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Is a spray booth necessary ? (14 posts)

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  • Avatar Image rusty14p said 11 months, 1 week ago:

    Hi guys, I’m thinking of getting an airbrush and compressor and wondered is a booth really needed ?
    I realise if I was spraying for hours regularly it probably would be, but the odd model now and then ?

  • Avatar Image trenne60p said 11 months, 1 week ago:

    If you’re spraying acrylics you can get away without one.
    I airbrush in my kitchen with a window open and the fan above the stowe running.
    But do wear a protective mask so you don’t suck down to much paint dust

  • Avatar Image craigwrdouglas528p said 11 months, 1 week ago:

    I have one which I setup over the draining board at the sink. This lets me spray indoors without worrying about clearing up a lot of mess afterwards.

    It’s essential for enamels (it has an extractor which vents out the window), useful for acrylics, not need for inks.

    mine will collapse back down, but I never do, I just leave it built up full of al the painting stuff and lift it away as is.

    A mask with a particulate filter is something that should be on your list – I’ve got one from 3m)

  • Avatar Image rusty14p said 11 months, 1 week ago:

    Cheers guys, ill be using exclusively acrylics so a cardboard box just to avoid overspray was what I was thinking.

  • Avatar Image onlyonepinman5398p said 11 months, 1 week ago:

    They are useful though, when you spray you find that there are often clouds of vapour that can spread and settle or even just obscure your view, a filter, as opposed to just a box, prevents that

  • Avatar Image inu53229p said 11 months, 1 week ago:

    Ditto what @craigwrdouglas said, get a mask and particulate filters (mine is 3m too! comfortable…for a mask). I’d imagine the aerosol is fine enough that even though acrylic isn’t exactly toxic it at the very least has to be a lung irritant or perhaps worse depending on volume.

  • Avatar Image rusty14p said 11 months ago:

    Ok thanks guys ill get a mask like you suggest.
    As I’m a total Newby to airbrushes iv been browsing and ill need airbrush cleaner and paint thinner too, any recommendations on what and where to get it. Also any tips to help me as I start out in airbrushing would be great, cheers all.

  • Avatar Image voidifremoved137p said 11 months ago:

    I have an airbrush, no spraybooth but I use a cardboard box for overspray (no spray booth due to space, valid desk locations and budget). That catches most of it, but I find that there’s still clouds of vapour after I’ve been using it for a while. It’s not harmful, but it does irritate your lungs a bit (so probably not ideal in the long run).

  • Avatar Image nakchak4583p said 11 months ago:

    Spraybooths are very much in the nice to have category (unlike a decent dust mask/rebreather which is essential). Even using a spraybooth you will find overspray outside of it, so a good lining of newspaper around and over your spray area is essential if you care about your work surfaces…

    As for thinners and cleaner, i swear by vallejo’s stuff, but if the brand of paint you are using has its own thinner in the range use that.

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  • Avatar Image inu53229p said 11 months ago:

    Best tip I can think of is that airbrushing is pretty frustrating when you begin but just keep at it and you’ll get a sense of when, how and how much cleaning your brush requires to avoid “why are you blocked?! I used a literal fine toothed comb to clean you!” and so on :)

    Also keep the tip clean, I wear powder-free latex gloves with a bit of a grip and I can usually (gently) just pinch the dried paint off; I keep a small shot glass of water and airbrush cleaner that I use with a soft toothbrush and cotton swabs if it’s being more stubborn or has gotten on the nozzle.

  • Avatar Image mwcannon513p said 11 months ago:

    For years I used a booth outdoors that was a cardboard box with the back cut out. I got an old heater filter and put in it and an old box fan to suck the air through the filter and catch the particulate stuff. Worked great!

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  • Avatar Image rusty14p said 11 months ago:

    Thanks again guys ill take it all on board and I’m looking forward to getting started, but I’m not getting it until June as that’s a five payday month enabling me to get a decent kit.
    Iv set my heart on a Harder and Steenbeck evolution 2 in 1 airbrush with a compressor kit as I don’t want to go cheap and be dissapointed with problems or results then needing to upgrade so going straight for a good one I think.
    Iv done a lot of browsing and this kit seems to come highly recommended, but again any input or help is much appreciated.

  • Avatar Image nakchak4583p said 11 months ago:

    H&s are brilliant and best of all parts compatible across models, so you can upgrade an evo to an infinity by buying the handle for an infinity and screwing it on.

    That said I would recommend the set Justin got for Christmas for a total novice as its cheap enough to write off if you cant or don’t get on with airbrushing, as a good quality h&s setup will cost 3 times what a cheap setup would and if you upgrade to h&s you already have a brush for varnishing/priming duties :)

  • Avatar Image nogginthenog1326p said 11 months ago:

    I’ve been using H&S airbrushes for a decade,my infinity is still going strong. In fact, if I started today the evo is the one I would buy too, I rarely, if ever, use the tension adjust and lock that the infinity has extra, and the evo sprays just as well.

    I would recommend Harder and Steenbeck above all others simply because they are so easy to take apart and clean. The higher end Iwata’s are incredible, but for actual use, Harder and Steenbeck are just easier to live with for those of us who paint a bit here and there and are not pros doing it every day.

    As for spray booths, I use one myself, but i do spray enamel based stuff including Alcad metallics, and you really need one for those. Just spraying acrylics, keep a window open to let the smell out, or use vallejo model air, they come with a perfume smell added to them these days, so they don’t stink! I would use a facemask though even for acrylics, just a cheap one will do.