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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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The Time Has Come hobby weekender (66 posts)

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  • Avatar Image caladors5396p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    I know you have all been waiting in…

    So my real thought answers to these questions

    (1) Do you play video games or are they just not your thing? Why/not?


    Why? It depends on the game
    I have met real people and made real friends and more from Overwatch, the group dynamic and the necessity of team work is like nothing in real life, people can instantly see if you’re not pulling your weight. One pro put it this way, Overwatch is a game where 5 good players and one unco-operative player will lose to 6 average players. I love it. I love trying to carry, I love the complex problem solving I love the online shit posting we do in our chats, meming it up.

    The other reason is almost the complete opposite, I am currently playing Dragon Age Inquisition an old game now but it one where I have gotten all of the updates and everything realitively cheap during a Xbox sale, I think something like 16 dollars for the whole game including all the DLC.
    I have played it before but on 360. Anyway, here is a game with DEEP backstory and lore, take a look at the Quin the document that rules the Quinary that comes from some old school Greek city state philosopher, and as Tolkien said “I despise analogy in all of its forms, history, real or fictional, has applicability” He paused an awful lot in weird spots!

    (2) When building a model, do you build in sub-assemblies or do you put it all together and hope for the best as far as paintability goes?

    Ok so difficult, mood, and planning are the three major facots that effect this for me.
    I should have done more on my building this week! However, I have been lazy, this is the exact same with my building and painting of models. I put together the Chaplin that would be torn apart by the genestealers in the Death-Watch Overkill set, however, I have hastely constructed just as detailed models and painted them up in a mad frenzy . The tree guy you may know helped win my first armies on parade medal was done in an 18 hour frenzy of painting but he has been being assembled for some time but the reason I did was due to an extremely bad mood.

    While I can paint well if I am so inclined, it really depends on if I am in that mood, and if the model matches the mood. Some models have gotten paint jobs they don’t deserve, others have gotten paint jobs they don’t deserve..

    Sub-assembly is a pain the tookish so I avoid it where possible but if I want the best results that is often the way of doing it.

    (3) Terrain, vehicles or miniatures? What’s your thing? Why?


    I have painted far, far more models than I have ever painted vehicles or terrain. However, models are par for the course. Someone says to you check out this model it is amazing, your like cool you may check it out, if someone says this is the greatest model ever you will take a look, most likely, but if you don’t have time you just say sorry.
    If someone told you this is the greatest piece of terrain of all time, you would check it out. Why? Because that is not something you hear and you know when you hear that it is going to be something good! Something amazing!

    A good piece of terrain will do that, it will awe you.

    If I say imagine the greatest marine of all time, there he is with shining blue eyes, golden wavy hair, and his sterling blue roman armour reflects the marble palace his standing on. You just think of a primarch and it isn’t anything special you have seen a hundred before each painter trying to out do the other.


    If I say imagine autumn leaves falling, into a running stream, soft lights come from lamps glowing lighting the cobblestone path… I haven’t even finished describing that piece of terrain and you want to see it! You know you do! Why, because when terrain is done right it is done on a scale that puts most show painters to shame! To shame!!! Terrain is almost always more rewarding because people want to look at it more and it has a living and breathing quality that minis often lack.

    (4) Fish or Bird? You could be a fish or a bird, would you rather swim or fly?

    Fish are less evolved, Birds are the way to go, the least evolved bird is perhaps the Cassowary, a five foot to six foot bird that is basically a lone velociraptor from the Jurassic park movies. It eats fruit and it has a clawed hook that will can literally disembowel someone, people observing them carry RIOT SHIELDS!!!

    I could also talk about the relative intelligence and long life of birds compared to fish.
    A fish is often mindless compared to that of land dwelling cousins barely aware compared to even a rat. A bird even the lowest of them, have inbuilt air pressure sensation systems, have high levels of intelligence (and for those of you thinking about chickens right now you have never owned one let alone a group of them I have they are not stupid they just get caged).

    But just imagine being a mighty eagle what fish could compare?

    Stretching your wings out and feeling the air rush over your face as you felt G forces acting on you in away that only fighter pilots can imagine, diving down for that kill, your out stretched talons snatch, breaking and killing your prey in an instant, so fast that it is unable to be seen with the naked eye. Only cameras are able to capture you in your natural state, then soaring off, your heart beating in your ears as you see the world in ways that we can only imagine seeing the mountains bathed in ultraviolet light.

    Yeah, I will that ‘what does it feel like to be alive’ for 500 Barry.

    (5) 1 Pop/rock/music icon, 1 politician and 1 historical figure join you for a game night. Who are they, what game do you play and what would you talk about?


    No politics!
    I have an answer, but nope!

    Most pop rock icons would suck for a game night! But David Bowie or Prince, you know those guys would spin the hardcore tales they would buy into it whatever you’re doing, Why?! Because that is who they are they did everything all in, they didn’t do things by inches.

    Machiavelli, like honestly guys… imagine this guy running a game. GAME OF THRONE WOULD BE BORING!!!
    Have you guys read his text?! His next level he blows his contemporaries out of the water for years coming, not by year… no that was wrong centuries! Imagine you, Prince, *****, one of your mates, in a King Maker campaign run by Machiavelli.

    There would be think tanks which would pay good money to have access to just SEE what happens!

    (6) Do you or do you not?

    Most of the time I see this question it revolves around porn, so is this the question?!

    For those of you who want to know who the figure is, just watch this clip and if you smart you will figure it out. No giving the answer in public and all I will answer is yes or no if your right on it.

    @fishman in regards to your sad news

     photo DSC01374.jpg

    I will back with feedback after I do the WAYPN videos and such

  • Avatar Image thedace712p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    @fishman loving the little Goblin. Im toying with the idea of having an Ogor amy lead by a single goblin. This is mainly to do with point restrictions. My FLGS is having an Age of Sigmar event with a 700pt limit. I had worked out a great Ogor army but didn’t leave myself enough points for a general. I will post pics of the 2 list I have in mind to see what you guys think. Seriously nice carp there!
    @mage Runewars is great fun. Its all about predicting what your opponent is going to do in a particular while doing something unexpected yourself to throw them off. Very tactical, great system with the dials and templates.
    @caladors Them bases look awesome. I’m thinking of copying your technique for some of my Khorne bases.
    @biggabum That game of Blood Bowl looks great fun. I have been wanting to try the new edition for a while now. The teams are reasonably priced too.
    Thanks all for the kind words about my minis.

    @Thedace1 on twitter
  • Avatar Image thedace712p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    For your viewing pleasure I have just seen this online.

  • Avatar Image evilstu872p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    Hey All,

    Apologies for dropping off the radar last week – work ate my free time…

    @fishman thanks for hosting. Those robots are adorable.

    (1) Do you play video games or are they just not your thing? Why/not?

    I dip in to PC games on occasion (I have no patience for console controllers..). It’s good escapism but at the same time I am aware that they can be chronic time vampires, and I’d rather spend that time doing something productive usually (Just to clarify, I’m considering painting minis ‘something productive’ for the purposes of this response :) ) The games I do play I usually have ulterior motives, like stealing ideas for buildings and terrain pieces from the games designers.

    (2) When building a model, do you build in sub-assemblies or do you put it all together and hope for the best as far as paintability goes?

    Model would be sub-assemblies, miniatures the whole lot at once, except capes on nicer display type minis – those I do separately and affix later.

    (3) Terrain, vehicles or miniatures? What’s your thing? Why?

    Terrain. I think if I had been born 50 years earlier I’d probably have ended up being one of those model railway guys. While I appreciate the work and detail which goes into some of their displays I’m much happier being a gamer. We get to chuck dice and have minis charge around a tabletop rather than just watching the trains go round, which I personally think is way more fun. As to why, really not sure. scratchbuilding terrain is just good fun and relaxes me (could just be the PVA fumes now that I think about it… Hrmm…)

    (4) Fish or Bird? You could be a fish or a bird, would you rather swim or fly?

    Bird. Less likely to get eaten by sharks or octopi or any of the other crazy stuff that lives in the oceans. Went spearfishing on holidays many years ago. Genuinely had no idea how much stuff was out there not more than a few metres from the beach.

    (5) 1 Pop/rock/music icon, 1 politician and 1 historical figure join you for a game night. Who are they, what game do you play and what would you talk about?

    Really can’t see a scenario involving one person from each of those three categories doing anything but arguing. Which could be a game in itself I suppose. Trolling people by dinner party invitation? Could catch on. Sorry I really don’t have anything for this one…

    (6) Do you or do you not?

    Depende who’s watching…

    @mage what is your outstanding terrain project? Is it BMG related? Deadshot is coming along nicely. Just got around to watching Suicide Squad for the first time last week – Am I the only one who didn’t think it was terrible? Given the necessity of losing the first 30 minutes of the movie to setting the scene, filling out nearly a dozen character’s back-stories and building the threat I think it was actually a pretty good action movie. Just my .02…

    @biggabum nice birds! BB looks fun, great work on the minis too by the way.

    @caladors really good looking bases. Also, when you said in a few weeks you will have a company I thought that seemed like a lot of assembling and painting of minis for such a short period of time. OK, i’m slow… Best of luck :)

    @thedace congrats on the win! and really nice minis too. Can’t really help on the AoS lists, I’m still stubbornly clinging to 8th ed (Having been dragged kicking and screaming out of 7th ed only a few years back…), but I’d say go for the Ogors just for the fun and anarchy of the giant.

    No pledge this w/e :( Work and real life absorbed all available hours this week. I’ll pledge to come up with a proper pledge for next week instead (yeah, even I’m not buying that one…). :)

  • Avatar Image torros4125p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    For a bit more detail

  • Avatar Image thedace712p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    Fantastic stuff. Already trying to decide which gang to gar for. I had Orlocks many years ago. The redemptionists were also cool with their flamers.

  • Avatar Image caladors5396p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    @evilstu no like a proper company pty ltd

  • Avatar Image caladors5396p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    So awhile ago people were saying they couldn’t get into rap, so here are the songs I am going to use to fix up the gap left in the old piece from WAYPN Q3 Week 4 part 1 between 44:00 and the hour mark!

    But check this stuff out if your suss on rap I think changes and regulators are some of the best, but changes is definitely the best for understanding why rap is a genre deserving of interest.

    But I am going to put up another list soonish, which will probably be something a bit more generic

    How about these for the first hour?

  • Avatar Image torros4125p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    Ok So I get that Necromunda is coming back and another thread shows how excited people are for it coming back. Now I am using this as an example but if old games that people loved were so great why are they still not playing them? I am as guilty as the next gamer in regards to some games but I do wonder why it happens

  • Avatar Image caladors5396p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    Some people are… but mainly so many improvements have been made to so many other games and it is just simply that there wasn’t the support there for it, it became exceedingly difficult to do make a proper Necromunda hive board without the platicard buildings and the plastic hatches.

    ‘Shadow war’ terrain allows for all of that though excessively expensive at least for Australians, it gives options to people. Also minis get old there is a new shiny and then you get the label grognard, you want to do something fun and new because you want people to play with!!!

    All of that!!!

    That is why I would say why,
    If I was to Hazard a guess

    …well I am off to record WAYPN I got the fix for the old one done from last week where the sound cut out! now I have consumed enough caffeine to kill Tyrion Lannister. I should be good for the probs two hours it will take.

    See you back here then!

  • Avatar Image biggabum2658p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    @evilstu thanks.

    @thedace the BB Mini’s are pretty good value. My only gripe is trhat they are a slightly bigger scale than the old BB stuff (32mm scale me thinks) so the older stuff looks a little out when compared to the newer teams.

    @torros It’s actually a very good question and I had this discussion with a guy over on another forum a few years ago (although it was about Gorkamorka) and as far as I can deduce (yup as usual no facts to back this up), it’s down to support. Once we can’t get new miniatures or related stuff we move onto stuff that is supported. The only thing that points to this might be the case is the still strong support for Blood Bowl. Most of the other Specialist Games faded when they lost support, yet Blood Bowl has maintained a pretty healthy community. Why? Maybe because although GW stopped supporting the game you could still buy gear and Mini’s from other manufacturers. Well that’s the conclusion we came too anyway.

    ** Added after posting** @caladors posted while I was writing.

  • Avatar Image caladors5396p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    After a hell of a lot of paranoia, that is one hour down! With no sound issues… :/ hopefully.

    I know that feeling when you write something up and then you post and some guy has said something and your like ahhhh darn it.

  • Avatar Image biggabum2658p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    @caladors at the spped I type mate, it happens a lot :-D

  • Avatar Image mage5958p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    @thedace Runewars does have me curious. Not sure Ill ever take the jump though.

    @evilstu Outstanding terrain project is my citadel realm of battle board. Primed but thats about it. Needs a wash and a higlight. Got terrain that needs work: Citadel Wood and two Arcane Ruins. Need to get a little more terrain for some games as well as just finish all that preceeded it. I could do with more woods and a Baleful realmgate: all for AoS.

    I want to get a mat and some terrain for both Frostgrave and Batman. All in due time.

  • Avatar Image mage5958p said 6 months, 1 week ago:

    Heatwave, completed Friday:

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