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Making mixed lava bases for Massive Darkness (13 posts)

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  • Avatar Image caladors5412p said 6 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Making mixed lava bases for Massive Darkness

     photo DSC01374.jpg

    Often you will see me on WAYPN talking about the importance of three up in bases just as you would have in miniatures with colour. The reason that I always talk about this because are not trying for realism but verisimilitude, the feeling of realism, it could be quite fine to have base with nothing but sand and have it be realistic. However, that doesn’t look very good, because we map this person as being part of a larger environment and when we look at the base we look for that environment.

    So I have been looking at my Massive Darkness models and the first thing I noticed was that they are all fused to their bases. So, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for using a lot of the usual methods I have for basing. So I thought about what is the flattest basing I have done that looks really good.


    But I thought to myself lava is only there some of the time in the massive darkness game so I wanted to try and give a bit more depth to the model rather than have it be the normal lava base.
    So Going forward I thought I would show you some of my method for making a lava base. The only difference between mind and the traditional lava base is that most lava bases are done in black.

    So first we start with the lava!
    This stage is pretty fun actually.

     photo DSC01352.jpg

    I did two coats of Avalon sunset I believe the GW paint is called but all you need is a warm deep yellow.

    After this.

     photo DSC01353.jpg

    A coat of troll slayer orange, what you want is a very intense yellow mixed orange one that hits high peaks with it intensity, the brand isn’t the main thing.
    You do these uneven patterns because this is going to simulate the idea of lava under the base

     photo DSC01354.jpg

    Then I used a cold flat yellow, I believe here it was the old GW paint that was replaced by flash gitz
    This made rivers of yellow with the river of yellow

     photo DSC01355.jpg

    After this I mixed a white with the yellow to bring it up a bit and touched up certain areas to give a greater degree of intensity and so the contrast wouldn’t blindingly distinct here.

     photo DSC01356.jpg

    That pervious step is done mainly for this one where you hit certain areas with pure white to give a greater degree of intensity to the lava in the yellow areas.

     photo DSC01357.jpg

    After this I mixed the troll slayer orange with the white to get a more vibrant high colour and dabbed that in areas to give the orange more depth

     photo DSC01358.jpg

    After this I mixed the orange with a warm deep red to give yet another layer of depth to the lava.

     photo DSC01359.jpg

    I layered the white touched orange over that to give it a more natural look.

     photo DSC01360.jpg

    I then painted it a very thin coat of the base colour to help blend it together

     photo DSC01361.jpg

    As this is an experiment this is where it leaves the usual tutorial section, this is where you would usually paint on a tone of Martian earth the cracking agent for the lava and then paint that black as it dried, but this is an experiment so I use some astrogrante and astrogrante debris to see how they went.

    Spoiler use the astrograne debris for best results.

     photo DSC01362.jpg

    After this I used Martian earth as you would with usual. The cracking agent it is good to use the red based cracking agent because if you miss some when you colour it, it still looks natural.

     photo DSC01363.jpg

    After this I dried with a heat gun and then I got Mechanicus Grey for a colour that matches the other debris, and I am using the air brand for a reason.

    So here is the important part if you want to do regular lava base you will not paint it mechancius grey but instead black.

    HOWEVER! I still recommend using an air colour, the reason for this is two fold. The first reason is that it is thinner allowing you to paint over it, Dunken of Warhammer painting does a method similar to this with less steps with the lava, but he mixes it with null oil, this step is time consuming and does not give the best the result. The second reason is that the air paints have a higher amount of pigment particles inside them so it has much better coverage, so it doubly good. If your doing lava bases your already forking out the extra for the technical paint just by the air paint and swallow your pride and you will be glad you did.

     photo DSC01364.jpg

    Painted grey! Over the top of the tacky martian earth

     photo DSC01365.jpg

    Next I washed some egg shells and we saw some progress on the cracking!
    Why did I get egg shells well you will soon see. That is for the second lot of the bases this is an experiment after all!

     photo DSC01366.jpg

    I believe that time under the heat gun negatively effected the Astrogrante making it not come out as rough as it normally would. If I were to do this again which I may I would start with martian earth, rather than the astrogrante and avoid using the heat gun on it.

     photo DSC01367.jpg

    With the egg shells painted with their second coat I put on astrogrante debris on one of the eggs. Once again I think my lack of patents caused a problem making it so that heat gun negatively effected it.

    Next time I will not be so hasty.

     photo DSC01368.jpg

    Finally I put a layer of astrogrante debris on the regular area as it wasn’t looking as crash hot.
    And then a coat of pva and smashing the eggs on the base to try and give the appearance of larger bits of dried lava.

    and that is what I have finished up to tonight!

    Stay tuned for more!

  • Avatar Image caladors5412p said 6 months, 2 weeks ago:

    And after a drybrush of light grey and just a less drybrush to hit the peaks here is what she looks like done up

     photo DSC01370.jpg

    Lets see how other ones go I will have to let them dry first :D

  • Avatar Image orlandothetechnicoloured154p said 6 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Lord of contagion and my conversion Belguur the Infested

  • Avatar Image caladors5412p said 6 months, 2 weeks ago:

    @orlandothetechnicoloured cool…
    Something your going to try out with the lava base techique?

  • Avatar Image fishman1506p said 6 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Lovely bases @caladors

  • Avatar Image caladors5412p said 6 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Thanks man as soon as my was dries the others are coming up :D

  • Avatar Image caladors5412p said 6 months, 2 weeks ago:

     photo DSC01371.jpg

    After spreading astrogrante on the eggshells that had nothing we were ready to go

     photo DSC01372.jpg

    One of the lessons learned is that time is of the essence which I already knew but I took a better approach this time, doing each one separately drying it to tacky and then using painting over the top.

     photo DSC01373.jpg

    Here is them after wash and drybrush

    and here is them together!!!

     photo DSC01374.jpg

    So here is what I learned…

    The astrogrante has a really adverse reaction to heat guns, so if it is to be done it, let it dry first naturally.

    Moisture is your enemy! It will be harder to have things work out if it takes for every to dry out.

    The egg shell technique gives you a very shine lava.

    Egg shells well only be useful for very large bases.

    Time is your biggest enemy!

    Alright everyone have a good one and I hope this has been useful!

  • Avatar Image lawnor1201p said 6 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Nice. Printed to PDF and stored with my painting guides for use later.

  • Avatar Image caladors5412p said 6 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I am glad you liked it :D soon we will see it in action on a mini!

    it seems like such a small area since dealing with these larger bases. Can you show me what the PDF looks like?! I never thought it would go into something like that :D
    Do you have PDFs of your stuff from WAYPN?! that would be awesome :D

  • Avatar Image sniperbait75p said 6 months, 2 weeks ago:

    It wasn’t till the last, finished bases that I liked them. To start with I thought “humm, not sure about these” but you obviously had a plan and vision and the finished bases are cracking (no pun intended).

    I pretty much always remove the bases from figures, metal or plastic) as I hate it when the model looks like it’s sinking into the basing material. I glue a small piece of plasticard to the feet, then to the base and this gives a mm or so to bring the level up some.

    How will you deal with the Massive Darkness figures, paint around the feet or remove the plastic bases and re-attach to these fantastic ones?

  • Avatar Image lawnor1201p said 6 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I have a program called bullzip pdf printer. I just printed that page of the forum to a pdf file. There can be a lot of extra nonsense in there, but it retains text and images safely together wether or note the forum stays as it is. I do this now and again when I find guides online or someone posts something useful in WAYPAN (Like richbuilds rusty ship guide and the conversation on making transfers). I haven’t kept PDFs of my WAYPN stuff, but I keep all my final pics on my FB account.

    Here’s a link to the file. it ain’t fancy, but its a useful record for later:

  • Avatar Image orlandothetechnicoloured154p said 6 months, 2 weeks ago:

    @caladors said:
    @orlandothetechnicoloured cool…
    Something your going to try out with the lava base techique?

    I’ll try out the basing technique, I might well use it for my massive darkness too, but not these guys (not sure how that photo ended up here it was meant to be in the hobby night live thread?)

  • Avatar Image caladors5412p said 6 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Maybe I should add the finished product to the start of the thread? I did after reading your post.
    I hope the next series of pictures answer your question I feel that cutting them off would do more harm than good for larger models I will simply have less astrogrante around their feet so it looks like their on a specific spot.

    And I am sorry to tell you this, but you are not the first person to making the cracking post pun…
    I know but you will have to deal with this loss I am here to help you.

    It looks really good I see what you mean about the extra nonsense but still it looks really good and I am glad my guide in it looks like an actual guide rather than just some spoonfeed non-sense.

    That’s cool man ha ha ha :D
    I thought that was the case but I was just so confused when I saw it… I was like… but why?
    ha ha ha

    I am still glad it got you to have a read of it, check it on this massive darkness mini and make the choice for yourself if you like it :D

     photo DSC01376.jpg

    So here is the first test! I only have one Massive Darkness Mini fully done up and it wasn’t done up properly because I didn’t reference it from its more detailed card artwork but instead I referenced it from the box artwork!

    So this is just, the base lava going through all the steps!

     photo DSC01377.jpg

    The cracking Martian earth, with the mechanicus grey painted over the top.

     photo DSC01378.jpg

    adding the astrogranate at this step so they can both dry naturally.

    And a few hours later…

     photo DSC01379.jpg

     photo DSC01380.jpg

    After adding a wash and a drybrush it is finished!
    Though I may add another coat of black around the rim of the base… but then yeah finished

    What do you think guys have I found a technique that can be used for massive darkness?