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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

Why not show of your latest tip, trick or colour scheme and lets all get inspired.

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What are you painting now?! Q2 2017 (WAYPN) (402 posts)

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  • Avatar Image caladors5471p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Good Evening ladies and gentlemen and Welcome to: What are you painting now?!

    What are you painting now?! (or WAYPN for short)
    Is a thread where you can paint up what else :D but what you are painting up now :D
    The whole idea behind this thread is pretty darn simple, we want everyone and anyone to post up what they are painting right! Right now!!! In here :D So that means works in progress and it means every single person is welcome from the grand master to the tiny tot learning to paint! We just finished a massive thread, so massive that is had to go the way of the dinosaur, lest the server become one :O

    I have a goal here, and it is pretty simple, I want to bring painters from all over the world together here in Beasts of War forum and I want people to know that magnificent creations don’t happen overnight! I have had people say to me: I could never do something like that. That’s to me and I am just a plebe! So here is how I am going to start us off, with my most magnificent creation, though people have said it is other things. But rather than a single picture I will show you all of them. How it slowly became what is it is. It took time effort and hard work but I am really happy with the results.

     photo 20150814_093212.jpg

     photo 20150814_093232.jpg

     photo 20151023_005108.jpg

     photo 20151023_153715.jpg

     photo 20151023_030344.jpg
     photo 20151024_042151.jpg

     photo 20151024_090951.jpg

     photo 20151024_092840.jpg
     photo IMG_0244.jpg

    Durthu Conversion Autumn

    Now that you have seen that, I want you to know one thing, you can do that too! I am nothing special, inside each and everyone of us is a painter waiting to come out and show the world what we can do. Some of the times that means you want to show the world you can get those storm troopers table top ready in a week, sometimes that means you’re going to get over your shaky hand and you’re going to paint one layer on straight, and hopefully we might get one of you in here, that means you’re going to show the world you can win a golden demon.

    No matter who you are your welcome here, the only things we want from you is pictures of your creations, as they grow, when their finished, and hopefully, you will join us in encouraging other.

    Alright! I will see you later…

    In the mean time…

    Keep those brushes wet :D

  • Avatar Image madgolem275p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Awesome work on the “tree” and thanks a lot for running this thread!

  • Avatar Image suetoniuspaullinus4262p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Now that’s a tree-man! 8-)



  • Avatar Image seldon91846p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Welcome back @caladors! I feared the worst when I started your last post on the previous WAYPN.

    Your Tree Man is a bit special. It’s stunning. What a start to the new season. The hot fade on it;s claws caught my eye initially but there are so many areas of great details. The edging on the leaves, the shading on the skulls and the base! Fantastic work.

    I was working last week on finishing some Dropzone Commander units. I was due to play in a tournament yesterday so I didn’t have especially long. First up I did some digital camo by using some Anarchy models hex cam stencils. Then I applied layers of black, varnish, steel blue and white (all Vallejo), with stencils added between layers. I also blocked coloured some details with metallics and a light blue:

    After that I applied another layer of varnish and sprayed them with a Flory grime wash:

    The Flory wash can be rubbed off with damp cotton where you wish. This combines shading and weathering in a quick step. After that I painted on lights and airbrushed some metallics on the cockpits. Here’re some final pics.

    I’d have liked to have done a little more detailing but time was against me. After all that my daughter fell ill and I missed the tournament. Grrr. I guess some things weren’t meant to be.

  • Avatar Image nakchak4578p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    @caladors the server couldn’t handle the awesome lol, in all seriousness good effort just going to have to keep eye on thread length

    The tree dude looks great :D

    There is no ignominy, there is glory,
    There is no servitude, there is dominance,
    There is no defeat, there is victory… victory eternal!
  • Avatar Image richbuilds666p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Base colours down on my ruined windmill. Detail and weathering washes next…

    You can just make out the hand scored woodgrain that the detail washes should hopefully pickup..

    Check out my blog for more scale shenanigans!
  • Avatar Image gorillawithabrush947p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    @janus1004 – I love the Dreadfleet models – and what a cool way to bond with your son! I remember building model airplanes with my Dad as a kid – I cherish those memories to this day.

    @richbuilds – I am loving that windmill. How much of that is the kit and how much are you modifying it? It has such amazing presence but also tons of space to put models. Seems like an awesome terrain piece.

    @seldon9 – That’s a great color scheme and well executed!

    @caladors – Awesome! I love the green/brown/gray you’ve achieved for the bark color.

    I would like to echo what @caladors said. Every model by every painter starts the same way. The “magic” is a result of practice and a dedication to learning. I remember when I first started painting spending hours staring at models in display cases making mental notes about how certain effects might have been achieved and then running home and trying them out (this was before the Internet was huge). And I still look at a lot of reference material to plan my paint jobs and to motivate me to try new things.

    I’ve been running a PLOG designed to show every step in my painting process at If you’re a newer painter and interested I hope that it helps you in your own journey to becoming a better painter. I just finished up Harry, and all of his pictures are on that thread (I believe he starts on page 2).

    Interested in following my painting progress? I post WIP pictures after each painting session and am happy to chat about the hobby any time. Facebook: @GorillaPainter; Twitter: @GorillaBrush; Website:; Twitch Streaming:
  • Avatar Image janus1004698p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    @caladors : That was one nice looking tree-man, I like it. :-)

    @richbuilds : Looking good, and a bit scary…

    So, I thought I would be working on my dragon today, but my son (six years young) found one of my old White Dwarf, spotted Dreadfleet, and recognised it from my unbuilt pile. He got all excited about one of the islands that are part of the terrain, so naturally that overruled all other priorities… :-)

     photo IMG_0316.jpg

    First a black and white scetch to make the details more easy to spot. Then sorting out the rocks;

     photo IMG_0321.jpg

    On this one we are making the decisions together (red roofs have been ordered though!) and I am doing most of the painting. I like the piece, even if I must admit I am not really interested in the actual game… maybe I will have to improvise some easy rules to play fantasy pirates though :-)

  • Avatar Image richbuilds666p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    @richbuilds – I am loving that windmill. How much of that is the kit and how much are you modifying it? It has such amazing presence but also tons of space to put models. Seems like an awesome terrain piece.

    Thanks gorillawithabrush, it’s from Wild Worlds and was $32.30 (US) with shipping. It’s an MDF kit with no extras, I’ve aged & textured all the wood, lined some of the visible interiors, stone clad the ground floor, added the tattered sales and added extra panels to board up some of the holes.

  • Avatar Image richbuilds666p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    @richbuilds : Looking good, and a bit scary…

    Thanks janus1004. I’m channelling black and white Frankenstein movies and a misspent couple of years running round Tirisfal Glades sniping Alliance ;-)

  • Avatar Image thedace712p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Hey folks.
    @caladors the original waypn thread was awesome. I’m sure this one will be too.
    So the first picture is of the first picture I ever posted to Bow on the 2nd page of the original thread. The 2nd of my recently finished Bloodstoker and the 3rd of my just started Lord of Khorne.

    @Thedace1 on twitter
  • Avatar Image lawnor1273p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    I’ve finished the Storm Raptor now. Its painted and varnished. It just needs basing, which will involve large quantities of PVA and sand and therefore a frustratingly long drying time so it won’t get finished today. I’m still not sure what I’ll do but I guess thats my next task.

    While waiting for paints to dry I also started on some cork bases for an upcoming Trollblood project. Its my first time working with cork of this magnitude. Here’s what i’ve got so far. I’m not really happy wiht it. I primed black and then drybrused dark grey,as appears to be the way to go. I’ve given a few partial washes to add streaks of colour. There will be a bone drybrush in the future to add edge highlight but it still feels like something is missing. Should I do a mid tone drybrush with a lighter grey? Should I wash the whole thing with nuln oil? Should I give it an even coat of grey, then a black wash and then a bone highlight as I normally would with a rock?

  • Avatar Image darkvernon133p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    On week-ends, no minis, but terrain!

    Come check my blog!!!
  • Avatar Image bothi366p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Just finished the first 10 Grants for my Royal Scots Greys in 15mm for WW2.

    For more pics and a detailed description of the paint scheme take a look at the Plog:

  • Avatar Image caesar1065p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Working the weekend so progress is crazy slow. Also phone camera quality, but hey.