an issue I will be using a combination of home made stencils and transfers though the small details will be near impossible.

    As I said above I took @qmpsjj ‘s advice and started to paint one. This one was not pictures before it was the first attempt before I learned to build it. I did intend to put this in the bin and will still probably will do. If you compare this to the other one I pictured above you might see why. (Hint, the cut order has not been done right and this lead to ill fitting pieces)

    I started by doing a zenith over both a container and a power hub.

    I then had to mix some blue greys up to airbrush the entire model. This went from light at the top and darker at the bottom. After this I went in and block coloured all of the components. I learned a little bit about how to build this.

    While handling the model parts the extremely thin 0.5mm card sheared off. this happened on one corner. I need to remember to glue this down completely to avoid this even at the expense of looking neat.

    I should think about doing all of the orange / light coloured components in parts and attaching after painting. I can already see this is going to be a nightmare. In the interests of science I am going to continue to paint this and see if I can get away with it.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention the rough patch you can see in some areas. The first model I thought I could get away with sanding card. The pictures proves I cant. I also cant on the top cut off pieces I stuck down incorrectly as this also effects the finish.

    I have also seen that I cant create the same textures easily in the case of the roof I can approximate it or create new techniques to do it. I think I have decided to accept the differences as it does not have to be an exact copy (and never can be).

    I wish that I could 3D print the smaller components and in turn make them more detailed. Though this is on the list of things to get it creates a new learning curve. I will need to think carefully to see if I should build everything I plan if I am only going to go back to it when I can make better smaller components)

    This is letting me know timescales while I can afford to make mistakes and not care to much. A worth while exercise if ever I have seen one.

  • Avatar Image georgesealy402p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    So much fun, I wish I had a laser cutter! Still I have a 3d printer (currently in need of repair), and I know your pain when it comes to figuring out what is and isn’t possible, and how to get best results. Thank you for taking us through this process!

  • Avatar Image emptynessisform1123p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    you need to start selling those. if this is just the beginning i can’t wait to see where you take it.

  • Avatar Image soapdodger577p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Thanks @georgesealy I think the same fight tool for the right job and everything has it’s limitations. Keep thinking of putting this project on hold until I get a 3D printer but I don’t know how much more it would add possibly just complexity. Pushing the boat out for the limits of the laser cutter is the clasps for the side vents and the handles anything more and I think it would be to much.

    @emptynessisform, I cant. The rights for these are firmly with Corvus Belli and this is just a fan creation. I do wish a company would make these. I think I would rather assemble this as a pre done kit than make them from scratch but in for a penny in for a pound.

    Made some progress this weekend. Not masses but again learned a lot about the making of the building.

    I decided to try and do an additive masking job on the model I maked everything I wanted to keep blue and gray and then sprayed adding further layers of masking after each colour of paint until the full thing was maked and the black for the hazard stripes and the red stripe was left. This worked ok but reinforced the need to component build this.

    I could have spent more time with the masking but a lot of it was made quite difficult and also the sides of the colours I could nit get into properly with the airbrush. I am also way off with the colours of the brighter sections. I will need to get paint for this to stop me having to mix paints.

    I then went in and tidied up everything done some hard edge highlighting which I am unsure about. Again due to the model being fully constructed I feel like I am going to have to paint this as components to make this easier. I also chose an orange that was way to bright for the steps I should have added some pale grey into this to desaturate this.

    I was then thinking about the lettering and how I would do this. I was going to use transfers but I cant do white on my home printer. Yellow may show to much blue from the background so I think I will have to do a combinations of laser cut and transfers.

    I should have put more thought into this I was watching “Drunkcast Year WAYPN end of 2017″ and I think I got drunk from watching it. For the numbers I glued the 3 upside down and had to cut it off and cut another. and they are not all at the right height. Also on the power hub it looks like the Hollywood sign after and earthquake. I may need to make up a gluing template because you cant mess up text as it draws attention.

    Next up is transfers and then weathering and some OSL for the lights. Then I start the containers and then back to the drawing board and make some more with the improvements / lessons learned from this.

  • Avatar Image rasmus4650p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Great stuff, to keep the decals in line could you do each word as 1 or would that be too large ?

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  • Avatar Image nakchak4583p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Very nice!
    For transfers could you not laser cut some templates, and sponge/spray the wording?

    Been going through a similar learning curve with my new toy a desktop vinyl cutter, which happens to be able to cut .25 and .5mm plasticard as well as frisket and card, wish it could handle thicker plastic as its a bugger laminating several layers to get a structural wall, currently thinking mdf with styrene details is the way to go, just need the laser now ;)

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  • Avatar Image limburger2135p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    That is a crazy amount of detail on such a little building in ’3D’.
    I wish I had both the hardware and skill to do something similar.

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  • Avatar Image zaknafein549p said 2 months, 1 week ago:

    Wow. Great project.
    Can the 3d drawing you made be printed with a 3d printer??

  • Avatar Image margaretwoodard1p said 2 months, 1 week ago:

    I’m also interested in this, thanks for the information!

  • Avatar Image soapdodger577p said 2 months, 1 week ago:

    @rasmus the words on the side are 3D I could do this with decals but yellow does not show up right printed on a translucent sheet because the printer does not print white (you can see this better later). I can print up to A4 so size is not an issue. When I may end up doing is cutting a gluing template to keep the text in line. I need to remember that this is still only a test, so I can make the mistakes here and do a better job later.

    @nakchak I have seen some of your stuff, looks ace! Looked at a silhouette cutter and had to think a lot before going down the laser route. I do prefer the ability to cut thicker materials and that’s the only reason why I am this point. I tried out your suggestion and used the material left from cutting out “power hub” to do a test. I love it but I feel for infinity it’s graphically rich and I will so use this in the future on other projects I will struggle on trying to get crisp lines. Again, thanks never thought of doing this!

    @limburger thanks I want more detail though :) The hardware can be achieved through maker labs, they are found all over. You don’t need to have a laser cutter in your spare bedroom, but it helps. As for the skill that’s why I am doing this. I don’t have the skill yet, practice makes perfect (or at a minimum, improvement).

    @zaknafein5 I think I could make this into a solid piece, so it could be 3D printed, I am unsure at what would come out at the end of it with most of the 3D prints I have seen. I may try and print a section of it to see if this would be earlier when I get a 3d printer.

    @margaretwoodard my pleasure. This helps me continue and keep track of things that I have learned. Hope anyone trying anything similar may avoid a couple of the mistakes I have already made.

    Already too many words! (I need to type less) I have had a little more time today to make some progress.

    I done my transfers and got them stuck down. I did mess up a set of transfers as I used too much matt varnish through my airbrush and it started to crack. I then remember before I used gloss and didn’t have an issue. These were a light blue but after everything I done they look more like black than anything. I don’t think I will be able to match the blue from the base. I am coming to the realization that I can re-create a picture and may have to distance this from the card buildings and make it my own. I also tried to photograph the panels on the card building and put them in here. This was met with mixed results as you can see.

    I want to weather the building and a container together as this step usually is messy and I always make to much of stuff e.g. washes. I chose this container to paint first (as it was the simplest). I think I will have to just no do the logo on the side. This makes me a little sad, but I can’t think of a way to do this justice.

    This is the first container I made again not pictured above. |I found out I needed to trim the handles instead of just forcing them into the holes they are in. This means that the handles are very much squished. I did however get a chance to try out printing components (hazard stripe section) and using masking tape to hold them down spray them and then glue them on. I think I will do this more in the future it took a fraction of the time of painting them in place.

    I feel everything is missing some texture, so this is the next step I think. I also need to get some 6mm led’s (not lit) for the domes for the top lights and something to use as lights on the sides. I think I will just cut these in next time. Again any suggestions or thoughts (including constructive criticism even on the tests) appreciated.

  • Avatar Image soapdodger577p said 2 months, 1 week ago:

    Been painting and texturing the container. Was going to do both the container and the power hub at the same time but was having a bit of fun with just painting the container. I made some hazard striped pieces for the top and cut out some square lights for inside the “impact pillars” on the orders.

    I washed it then chipped it with three colours for rust and then done a little more washing and then done OSL on the lights. A varnish and then finally some pigment powders. I didn’t take any progress shots as I was having quite a bit of fun.

    Finally not a ton of words. I feel I have embraced this is not going to be the same as the box. This is about as heavy as I want to weather this others should be lighter or different or even new. The test container is complete. More to come!