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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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lightsout1985’s project thread (150 posts)

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  • Avatar Image lightsout1985466p said 1 year ago:

    Starting my own thread as encouraged by the fine folk here. I’ll post the first few bits I’ve completed here followed by what I’m currently working on.

    After a 15+ year break, these are the first things I have painted; a group of skeletons for my necromancer character I will be playing in an upcoming D&D campaign, and some orcs to contribute to our group miniature box. The skeletons were my first project followed by the orcs.

    I am really pleased with how both have turned out. I was always a rubbish painter and never completed anything to this standard. They were always a mess. I never knew I had to thin my paints so that will tell you where I was at…..

    The skeletons looked really great, but then I tried to give them a coating with GW purity seal and I got the dread frost finish. I was so gutted. I’m still not quite sure what I did wrong and I frankly don’t want to touch the stuff now. However, I gave them a coat of water/ olive oil wash, let that dry in and dabbed off the excess which improved them greatly. I then gave them a coat of Army Painter anti-shine brush on matte varnish which improved them more so. They have been left with a slightly grainy finish from the frosting and they have unfortunately lost some detail (the blood effect on the spear tips and the corrosion effect on the brass armour used to really pop :( ). You can’t really notice during play though so I’m still happy with them. I’m chuffed with the bases. I had never used modelling rubs or shrubs before, and I think they turned out well. I used the Army Painter rocks and had to paint them up a bit which works ok. I actually left the misting on the shrubs as I think it looks cool. The main base was complete with GW Agrellan Badland, with a light wash of Earthshade and a light dry brushing of the yellow in the essentials set. Texture paints weren’t around when I started years ago, they are so cool!

    The orcs were my first ever foray into layering. They turned out ok I think. The group are really happy with them so that’s the most important thing I guess. There are a few bits where that are a touch sloppy but I’m still learning how to steady my hand and it will improve my practice. I’m a little disappointed with the bases for these. I had some old flock left over I decided to try and used some old glue which I didn’t realise was not the same as PVA (it was copy-dex). As a result, it started to go a bit weird and my shrubbery and rocks wouldn’t really stick (I ended up supergluing them). I expect this stuff will peel off, in which case I will do a quick base with a texture paint. I left the shields blank because; a.) I thought they looked good as they were b.) I didn’t want to ruin them trying to paint something on and spoiling it, and I didn’t have any transfers. Varnish was Army Painter brush on.

    I primed both sets with Army Painter bone primer which was recommended to me. Paints are GW but I’m absolutely open to trying others. Basing bits and varnish are Army Painter. Brushes are a combo of two GW starter brushes I had lying around and a cheap miniature painting set from Amazon which is already fraying.

  • Avatar Image lightsout1985466p said 1 year ago:

    I realise I haven’t posted the orcs. I will do so later as I have rapidly run out of time (along with what I am currently working on).

  • Avatar Image snowdog104p said 1 year ago:


  • Avatar Image lightsout1985466p said 1 year ago:

    Pictures of the orcs as promised (taken by a friend of mine).

  • Avatar Image lightsout1985466p said 1 year ago:

    Below is the ‘Beholder’ miniature I am currently working on to be part of our D&D monster box. I’m happy with how the flesh/ hide is turning out; it is what I had in my head and matches some artist illustrations. It may not show up much but I have done an initial light dry brushing which is starting to pull out the detail on the hide a little bit more. I want to work this more to make it ‘pop’ out.

    I’m a bit disappointed with how the wooden branches/ tendrils are turning out at the bottom. I think these are meant to be tendrils? They don’t appear in the original illustration so have obviously been sculpted in to give the impression it is floating. If I had the skill, I would probably in the future try to remove this and add one of those transparent plinths.

    One of the things I’ve learnt with this miniature is I should have just painted base layer over the eyestalks and add them in after. That would have ended up in a tidier job. But I think it will be ok. I’m dreading painting the eyeball so any tips would be much appreciated!

    I’ve also been working on this lich.I need to touch up some of the paint around the crown, but my next step is to add layers on to the cloak to really make them jump out.

  • Avatar Image querion1541p said 1 year ago:

    i like those skeletons, especially their shoulder armor, but how you painted their bones too.

    The orks are good work too, a nice bit of shading on their skin and their theeth are very nice too.
    Overall very neat and clean paintjobs on those, and the bases are very well done too, i like them.
    The shield with the metal rim looks really cool, that one is very well done. The others are fine too, but they really invite you to experiment a bit with freehanding … and as they’re orks you should not concern yourself with beeing tidy, and i don’t think you could spoil them. At least in my opinion orks would just splatter some symbols on them, something like a skill, but nothing neat … like i said they’re orks. And it could be a nice training for you. or you could just add some color to them to break them up a bit, like paint one half in another color, or 2 quartes of the shiel on oposing ends.

    i don’t say you should do it, they look fine as they are, but it would be an opportunity to just try out something or train your skills. If you fear you could ruin those shields maybe you’ve got some unused bases or other stuff, or just something to paint on to try our different styles and symbols for the shiels to see if you find something you like.

    But that’s just my 2 cents on it, i really like what you painted so far and you should be proud of yourself after that long break from the hobby. And the most important part: you like your results, and your friends seem to like them too :)

  • Avatar Image lightsout1985466p said 1 year ago:

    Hey @querion , thank you, that means a lot.

    That’s a really good point about the shields and orcs not being ‘tidy’. The miniatures were so cheap and fun to paint I may just pick up some more at some point and do just that :)

  • Avatar Image querion1541p said 1 year ago:

    oh and some other stuff right as i was writing that comment … soon to round 2 ;)

    i really like the skin of the Beholder, that is some nice work there, and i have to agree, those tendrils look a bit weird and are just there to keep him in the air. what you could try for those could be to paint them more like a flesh color or like they’Re muscles, so that it really looks like it’s part of his body floating beneath him. or maybe go for some blues or even purples or some spooky green to let it look like some kind of arcane energy that is just there. I’m really not sure how i would paint them to be honest.
    For the eyeball … well eyes are my absolute nemesis, but usually i paint smaller ones like this one, so maybe this will be fine. I guess i would go for a slitted pupil like a reptiles, and if you feel confident enough some small lines like the bloodvesels in the ey, but that would just be a bonus. The slitted pupil could be easier to paint because you just need to go up and down instead of forming a circle. and for color …hmmm … i would maybe choose something that is contrasting to the skin, so maybe green or blue. and if you feel up for it a layer of a brigther color in the middle of the pupil for a little bit of glow and depths, but that would be a bonus again.
    Just go for what your gut tells you, and maybe try some shapes on a piece of paper before you paint it in.

    And that lich is interesting, i’m looking forward to see it after you’ve done the layers. And so much cloth is a nice way of training yourself in layering and maybe some edge highlights on the ridges.

  • Avatar Image lightsout1985466p said 1 year ago:

    Thanks @querion . That’s a good idea re: tendrils, I may go with some blues and purples to make it look a bit weird and spooky. That would look cool.

    I actually think I have an old ping pong ball here somewhere so may have a go at painting some eyes on that.

    I’m hoping to get some time to do a bit more on one/ both of these this weekend so will post an update.

  • Avatar Image querion1541p said 1 year ago:

    i’m happy if i could help a little bit and i’m looking forward to see what you come up with :)

    And hey, if the orks were not too expansive and fun to paint thats a good excuse to get some more of them ;)

  • Avatar Image inu53248p said 1 year ago:

    Ahhh skeletons. First model I painted was a skeleton, they’re still fun to do today.

  • Avatar Image lightsout1985466p said 1 year ago:

    @inu53 great, aren’t they!? I really enjoyed painting them and will certainly leap at any chance I get to do more. Does anyone know of a good ‘dracolich’ miniature? I’d love to do one of those!

    So I’ve done a bit more on the beholder and the lich today. On the beholder, I’ve worked the drybrush (kindleflame) and little more on the hide and it has really helped to make the skin pop a bit more so I am pleased with that. I dry brushed the eyestalks a little bit more as in my head they would be a slightly lighter colour. I think it looks cool, what do you all think? I’ve also added a lighter layer across all of the eyes to make them come out a bit more. The mouth has had a base of screamer pink, followed by a red wash, followed by tongue receiving a layer of lighter pink. When I finished the tongue I didn’t take the brush from the miniature and dry brushed the area surrounding to help blend the two colours in a little. The mystery tendrils/ branches; I went for the weird gross look as I wasn’t happy with the wood effect. A very quick base of kandor blue, followed by a green wash then a green dry brush. Some of the brown is showing in between but it’s adding rather than detracting. I’m probably going to leave this bit as is now/ I think it will look better once the base starts to get painted.

    Next is the lich. I am really pleased with how this one is coming along at the moment. Today I have:
    - highlighted all bone
    - layered the red cloak and then experimented with some glaze to blend the colours a little more
    - layered the black cloak with progressively lighter greys and finished with a very light dry brushing of longbeard grey
    - messed up the wooden staff with a grey dry brushing, but correct this with a dry brushing of brown
    layered and dry brushed the brass armour

    My next plans are to potentially add some corrosion effect to the armour (to give the impression of advanced age for the lich), paint the eyes (red) and I’d like a jewel on his belt and back of his crown. Once that is down I will move on to the stones and base.

    I learnt today that I need to expand my palette of browns. Also, I’m not sure I’m doing my miniatures full justice with my poor photography skills (iPhone with flash on). Any tips?

    Also, thank you to everyone who advised me to upgrade my brushes. What a difference!

  • Avatar Image querion1541p said 1 year ago:

    Great work on both of those minis. I love the skin of the beholder ,you achieved a really cool looking effect on there. Also good idea to base color the eyes not with a pure white. And those tendrils look far better now in my opinion.

    Ón to the lich, i would say very good highlighting on both colors of the cloak there, the red really pops and you didn’t need to go into somethink lightly pink or orange, so good job! And the highlights on the black look very good to, i like them a lot.

    You can cope with few browns if you mix them a lot, most of the time i just use 2, sometimes 3…. but yeah grwoing your choices there surly helps ;)

    And yes, better brushes make a huge difference. When i started painting i used some brushes from GW and they were okay. From them i went on to Army Painter Brushes and that was an improvement … but i wasn’T prepared for the hufe difference Windsor & Newton made for me.

    For the photos, my frist and most important advice would be to just use a sheet of paper, some linen or something like that. It improves the look of the pictures a lot and makes watchers focus on the mini itself. And experiment a bit with different spots to take those pictures, where you have the best light source, either natural knight or lambs. That would be the easiest solution for a start. Later of course you could invest into a lightbox or try to cobble something together yourself.

  • Avatar Image inu53248p said 1 year ago:

    Yeah skeletons are sort of my not-so-guilty pleasure, I try to ration them though or they’d probably make up 3/4 of my painting. Reaper has some cool skeletal dragons plus this which I’d guess is a bit of a monster if it costs that much in their bones material. Really liking the beholder and of course I’m partial to the lich.

    For photos as querion mentioned a nice background, even just a sheet of paper, really helps. And if you have some white/near-daylight lamps or an area that gets great natural light try that over using the flash as they tend to be super harsh. I’d suggest you could use some parchment paper to diffuse the flash but on a phone it tends to be right on top of the lens. Also, if you aren’t, brace your arms on the table and turn yourself into a makeshift tripod.

  • Avatar Image lightsout1985466p said 1 year ago:

    Continued work on the beholder and lich today. So for the beholder, I have touched up the eye stalks a little, touched up the weird tendril things, painted the rock and based with ‘Agrellan Badland’.

    For the lich, I have painted the eyes, the stone and then based with AB again.

    I’ve tried to make a quick little set up with the back of my desk mat and a piece of paper for the photos. I’ve avoided the flash and tried to reflect some natural light onto them so hope they look a bit less ‘dazzled’.

    Once the AB has dried, I’ll fill in any bits that are too thin, let that dry again, and then perhaps a quick brown wash followed by a drybrush. Just realised I need to highlight the bones on the lich’s staff but that’s a quick job. Need to figure a way to do the gems on the lich. I will add a little bit of a corrosion effect to his armour as well to give an aged effect but only a little bit around the odd joint. I was going to stipple the base of the cloak to make it look like it had dragged through the mud but I’m not so sure.

    I really need to practice the beholders eye!