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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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What Are You Painting Now? (WAYPN) (5757 posts)

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  • Avatar Image caladors5479p said 3 years ago:


    Hey guys I am just doing a quick edit, here, the original post will remain below always for context. However I put a little something together to try and make it easier for people to browse this thread.

    Test how to put up your pictures in this thread right here :D

    This is only a stop gap solution until I actually have free time to dedicate to it, the code behind it, if it works is actually a fair bit of mucking around so I hope this helps. Enjoy guys.

    P.S. I have something big coming :D
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    Hey all!

    Nice to meet you, I hope to see a lot of you here and posting a whole lot of stuff!
    This is a place to post, you guessed it, what you’re painting now! Some people want to show of their pride pieces, some people will want to show off their progress, and some people want someone to keep them honest keeping them on track with their hobbies. Meaning actual painting and not more building.

    There was thread here years ago, that 500 posts long, people of every skill level, system neutral, and a super encouraging community, I am hoping to restart that tradition right here, and like last time, I will be the sacrificial lamb and go first, you can’t get much worse than me so here is what I have been painting now!

    I have had a few projects going please also if your a big converting fan please take a look here also.

    So what I am currently working on is my Chapter Master/Company commander for the Lions of Caliban.

    I have just gotten up to base coats of higher area of his tabard/loin cloth? thing… and the same for his rope on his chest area. the cloak needs a little work but is pretty decent, and then I will put on his shoulder pads, and backpack. Also maybe his head, I am going try and make a hood for his head which is going to use a sanguinary guard bare head because they look very serene.

    Here is one of the guys I converted for my D&D players, it is a custom miniature for his character, he doesn’t know about it yet, shhh, I got more stuff coming for some of my other players, I hope he likes it.

    And finally I have about 40 of these guys like this, trying to get them up to this, the purple doesn’t show up real well in these pictures, but maybe if this thing kicks off like it did last time I will get a light box.

    Ok guy thank you SO much for taking a look now please!!! please, please! post up your stuff, encourage other people to do it as well, and give people feed back on what they put up! Share your techniques, what paints you used, and the love you put into your miniatures!

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards.

    Quick edit, here is the old thread!
    Lets get that kind of glory going again! I would really like to see the community as vibrant as it was back then!
    Our thousandth post, take a look, the community is everything to a forum and I hope that this will soon look like that one, in the near future.

  • Avatar Image wildchevy1522p said 3 years ago:

    Currently working on a test scheme for my Wrath of Kings Goritsi army.

  • Avatar Image dazlamb51p said 3 years ago:

    Painting freeriders for dropzone, to be more accurate I am just looking at them wondering what I need to do to finish them.

  • Avatar Image jay188994p said 3 years ago:

    Well I have nothing miniature wise to post up as I’ve been mostly kit-bashing Scythes of the Emperor marines and vehicles lately but I do have some bases to show that I’ll be using for them.

  • Avatar Image manpug3331p said 3 years ago:

    This is my dire troll I call Bleeding Gums Murphy due to him always losing the big fangs. I still need to do the base. Like my other models I don’t tend to stick with traditional colors :)
     photo 2015-03-21 08.17.36.jpg
     photo 2015-03-21 08.17.46.jpg
     photo 2015-03-21 08.18.02.jpg

    I’m starting to love kit bashing for Orks. It can be so much fun!
  • Avatar Image caladors5479p said 3 years ago:

    @wildchevy Awesome to see some of the old school still in action!
    Looks a lot like a hordes pureblood guy, sweet model can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    @dazlamb wow man I don’t think I could work on that scale of miniature it would bug me out. (you can decide on if pun is intentional or not) hope to see them done up soon.

    @jay188 Hey man I love basing and bases! don’t knock it, it adds a huge amount to the finished product, look at someone with a painted and unbased army and it looks just wrong. Just so wrong…
    Hope to see one of your iron marines on one of the bases soon!

    @manpug Good work man I love the contrast of the blue and orange nice use of colour, also making the armour a more neutral tone, really helps the over all feel of the model!
    Keep him without the tooth man, looks just as good!

    Alright I got him done up over the weekend, doing some other things in between, what do you think guys? I need to put a hood onto him, or should I not green that up? The gems didn’t show up too much I think… it’s been a long time since I was painting properly.


    Backside teh he

  • Avatar Image bellatoros10p said 3 years ago:

    @jay188- I’ll agree, those bases are fantastic! Might post some of my (unbased!!!) stuff…

    Who knew making a wargame was so hard?
  • Avatar Image wildchevy1522p said 3 years ago:

    Highlights on the armor and the fur. I want this guy to look like the stuff of nightmares and the reason we look over our shoulder when going down a dark alley.

  • Avatar Image sasapk44p said 3 years ago:

    So this is my first post to Beasts of war, having joined last night when I saw the link for this thread and thought it’d be a good place to show my new project. :D

    I’m just getting back into gaming again after a looooong time away, and always wanted to do a sort of ‘generic sci fi space police’ themed army, using or converting models that I liked from various ranges. It’s going to be a long project, but here’s where I’m up to now.

    You’ll see a bunch of Tau vehicles and drones, as I really like the curved hover style. The troops are a mix of Infinity Panoceania Neoterran bodies, pig iron productions system trooper heads and Tau shoulders & pulse carbines. There’s an infinity mech too, and my ‘titan’ equivalent is made from Tau devilfish parts + a disassembled old Macross Valkyrie toy among others!

    Much more mechs and troops to come..!

  • Avatar Image volten27p said 3 years ago:

    Cople of pics of ones I’ve just finished resonantly

    Air brushed on the greens so it’s lighter on the left side

    Got one of me sh Termes done just 11 more to go

    And the commander for my blood Angels force

    I have got some of what I’m going on to but there strangling to load

    tread softly and carry a big gun
  • Avatar Image number32760p said 3 years ago:

    looking good, i know I really struggled with Sanguinary guard the first time I tried painting them. I actually found the Blood Angels painting guide really helpful for some aspects on them.

    Check out my page showing my latest hobby progress – Click Here!
    Have a look at my last Beasts of War Article – Click Here!
  • Avatar Image sonofhorus198936p said 3 years ago:

    Hi there people. I’ve just joined Beasts of War so I’ll show you all what I’m currently working on. I’m by no means the best painter in the world but I’m very excited about giving this my best shot and I’d love to hear your feedback.

    I was lucky enough to get my hands on Smaug earlier this year (thanks to my girlfriend) and this is my progress so far.

    I’ve started with the base before attempting to paint the chiefest and greatest of calamities himself but even this has been a lot of fun and given me opportunities to experiment with different techniques such as the green marble effect I decided to use on the stone pillar and staircase.

    A lot of that was just guesswork with a little bit of YouTube research but I’m really happy with the final result

    I’ve also been working on the interior parts of a Chaos Land Raider.

    Admittedly this has been sidelined while I’ve been painting Smaug but I will get back onto it.

    Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my work. I hope you like it and I look forward to receiving any feedback/advice from you guys.

  • Avatar Image jayadan479p said 3 years ago:

    I actually just finished this:

    Daredevil by Jay Adan, on Flickr

    Jay Adan – Commission Miniatures Painter –
  • Avatar Image mech56p said 3 years ago:

    Hey guys, I’m new to the forum and new to wargamming
    I’ve started with 6mm “ultra-modern”, I’m currently working on my US infantry and mujaheddin warriors

    I’m not sure if I am going to wash and drybrush them, as they are too many too small, I don’t know if the extra effort would be worthy, or maybe would be too much

    I’d appreciate your input on this!

  • Avatar Image jayadan479p said 3 years ago:

    @mech said:
    I’m not sure if I am going to wash and drybrush them, as they are too many too small, I don’t know if the extra effort would be worthy, or maybe would be too much

    I’d appreciate your input on this!

    Only you can answer that. I think that the extra effort is always worth it, but you may not.