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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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What are you painting now?! 2018 (WAYPN) (695 posts)

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  • Avatar Image caladors5471p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Welcome to WAYPN

    This was the motto had on the last WAYPN front page with this front page I want to start with something different

    Always keep improving


    What is WAYPN?

    WAYPN is the acronym for ‘What are you painting now?’
    Usually said like WAY-pan usually in an overly dramatic fashion. It is a community hub on the beasts of war hobby forum, it is for hobby stuff you are painting now (I know very deceptive name).
    This means, works in progress, what you have just finished off, anything that is on the hobby table right NOW! However, it’s not just for miniature painting over the years, we have had a Rebel Alliance bike helmet painted up, a Megaman statue, Gundam mechas, and that is the more unusual stuff not mention hobby boards, building projects and everything else. Everyone is welcome here so long as they are doing one of three things, putting up hobby related stuff, commenting on people’s stuff constructively (you can give criticism just no being rude about it), and liking and watching :D

    What is WAYPN’s purpose?

    WAYPN is meant to be a hub for traffic, some people like to have e-mail links to certain threads, alerts for certain things, and other people need a constant stream of content, some people only have time to keep track of one thread, and if you only going to keep track of one, why not have it be the top one. Though, this just part of the job of WAYPN, the other is to be a launch point for peoples personal HOGs.

    What is a HOG?

    A HOG is a portmanteau of hobby log, which is what many threads in the hobby section are, hobby logs.

    What isn’t WAYPN for?

    WAYPN is a place for the beasts of war community to get together and celebrate its uniquely positive atmosphere, something which is difficult to find on a lot of the internet. So please don’t use it as only a showcase, show your models, especially if you a professional painter, if you wish to advertise on the website please contact the website administrators. That is not to say professional painters are not welcome just that you shouldn’t JUST show off your finished product. A lot of people look up to professional painters and put them on a pedestal, they think they can never paint like them. These people fail to consider or cannot consider the monumental amounts of work that goes into it. This is where the professional painters are the best showing the mounts of work they put into a piece.
    How to post in WAYPN

    Usually people just say whatever they want :) and put up things, but there are a few things to consider. Putting up your goals, what exactly it is your painting and the scale helps a lot. Say if you are trying to get 100 minis table top ready by the end of the week you’re going to have a lot different paint job from the guy wanting to enter his first painting compition, but WAYPN is a place for both of you. Also if your new to painting or getting back into it that is a great thing to put up people will give tips and feedback for what your putting up. But most of all post regualy and post often we want to see more hobby from you because want you painting :D

    Feedback please :D
    It has been shown in a number of journals that it isn’t the posting of a piece of material that feels good but the response to it, the more likes or comments someone gets on their post the better the feel about themselves. So post feedback for other people and you may get more yourself, and one of the most wonderful things is, that here in WAYPN feedback sometimes get’s more love than some of the best paint jobs :D

    And I always close out my posts like this


    Keep those brushes wet and I will see you later :D

  • Avatar Image aurorainbag643p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I’ll be finding pics of my progress later. Wanted to kick off with a dark Souls mini I painted during the stream. He went from almost nothing to this :) Good, productive (and very fun) stream :) .

    I’ll hopefully finish up the base during the week. Thanks for a great 2017 all.

  • Avatar Image dawfydd1290p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    No painting this weekend (issues with the leg again – yay…) but got a load of models built ready for paint – 1 10 man Devastator squad (not sure yet if they’ll be crimson fists or raptors…), a pack of Long Fangs, a 6-man pack of Grey Hunters, and a timely 5-man squad of Custodes:

    And in the spirit of “Keep Improving” these are some of the Catachans that I painted for my all-plastic, all-infantry army for the 2001 GT:

    These are going in Biostrip soon as I want to redo the whole army with some more modern additions, and to look more like Catachans, but here’s something a bit more recently painted for comparison:

  • Avatar Image blinky46556p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I’ve had these bad boys in a box for nearly thirty years. I was clearing out the loft, putting away the Xmas decorations and came across them.

    Painting time is going to be pretty limited for the next few weeks but hopefully you guys will give me the inspiration to make time when possible to keep them going. Army Painter green primer spray is ordered and should be here in the morning…..

  • Avatar Image caledor2267p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Here are some models from old to new I painted.

    The model on the left is one of the first models I ever painted (about a few decades ago).
    The model on the right is from several years later.

    This model is from about 5 years ago.
    I am now busy painting some Hill ogres from godslayer, I will post them some time later.

    @aurorainbag Looks good. I like the colour of the pants and fur.

  • Avatar Image setesch206p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I can’t provide any really “old” mini. But about 5 years ago I started painting a squad of Deathwing Knights… well… today I finished the painting!!!
    Basing is a totally different cup of tea ;)

  • Avatar Image lawnor1295p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    As Caladors discussed in the stream, I’ve hunted through my backlog of pics and found something from my early days that I’ve painted something similar to more recently so we can all see how its not natural talent, its time, effort and practice that makes us good.

    Here we have Reinholdt, painted before June 2013 (I think I started painting and playing around August 2012)

    And here we have 3 more goblins I painted back in April.

    Theres a noticeable improvement. I’m always learning, always getting slowly better in small unnoticeable stages. I thought I hadn’t improved much until recenly. I dug out some of my first painted models from a faction I haven’t touched in years for some demo games and I was amazed how much worse they were than I remembered. They looked like I hadn’t even highlighted them. I wonder what my work will be like in another 5 years?

  • Avatar Image caledor2267p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    @lawnor I know what you mean. Mine just have basecoats and the edging isn’t great either.

  • Avatar Image tchrin355p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I’ve been dipping my toe into various hobby projects but haven’t been feeling it, so thought I’d have a go at the Death Guard from the Dark Imperium box set. I didn’t take any progress pics but I built all the minis on Friday and spent yesterday and today painting the Lord of Contagion.

    Really happy with how he came out so started working on all the other plague marines. I’ve got a pretty hectic week or two coming up with work and social life so not sure how much more I’ll get done but when I get a chance I’ll continue working on these guys.

    Current status:

    Enthusiastic Amateur Hobbyist
    Slowly (re)learning after a 15 year hiatus from the hobby
  • Avatar Image hephesto376p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Woot. A new year, a new thread. First of thanks for getting another going Caladors, bound to inspire a ton of folks to at least try and get those new years hobby resolutions sorted out.

    Also thanks for the feedback on my wee skeletons in the old thread. As I said afraid the pictures didn’t turn out fantastic. A lot of the blending work on particularly the big skeleton monster and ghosts got washed out due to poor lighting. Lets just say that after all the hours blending colours on those about the last thing I’d want to do is drybrush them and ruin all the work. ;-)

    Afraid you’ll be seeing quite a bit more of those ice/snow bases as well. Love how actually making a snow paste leads to much nicer looking bases than just dumping white flock / snow effect directly on a base. Always looks like somebody sprayed grass white to me.

    By combining PVA glue and in this case snow scatter from GF9 you can do all sorts of cool stuff by for example having a colour transition underneath the slightly translucent paste or sculpting a bunch of rock formations on their first. Especially if given a light, pure white drybrush, plus there’s actual texture there to work with. Now if only I had some actual camera skills right ;-)

    For this year I have one serious, true goal, actually FINISH projects. I have a tendency to get distracted by other hobby stuff a lot, which is about the opposite of my working life where I can easily spend 10+hours wadding through all sort of boring data. So for 2018 I am going to try and focus on actually seeing through some warbands, some Dreadball teams etc., in no small part inspired by the 2018 hobby resolution thread –

    Another thing I am going to do is do a better job at is staying on top of this lovely thread. More work in progress shots, more feedback, more tips, trick and ‘why the hell did I do X in Y manner’. Little effort, lots of fun and potentially even helpful for somebody.

    For this first, real hobby weekend of the year that meant getting a grip on the next batch of planned projects. So started the cleaning and prepping process for Star Saga’s pimping project. I can barely feel my right thumb anymore, but all the minis have been cut off their respective bases and all the terrain has been cleaned up. All that is left is to tackle mold lines on the minis and to do some test fitting on their clear acrylic bases once those arrive this week from Sally Forth. May have to do a little bit of conversion work as well, reposing an arm or two does wonders to make duplicate minions look better.

    Secondly Dreadball 2.0 arrived, perfect timing to knock out another team from my 2018 resolutions list. Couldn’t resist going with the scifi, sumo-esque lizard Matsudan first, very interesting design and with a team captain that actually already has a card deck. While I am at it the new ref and markers definitely need some paint on them as well so I can actually field the new board with all painted components.

    Also sneaking the new, resin Hobgoblin Captain in there, my favorite, actually painted team needs to stay up-to-date after all (even if there aren’t team captain cards for him yet). Plus I haven’t visited that colour scheme in a long, long time, should be interesting to both make him unique, but still fitting with the rest.

    And finally, the new snow-centric project – a small Delgon force from World of Twilight. I’ll go into detail on these a bit more once they are fully assembled and ready for paint. Really looking forward to painting these up though, adore the WoT setting and creature design!

    2018 Hobby goals [ 15 / 76+ painted models].
  • Avatar Image lawnor1295p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    If you’re making your own snow paste, have you tried adding just a tiny amount of Metal Medium to it? If you don’t add too much it doesn’t give the metallic effect, but can still give that sparkle you can get off fresh snow and ice. You do need to be careful not to add too much though.

  • Avatar Image hephesto376p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    @aurorainbag – That is a lot of progress in a single sitting. Very nice job on all the highlighting, while still keeping the overall look ‘soulsy’. Look forward to seeing more of that great set make it to your paint desk………hoping to get around to my set as well, somewhere this year ;-)

    @dawfydd – No such thing as too few Long Fangs, for some reason I always liked the SW heavy weapon expert over those of other chapters. There’s just something about them.

    Cool to see ye olde Catachans as well, think a lot of us older 40K players have a company of those around somewhere. It’s going to be very interesting to see where you take the army on the second go. Take it you will be going with mostly older models as the newest plastic Catachans are much smaller in scale?

    @blinky465 – Another lovely blast from the past, some real gems in there. Classical stuff that definitely deserves to make it to the tabletop!

    @setesch – Finished paintjob is a finished paintjob! Now to turn it into a full army ;-)

    @lawnor – Big difference there indeed, much more depth and nicely contrasting colours.

    @tchrin – Love how much detail you’ve managed to squeeze into the model without making him look overly busy. The colour scheme really ties it all together quite nicely. I think that perhaps an extra detail or two on the base, or a quick dry/overbrush would make things pop even more.

    @caladors – A lot of progress there indeed, though I am biased to love pretty much everything Beastmen.

    Don’t really have much of my old, old stuff around anymore, it’s been a few years. Well, decades to be more accurate ;-) But in general I’ve really shifted towards much more detailing on each individual model, no batch painted regiments for me anymore. Doubt I could even finish a full 40-men block anymore these days. Probably the oldest models I still have around, roughly from when they were released:

    Some more recent stuff, do love to hope all over the place range and theme wise there days:

  • Avatar Image richbuilds666p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Howdie folks. Trying to keep my news year push to get my figure painting foo back.

    I’ve painted up the Stormcast Eternals from the Storm of Sigmar set. Nice looking figures but I’d be bored silly painting an army of them. I didn’t take many WIP shots as I’m still trying to find my grove but here’s what I got…

    Undercoated it Black UMP primer.

    Base coated in Tamiya metallics and Vallejo purple:

    Trying out some washes…


    Picking out details:

    After more work with washes:

    And taken out into the sun…

    Came out Ok in the end :-)

    Next up some … things – space zombies… I can’t remember the name of.

    I picked out boils n scabs n puss with red, purple, blue & green army painter quickshades. Didn’t have these when I t’were t’lad!

    I then gave all the skins a wash with the skin quickshade and then drybrushed over some vallejo flat flesh to blend the quickshades…

    I then picked out details, and applied many washes (dark, strong & soft – wanting to see what these things are capable of) and I was pretty much done.

    Need to base them and do some daylight shots…

    I’m going to have to dig out my light box to photo figures in future. Learning as I go :-)

    Check out my blog for more scale shenanigans!
  • Avatar Image richbuilds666p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Bah. Need to touch up the eyes on a couple. Thanks ultra close up camera!

  • Avatar Image darkvernon133p said 2 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Haven’t got the time right now, but I’ll post a WiP of my new Bête Nore for Malifaux tonight ;)

    Come check my blog!!!