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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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The Time Has Come hobby weekender (66 posts)

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  • Avatar Image caladors5471p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    Well hopefully in a few weeks I will have a company… (not as in space marine company, but as Games-Workshop is a company) and soon after that hopefully I will have a script and a voice actor to put the trailer together most of the animation is done. More needs to be done for the books but we are getting close now :D

  • Avatar Image biggabum2681p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    Well thats a first, we planned our game of Blood Bowl for Saturday morning and actually got to play it on time.

    It was one helluva game too. I managed to hold Matty back in the first half, i dont think he remembered how hard it is to get through Dwarfs. They’re as tough as Orcs and have equal armour so whils he could still knock them down he stuggled to put any out of the game. My Troll Slayers used Dauntless and Frenzy to good effect managing to push one Black Orc Blocker off the field and pushing the ball carrier back a couple of times, just enough to ensure that there was no way he could score by the seventh turn. Still he came close.

    The second half I formed a box and slotted my Runner with the ball in the middle ready for the slow (short legs see) slog up the field. By the time my runner had made it to the halfway line, I thought that I had the game in the bag. Matty didnt make it easy for me, breaking up my formation and knocking the ball loose. I had a scare when his thrower went for the loose ball, but was lucky in that Matty’s thrower fumbled it (and he was out of re-rolls) and it ended up being caught by my other runner (this was really lucky as he was actually protected by an accidental box that had formed.) Making the most of it I managed to push upfield a little and then let my runner off the leash. He only just made it though and managed to score a touchdown in my last turn (again? same thing happened last week with the Human Team)

  • Avatar Image mage6042p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    Great game. Seems like it was a lot of fun. Fantastic pictures!

  • Avatar Image torros4253p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    Sadly this weekend is taken up by other stuff

  • Avatar Image biggabum2681p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    @mage had to do a bit of carefull cropping on the last one… Matty was being a little bit rude :-D

  • Avatar Image mage6042p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    Ah yes I see that now

    Its ok, I have had my coffee now

  • Avatar Image thedace712p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    Hey folks long time.
    I pledge to finish my Rune Golem for Runewars.
    Although he is not the most detailed model I do love the way he looks. I will put a few WiP pics below.
    I also need to base my “Clint Eastwood” Gremlin for Malifaux.
    A bit of good news
    I won the paint Nimue contest that Warcradle was running!
    Pic below
    So I got £50 of goodies from them. These all still need gluing so that is the third part of my pledge.
    Some sweet, sweet music

    (1) Do you play video games or are they just not your thing? Why/not?
    I do play video games but not that often. I will generally wait until they have been out for a bit and then pick them up cheap. I recently got Mortal Kombat XL and although its not bad, it made me want to play the original. All in all I think I enjoyed video gaming more in the era of the Mega Drive / SNES but maybe that was because I was younger.
    (2) When building a model, do you build in sub-assemblies or do you put it all together and hope for the best as far as paintability goes?
    I normally put it together before painting as once I have a model I can’t wait to get it to the table.
    (3) Terrain, vehicles or miniatures? What’s your thing? Why?
    Minis is my thing, Iv never really tried anything with terrain and vehicles are just a bit big when painting.
    (4) Fish or Bird? You could be a fish or a bird, would you rather swim or fly?
    Bird. Maybe a Goose, I could spend all day hissing at people. I go fishing a lot so not much for being a fish and getting caught.
    (5) 1 Pop/rock/music icon, 1 politician and 1 historical figure join you for a game night. Who are they, what game do you play and what would you talk about?
    Tom Morello, Al Gore and Sun Tzu . So Tom Morello because i’m a big fan and genuinely think the would have some interesting things to say, not to mention some great stories. Al Gore You don’t often see a politician putting himself out there to try and do some good without some kind of gain. Sun Tzu Could you imagine the bragging rights if I beat him at a strategy game! I would play Sun Tzu at a Tabletop Battlegame of some description.
    (6) Do you or do you not?
    I do not

    I look forward to having a read through the thread and catching up with you guys.

    @Thedace1 on twitter
  • Avatar Image mage6042p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    Hey @thedace your stuff is lookin good! How are you finding playing Rune Wars? Gonna get the demon faction? Or are they daemons… those red desert guys.

    Congratulations on the painting competition win! Awesome stuff. Loving the little Malifaux dude too.

  • Avatar Image mage6042p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    Im not sure why I chose this music or what type of mood I’m in. Might be subconcoius. Here goes. Enjoy. I’ve less than an hour left at work, then on home for some food, and my son might be in bed. Might get in some hobby and chill. Possibly go for a walk

  • Avatar Image fishman1506p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    Well, after a severe lack of sleep due to Hobby Night Live starting at 6 am, I had a busy day with my son, he played in a YuGiOh tournament, came second and won a limited edition play mat.

    @biggabum Those lorikeets are coming out absolutely fantastically! Amazing stuff.

    The little droids are the ANDY series from Blind Beggar Miniatures. I got them on a kickstarter a few weeks ago. They are absolutely wonderful models. Blind Beggar are running another starter at the moment and I am tempted to get another set.

    Some great answers there. I particularly like Matty’s answer about the dice. You and I must have offended the same dice god.

    Sure fish are swimming in their toilet, but just think, when you drink a glass of water, fish have had sex in that…

    You never know if you never go, I like it.

    Looks like a nail biter on the football field! Nice to see Matty celebrating a well played touchdown with an orc salute. Great sportsmanship!

    EDIT- I read in your reply to @mage that Matty was just being rude. I thought he was saluting a great touchdown moment. Matty needs to show some respect to the stumpies!

    @caladors My son is a huge fan of Skyrim. I lose the computer every time he comes over so he can play his game. I have never played it, but love open world games. Red Dead Redemption was so good. Doom remains my favourite game. Like @thedace I have fond memories of gaming from back in the NES/SNES days. I still have my Nintendo64 and a stack of games, including both Zeldas, Mario Cart, Donkey Kong and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. I don’t know what happened to my SNES and all its games, I expect my ex took it when we got divorced, but I can’t remember :( She doesn’t have it now.

    That forest is awesome. It amazes me constantly that people put so much effort into painting an army and then are content to just play with rubbish for terrain. Sometimes in a pinch it is ok to play with a couple of books as hills, but if you have played for a while, there is no excuse not to have at least some nicely painted scatter terrain.

    do or do not, there is no try…

    Evasion is a legitimate tactic. Like grenade spam (never come near me if playing multi player on my team, grenades guaranteed). @biggabum I like the halo series, but have an issue with sticking myself with the plasma grenades. Every now and then, I will go to throw one and it hits a door way, or other obstacle, bounces back, stick to my face and I don’t even have time to think Oh crap! before my world is enveloped in a blue glow and I die. I have done it several times in each of the games…yeah, I know only a fool makes the same mistake…

    Those bases are absolutely awesome!

    @mage If I was to think of you as a bird pokemon it would be more like this fella:

    @torros A man’s sacred space in the world is the Throne of Reading. Here I come to sh*t and stink, yet I stay to sit and think…

    Love that rune Golem @thedace and as for that Gremlin with no name he is awesome! You have really capture the Clint Eastwood feel and that poncho is so well done!

    Congratulations on the win! Makes the loot all that much sweeter.

    Fishing, yeah! I spend alot of time fishing myself. Love it. These days it is mostly carp fishing because they are taking over everywhere. At least they are a good fighting fish and get quite large.

  • Avatar Image biggabum2681p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    @fishman that orc is exactly what I meant when I said the older miniatures had more character, I used to have a Night Goblin pulling the same gesture.

    Yes the Dice Gods are not kind to me, which is why I love Malifaux…come to think of it the Card Gods arn’t particularly fond of me either.

    I haven’t been fishing in years. I used to take Matty before the wife became ill. We did float fishing mainly, got a lot of Perch. Matty did get a small Carp (about a pound) on his pole once, he thought he had snagged the bottom, his face was a picture when he saw the fish just clip the surface. I think its the biggest thing we ever caught. :-D

    Finished the Lorikeets, not happy with them though, I’ll probably have another go at them after my op in September. I know the feathers look wrong in the pic but they actually look ok to the eye from normal viewing distance.

    @thedace hey mate glad to see you back. Loving the mini’s (as usual), really like Clint the Gremlin and congratulations on your win with Nimue, excellent work.

  • Avatar Image mage6042p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    Lorikeets looking good!

    My WIP dead shot

    View post on

  • Avatar Image biggabum2681p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    @mage excellent progress so far.

  • Avatar Image mage6042p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    Photos a little dark. Hopefully I’ll finish him tomorrow :) thanks

  • Avatar Image fishman1506p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    Looking solid @mage

    @caladors It is my sad duty to inform you that, after having reviewed last weeks thread, you are declared THE WINNER. I am sorry to inflict this upon you mate, I do like you, really. But someone has to take it, and for your solid effort on that guy discussion, your unfailing efforts to answer and address everyone and your overall engagement, it falls upon you to take up the burden and glow with the dubious pride (or it could just be radiation exposure) that comes with being the winner!