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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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KYAGS, ya ’bas! (137 posts)

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  • Avatar Image unclejimmy7160p said 11 months ago:

    Mama told me when I was young, “Come sit beside me, my only son
    and listen closely to what I say, and if you do this it’ll help you some sunny day”

    Oh, take your time, don’t live too fast
    Troubles will come and they will pass
    You’ll find a woman and you’ll find love and don’t forget, son, there is someone up above

    And be a simple kind of man
    Oh, be something you love and understand and be a simple kind of man
    Oh, won’t you do this for me, son, if you can?

    Forget your lust for the rich man’s gold
    All that you need is in your soul
    And you can do this if you try
    All that I want for you, my son, is to be satisfied

    “And be a simple kind of man
    Oh, be something you love and understand
    Baby be a simple kind of man
    Oh, won’t you do this for me, son, if you can”

    Oh yes, I will

    Boy, don’t you worry, you’ll find yourself
    Follow your heart and nothing else, and you can do this, oh baby, if you try
    All that I want for you, my son, is to be satisfied

    And be a simple kind of man
    Oh, be something you love and understand, be a simple kind of man
    Oh, won’t you do this for me, son, if you can”
    Baby, be a simple kind of man


    What a lovely day it is. Sunny with just a little breeze and here I am, stuck in here just to amuse you! Anyhoo, it has taken me decades to cultivate my pale complexion, so why ruin it now?

    Hello minions, read everything before you start as we had another ‘one-night stander’ who rattled off some writers names, but clearly couldn’t read. Try as hard as you can. Everyone else – just bang the rocks together. This is not for the faint hearted and you have to work when you are here. Read other peoples post just in case you missed something from someone else.

    The idea is to make this like a gaming club where everyone chatters away. However, it requires a little effort, but is well worth it.

    First of all you must make “the pledge”. Anything gaming related will do, but evidence must be produced. Do more than one thing if you so desire. It doesn’t have to be finished – your pledge is just an indication and it is the journey that is more important. Remember, happiness is the road.

    If you don’t join-in then please don’t make any solo posts.

    You also have to answer some questions. It gets things going and we all get to learn a bit more about each other.

    1. i’ve asked this before, but give me some awesome opening lines to anything. Details would be good to. Been reading in the bath again…the book @cpauls1 wrote.

    2. best, or favourite, double-acts or duos.

    3. something this week you didn’t expect.

    4. tell me a person(s) who is/are underrated by people. Why?

    Accompany your busy-time with only the very best moozik. No headphones unless you are @nakchak and turn it up. Write us a playlist so we can discover new, or even old, stuff. No green day, muse, or wussy rock bands. No excuse. If you have any really good ‘live’ stuff then share it with us.

    Govan pub rules are in place: no religion, no politics. If it is naturally used to make a better point then that’s fine, but don’t take the piss or it’s the malkie for you.

    While you are here you are encouraged to whine, bitch, rant, boast, show-off, or drop your strides in protest. That is the whole point as you are discouraged from such things. Not here. No political correctness allowed in here. Find your ‘safe space’ somewhere else and grow-up. Failing that try a spoonful of cement and harden the fuck up! You don’t stand a chance ‘out there’ if you can’t hack it here.

    The above is not an excuse to be a dick (see below) and it is expected that you present yourself like a gentleman at all times.

    There is one immutable rule only. NO DICKS. Firms.

    So, you’ve read everything – get to it!

  • Avatar Image unclejimmy7160p said 11 months ago:

    …roll up. roll up!

  • Avatar Image irredeemable1377p said 11 months ago:

    Just sliced my finger open in work. I’ll participate when I get home. Hoping to get quite a bit done this weekend.

  • Avatar Image unclejimmy7160p said 11 months ago:

    @irredeemable – FIRST! I suppose it was my fault you cut yourself! Send me a pint…10pts.

    Ever drank blood before? Not your own either.

  • Avatar Image unclejimmy7160p said 11 months ago:

    Anyone decode this weeks title?

  • Avatar Image unclejimmy7160p said 11 months ago:

    @cpauls1 – I was just thinking about you…

    Mop, wipe, and repeat!

  • Avatar Image johnsocp128p said 11 months ago:

    It is time to post more regularly, this thread is actually fun….

    1. i’ve asked this before, but give me some awesome opening lines to anything. Details would be good to. Been reading in the bath again…the book @cpauls1 wrote.

    Ones I remember all my life:
    Call me Ishmal – Moby Dick
    Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your ears. – Julius Cesar (Mark Antony’s speech post the murder of Cesar) I always imagine people ripping off their ears and throwing them at Mark.

    2. best, or favourite, double-acts or duos.

    Oooo…Pen and Teller is a good one, I enjoy almost anything they do.
    One of my favorites is still the Albert and Costello skit Who’s on First
    Gilbert and Sullivan any of their movies/plays are great, Pirates of Penzance is my favorite.

    3. something this week you didn’t expect.

    I saw Ghost in the Shell this week and liked it. While the movie is almost a scene for scene remake of the original Anime movie, I liked that one too. If you do not like Anime or that movie you will probably not like the live action one.

    4. tell me a person(s) who is/are underrated by people. Why?

    J.K. Rowling & the lady whom runs the Wendy’s Twitter account (I saw an article that had her name I can’t readily find it). I know putting J.K. Rowling as underrated is a bit of a misnomer. They both are underrated because they are both amazing at making their point with sarcasm and wit in a world of U MAD BRO?

    Music I listened to this week:
    Still my favorite theme song to any show:

    Gaming pledge:
    Gonna paint something, the sister and her hubby are coming over for some board games Sunday evening.

  • Avatar Image biggabum2681p said 11 months ago:

    Yay I can see again. Five weeks for flippin Boots opticians to sort out my glasses and get the prescription right. Five weeks of not being able to paint, play, or read…flipping nightmare.

    Although couldnt read or reply to the posts could see the pics (albeit a it blurry) and fantastic work you guys, every one of you.

    Matty told me @unclejimmy was ill again so I;m glad he’s back and a big thanks to all the guys who took the UJWE on while he was incapacitated, (sorry that I was unable to support you)

    A big warm welcome to the new guys (Matty told me there were some new faces about) looking forward to seeing you work (clearly)

    Right pledge this week is not to break my glasses and get a game of something in. Probably Saga, but have a Malifaux urge too, so wioll be decided by putting everything we play into a hat (just the names not all the mini’s) and drawing one at random. We’ve decided that we will be doing this from now on so everything we play gets equal love doled on it.

    Musicwise I have been completely engrossed in Pink Floyd for the past couple of weeks, most notably Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall.

    Now some answers to the questions.

    1: It was late at night on the open road (Dont Pay the Ferryman- Chris de Burgh) One of my favourite songs of all time and in a round about way is probably the one that got me interested in Fantasy and Mythology as a youngling (a very roundabout way)

    2: Mmmm a toss up between Laurel and Hardy or Morecambe and Wise, I cant choose one to be my favourite. Both acts were just pure genius.

    3: A general Election (I know no politics but you did ask). I think the bigger surprise is that none of the Parties so far have hinted that they would hold a Second Brexit Referendum, could really put the cat among the pidgeons.

    4: There are loads, Nurses, Policemen, Armed Forces, Teachers. Its hard to pick one out of them without doing an injustice to the others.

    Well off to catch up with some of the chores I have had an excuse not to do for the past few weeks. Catch ya later guys.

  • Avatar Image unclejimmy7160p said 11 months ago:

    @johnsocp – “…you could be the one, she whispered, love is all you’ve ever wanted.” has just been playing. I missed muzix when I was down Ward C.

    Hello. What have you been up to this week?

    Moby Dick is my 2nd favourite book. 100pts. Some wonderful lines in that story. My favourite: ” Better sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian.” It’s true.

    Guess my favourite book and movie – impress me.

    Penn and Teller should have been pushed out of an airlock when they were on B5. 20pts. Jerry Sadowitz (magician, comedian, and psychopath) and his ‘other’ personality could chin them both.

    I’m waiting for a freudian slip – someone will say Siegfried and Roy! Those two have had more stiffs than fred wests’ back garden.

    Laurel and Hardy rule. The scene where they are at dinner and there is no food will be the one to kill me.

    G&S! Me too. 20pts.

    You mean you had to do some ‘pocket billiards’ in the cinema? Who hasn’t. 20pts.

    J.K.Rowling – oh yes, Rowling in all you’re cash. Trashy-trosh and not even good enough to be called a pot-boiler either. 20pts. Now you are going to tell me “they are for adults too”! Let’s use my time machine and drop her in 17th century new england – just for a giggle…10pts. Image this: [knock-knock] I’m looking for Harry Potter. “Who are you?”, squeeks Harry. My name is Matthew Hopkins…

    Oh, you have people coming over for board games. You didn’t invite me either!

    @biggabum – I was just mentioning you to @thedace as he lives down your way. See, when you were a teenager your mother told you it would make you go blind and this braille keyboard is awesome. 30pts.

    I wasn’t ‘ill’, but asked nicely if I would consent to some ‘quiet time’ down the basket weaving club. Had a bit of a ‘thing’, but feeling really good now they have reduced the dose. Heavy stuff, I had the thousand yard stare and a slack jaw. I would also posit that if you are not meant to have sex with drugged-up psychiatric patients then why is drool such a good lubricant?

    Still back once a week for a while and I get slow and tired, but nothing new there.

    Talking of medical things, how’s your chopper getting on?

    DSotM – 20pts. I have played ‘the final cut’ a few times this week. HAL is doing his thing tonight. Keeping it under 11 – it is the anniversary of Bob dying today and Heather has been out with her mum and sister. She was a bit upset this morning, but what else would she be?

    I don’t mind having to wear glasses to read, but you are done without them! Heather bought me one of those cords so they can go around my neck and I don’t forget where I put them down.

    Not a fan of CdB, but that is not a bad song. 20pts. Last night I heard this, “So here we are once more, in the playground of the broken hearts.” I thought I would ask.

    L&H and M&W were perfection as a duo. I would have severe doubts about someone’s soul if they didn’t laugh at them. I know about these things. 20pts.

    Didn’t that Thatcher-wannabe say a few weeks ago they wouldn’t be one until 2020? Perfect politicians – it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government wins. 10pts.

    No.4 – I never thought of that. True. I always stop police and have a chat if they are not busy. All the medical people who have looked after me are the best people in the world. I don’t think you could pay them enough. 100pts. I even chat to the ‘potted-plants’ when they are wandering about!

  • Avatar Image unclejimmy7160p said 11 months ago:


    I have been a busy boy today.

    Told you. This weekend I want to finish the rest of the storage things and we’ll take it from there.

  • Avatar Image unclejimmy7160p said 11 months ago:

    I have just realised I have to go and kick Dave right in the knackers…

  • Avatar Image unclejimmy7160p said 11 months ago:

    He’s at his girlfriends, it will have to wait until tomorrow!


    Perhaps something to listen too…

    Your move…

  • Avatar Image irredeemable1377p said 11 months ago:

    Lost the two hours after work to a fucking headache. Probably my system trying to battle off whatever local plague got in my cut finger earlier.

    Medication has finally kicked in though so I can look at a screen again.

    1. I think the opening line I most enjoyed recently was for ‘The Colour of Magic’ by Terry Pratchett. It’s the first book in the series and I intend on reading through every last one so it felt like a beginning to a proper undertaking.
    “In a Distant land and second-hand set of dimensions, in an astral plane that was never meant to fly, the curling star-mists waver and part…

    2. I think the only double act I’ve ever really got into was D’Unbelievables. Used to crack me up as a kid.

    3. The connecting bus I bought a ticket for not actually existing. Typical Bus Eireann, twats have messed me up with strikes for the last month and now they’re back they’re still managing to make my life difficult.

    4. Going local with this one. Tall John from Badreputation Ireland. One half of the duo behind almost every rock and metal gig in Limerick. Aside from turning the biannual Siege into a massive success and growing it every year, their stand alone gigs are getting bigger and better all the time. Never thought I’d see a band like Napalm Death play Dolan’s!

    Good looking scenery man. After my city board I want to go with something more open and organic looking. Been a while since I painted green.

    What kind of board games do you like to play? And what’s lined up on your paint desk?

    A warm welcome on your return to the land of the sighted! I hope you end up playing Malifaux as it’s a game I’d like to hear more of.

    Pledge for me this week is to work more on my two tanks and I also need to wash down the parts to my Knight Acheron. I also need to sort out the audio for Fireteam Zero. The game and the expansions all come with soundtracks and mission briefings. I want to put them on my computer so I can play them through Google Play on my phone. Only problem is my PC’s disc drive is borked so I have to put them onto a PS3 first.

    Playing songs at random all day today.

  • Avatar Image unclejimmy7160p said 11 months ago:

    Just used the BoW chatroom thing – awesome. Had a ‘morning’ natter with @cpauls1 and he told me about his mega-game and I can’t go.

    Soup time. Play nice until I get back.

    Yes, I have been pug-sitting!

    In training and left his rifle on his bunk…got to wear it for a week.

    I found a whole version!

  • Avatar Image unclejimmy7160p said 11 months ago:

    @irredeemable – thanks, but Dave ‘altered’ my trees and I only noticed when I posted it. Good job he is out tonight.