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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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Shades of Spring. Veg Boxes! (13 posts)

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  • Avatar Image collins161p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Moving on from my Zombie Shower and with the impending release of the second wave of The Walking Dead: All Out War which takes us to the prison I have decided to do some more themed bits for my zombie survival!

    People have to keep clean but people have to eat first! Having spent my winnings on a wonderful house from 4Ground i have decided to turn my attention to making some garden decorations to go with the zombie shower. first up is the vegetable garden which shall take the form of raised beds! inspiration is taken from Hersal’s sudo-farm at the prison in TWD just not a whole field/exercise yard.

    My tester is currently in some form of drying phase but as soon as it is done i’ll be bashing out another 2 or 3 and photographing the build for you!

    The tools/materials I anticipate using are:
    Coffee Stirrers (still loads left over from the shower!)
    extra long matches
    DAS modelling clay
    modelling clippers
    metal ruler
    flock, clump foliage, etc
    various paints and washes, maybe quickshade

    i’ll do a complete list at the end with pictures of course!

  • Avatar Image collins161p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Here we are, my first tester has completed.

    I went for a set of bean plants, or for those that prefer, grape or hop vines

    I am reasonably happy with them but I may think of ways to improve them, esp the soil, looks a little too…..drybrushed…

    anyway, I’m now making another couple and am going to document these for this project. more to come!

  • Avatar Image lancorz1211p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Big fan of raw peas off the plants myself :P

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  • Avatar Image inu53229p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Looks really good! The soil sort of looks freshly soaked but I bet there’s a type of flock in one of the train ranges that might get it more of a dry look; although I think it looks kinda cool as is.

  • Avatar Image avernos1773p said 10 months ago:

    looks great, the best way to avoid glossy dryrbushed looking mud is through pigments, worth looking into them generally if they’re not something you’ve used before. If you’ve any questions ping them here and I’ll try to help

    “Daemons and Shit!” -BoW Lloyd 2017

    Sophia Lives!!!

  • Avatar Image collins161p said 10 months ago:

    @lancorz peas is a good idea, now would they be the ones that grow up poles or the old English variant of field pea which just sits like a bush on the ground? so many types of veg to go with this little idea!

    @inu53 thanks I’ll go check it out. I was considering using tea leaves or oregano or something too, what do you think?

    @avernos thanks pal, pigments you say? I’ve never really heard of them or seen them, how do they work? any tips would be appreciated, I’m really still farting about at this terrain making and have no real skill in my opinion. managed to cut myself tonight farting about too just to prove it lol

  • Avatar Image collins161p said 10 months ago:

    so another night of hobby passes and some more is complete!

    To start this little ‘guide’ off I’ll mention the kit I’ve been using.

    modelling clippers (wire cutters will do)
    scalpel with fresh blades
    cutting mat (so the mrs doesn’t murder me for damaging the table)
    metal ruler

    the consumables I’ve been using so far are
    coffee stirrers (liberated for free with permission of my local costa)
    Bryant may extra long matches (£1 a pack from any supermarket, remember guys, fire is hot!)
    DAS modelling clay (from the works, range, b&m £4)
    gorilla superglue (the thick kind, £2.50 for a big bottle, like 10-15g from supermarket)

    The first thing I did was arbitrarily decide a length to cut the coffee stirrers down to (see pic). I also snipped off the rounded edges as they are not required for this. I then snipped the matches up into lengths slightly longer that the height of two coffee stirrers side by side.

    I then superglued the whole lot together in stages, the first was the long walls in this fashion (see pic below). once that was dry I added the short walls too. they were somewhat trickier as I had to keep pressure on them, not glue my hands together and keep an eye on last weeks weekender onscreen. who knew terrain making was multitasking? I feel like some form of super human!

    after that I added in a bit of DAS modelling clay into the void to fill it up and hopefully give it some structure. Now a note of this DAS clay. I found it in two colours, white and brown and for the life of me I have no idea why the heck I bought it in white! it makes the whole process slower as I have to do a more thorough job of base coating it once dry! please think about what colour you’re going to want, perhaps brown is better for you! I used a plastic shaper/scraper thingy to give it a rough and uneven texture, more so than my test piece as I wanted to see what would happen and how it would look. I then left the whole lot overnight to dry.

    The following day I came back to the veg boxes and found that the DAS had shrunk down and withdrawn somewhat from the wooden walls it was previous pushing on. this is a little annoying but I recon once they’re done and painted properly it will hardly be noticeable. if it is, I’ll bodge it somehow. I then gave the DAS a base coat of black paint. any cheap stuff will do but my citadel abandon black was closest so I used that. use cheaper paint though if doing lots of these!

  • Avatar Image collins161p said 9 months ago:

    So I forgot about this little project and had been concentrating on my imperial assault! sorry about the lack of updates!

    the final stages of this rather simple build were to add a little stirland mud texture paint (if you don’t have any of this product just add a little sand to some brown paint) then I covered all the wood in soft tone quickshade. once that has dried I PVA’d on some clump foilage I had left over from the Zombie Shower

    below are the final products I used for this build. as you can see they are limited and reasonably easy to get hold of.

  • Avatar Image collins161p said 9 months ago:

    And now some gratuitous mocked up game shots. Looks like Negan is gonna bash some skulls in!

    (bonus bragging: the building is a 4ground house that I got with my winnings from the zombie shower next to it. that was a nice easy kit to put together and I think 4ground did a great job on it. thanks guys!)

  • Avatar Image soapdodger574p said 9 months ago:

    These look amazing. Reminds me of the same raised beds I used to do on an allotment as a kid. Simple effective and adds loads of character!

    Current project:Infinity Terrain
  • Avatar Image rayzryr859p said 9 months ago:

    Fantastic work, nice simple builds that could be used for loads of games :-)

    One day all the armies will be painted… one day.
  • Avatar Image inu53229p said 9 months ago:

    I was taking another browse through and noticed I’d missed a question, apologies! I don’t know much about using spices and such although I know many use them, I always worry they’d go off somehow. Sealing with PVA may solve it but potentially bring back the wet look.

    Now onto the comment I came to make, thumbs up! :) Those are awesome and seeing them on a setup table definitely has me nodding and saying yes, this would be please me if I got to play on it.

  • Avatar Image zorg3647p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    a fabulous looking table.