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This group is all about sharing great pics of beautiful models and other cool hobby stuff.

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When does a frog = prince, prince = brick, brick = egg, but egg = bird? // UJWeekender (118 posts)

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  • Avatar Image oriskany13013p said 10 months ago:

    @limburger – The original name of the game was Darkstar. But then I heard there was a crappy 1970s space comedy by the same name so I added the number.

    Basically, it takes place 700 years in Earth’s history.

    I don’t include aliens because these is not and cannot be any such thing, at least not on the same technological level as we are at the same point in our shared history. I’ve made this point on XLBS many times. That, and the trope is just dumb and overused.

    Where are the Dutch in DarkStar universe? That depends.

    It’s kind of a long story, but lemme just sum up and say that religion is very, very important in this world. It has to be for various “alternate history” reasons I won’t go into quite yet, as well as theories of technological development, futurism, and societal development over the course of the next 700 years. IN SUMMARY, let’s just say that remote, robotic, AI, and drone technology is advancing much much faster than actual astrophysics and certainly aerospace engineering.

    So if we don’t want to have a wargame of just robots and drones fighting it out over some asteroid god knows where . . . (where’s the fun in that) i.e., if we want men and women standing on bridges of warships giving orders to fire all guns, etc . . . you have to slow down remote, robotic, AI, and drone technology while greatly accelerating astrophysics and aerospace engineering.

    Anyway, a massive resurgence in world religion helps curb-check the whole AI thing which, when looked at from a realistically plausible futurist perspective, actually “wrecks” the game. (Thou shall not create a mind, such is the purview of the Almighty, that kind of thing). Religion also re-launches in the wake of a global apocalypse (genetic generational collapse, climate disaster, mass pandemic) that forces humanity to gets its lazy ass off of Earth and seek a future among the stars. Religion always resurges in the wake of such events, as survivors see themselves as “chosen” on a “new Exodus” kind of thing.

    This also keep the world’s star navies from simply fighting over resources on Earth.

    Anyway, now that all that’s out of the way . . . Dutch in Darkstar? Two basic choices. As part of Imperial Prussia (based on Germanic Protestant / Lutheran / Calvinist influences) or the New Roman Alliance (if predominantly Catholic – the New ROman Alliance, like I said, was mostly Italian, French, Spanish, and cultures they have influenced like Latin America – i.e., predominantly Catholic countries).

    So honestly, it would be up to you. :D

    Battles of Sidi Bou Zid and Kasserine Pass, Tunisia – 75th Anniversary – February, 1943
    Historical Editor – Beasts of War
  • Avatar Image oriskany13013p said 10 months ago:

    Although to be honest this would be a shit-ton of work and there isn’t much traction for it, so I will probably pass.

  • Avatar Image m30wm1x353p said 10 months ago:

    Hello again everyone, not had any hobby mojo this week so I’ve got nothing done. Read more of my WW2 books, but I know that doesn’t really count.
    @oriskany That was an interesting report. I haven’t played any hex games but they do look fun, as in one of your past article series it’s a level of wargaming that encompasses a lot more of a battlefield. If you were to do another RPG weekend I’d throw my name into the hat, but without the intrest I know it wouldn’t be worth doing.

  • Avatar Image limburger2133p said 10 months ago:

    @oriskany : there also is a computer game called ‘Darkstar One’. ( )

    Just because there are no traditional aliens (as in species evolved independent of humanity) that doesn’t mean the humans can’t be “alien” to each other.
    Both Red Dwarf follows this trope by implying that the ‘aliens’ usually are the result of evolution …

    I agree that having aliens on a similar technological level as humans requires us to beat extremely unlikely odds. As such it is quite logical that most will be
    - extinct and thus irrelevant to us
    - so far advanced they won’t notice or care about us
    - still stuck to their planet (pre warp technology level in Star Trek)

    Never mind that you’d have to explain how the heck we can communicate with them.
    Shaka when the walls fell ?

    I do think that an alien mystery could still be an option.
    Eclipse Phase ( ) has proper aliens, but the majority of the setting is about humans vs rogue AI (called Titans) and that stuff can get weird enough as is.

    Religion will definitely have to reinvent itself once we become capable of space travel, whether we meet aliens or not. One has to wonder why the rest of the universe is so empty …

    festina lente cauta fac omnia mente
  • Avatar Image oriskany13013p said 10 months ago:

    “. . . there also is a computer game called ‘Darkstar One’ . . .”

    Cool. One more reason I’m sorry I brought this up. :)

    No worries. Best of luck this weekend, everyone.

  • Avatar Image biggabum2681p said 10 months ago:

    I feel kinda deflated as I suspect the UJWE might have come to an end. I’ve really enjoyed taking part in them and getting to know you guys.

    I know these things take a lot of work and planning and grateful to everybody who has taken over the reigns while @unclejimmy was under the weather and kept things going.

    When I told Matty he was quite upset too, he may not post a lot but he did keep up with everybodies progress and learnt a lot about community and that not everybody in the world is a complete plank.

    In his mumblings about the world ending he did suggest something that I thought I would throw out there.

    What about just having a “Weekend Hobby and Chill thread” ? No points awarded just continuing the format that @unclejimmy started, with music that we like, the general chat and the other bits and bobs that make the UJWE what it is. Instead of a thread runner asking a number of questions, we could all think of one question (if we want) either related to Hobby or just something random. We could come up with a small explaination of what the thread is about and just cut and paste it from week to week and come up with a ROTA of volunteers to kick things off (so we dont get duplicate threads).

    obviously if @unclejimmy returns and decides to continue the UJWE then that would be excellent, but if not… what do you think?

  • Avatar Image m30wm1x353p said 10 months ago:

    @biggabum That’s certainly a good idea. I do hope there is a continuing thread somewhere that’s not just a ‘Look what I’ve done!’ one. I will keep an eye on the forum horizon to see what’s to come.

  • Avatar Image mage6045p said 10 months ago:

    I don’t mind dobig a thread if that’s what people would like

  • Avatar Image biggabum2681p said 10 months ago:

    @mage That would be great.

  • Avatar Image oriskany13013p said 10 months ago:

    @Limburger – actually, I don’t know if you were kind of kidding a round, but I’ve thought about it overnight, and the Dutch forming something of a chapter in the Corporate Consortium actually makes a huge amount of perfect sense. Dutch banking networks have always been incredibly powerful and influential, and in a “second age of colonialism” this actually is a perfect fit. :D

  • Avatar Image limburger2133p said 10 months ago:

    @oriskany : only a bit.
    When future history is mentioned it’s usually America doing everything in anything made by Hollywood & co.
    The rest of the world rarely gets mentioned at all ( ).
    This isn’t bad, because one simply can’t describe every single nations history in detail.
    It’s kind of interesting to read about any of the lesser countries as a result.
    I can certainly understand the regions you’ve created.

    Given the current (real world) situation it is not weird to see the Europe splitting along a north (the ‘rich’ industrial countries) vs south (the ‘poor’ failing nations like Greece) paradigm in a distant future.
    An attempt to rebrand the EU as a corporate entity is something that kind of goes back to the origin of the EU as a pure economic entity. However something like that would probably have Germany, UK and France play a major role.
    We’d probably end up trying to please whatever new power ‘convinces’ us to join them first.

  • Avatar Image oriskany13013p said 10 months ago:

    Thanks, @limburger

    We probably have different views on America, but leaving that aside . . . (and I promised everyone I wouldn’t engage in political discussion) :D

    But from a strictly wargaming / world-building perspective . . .

    I didn’t want to get too much into the backstory of Darkstar because it turns out we won’t be using it for anything this weekend. But the game (and its setting) had a number of objectives, and the history of the world was built to accomplish those objectives.

    1) Humanity launches into space. For real. As in major colonies throughout the solar system and smaller colonies out to 50 LY or so. Much smaller outposts to 200 LY (although FTL speeds are kept low enough that travel out to colonies this distant is almost always considered a one-way trip).

    2) Many factions for players to pick from.

    3) Not too many factions so it’s chaos.

    4) A drastic slowdown in AI and RPV-related technologies so we can have people out on these ships engaged in naval operations and battles.

    5) A compelling reason for what’s left of humanity after the holocaust disasters of the late 21st and 22nd Centuries (95% of human population eradicated) to HAVE to go into the stars for survival (huge advances is astrophysics and aerospace engineering). They HAVE to find resources out there. Earth is still a round (and recovering well after a few more centuries of enforced peace) but no warfare there just doesn’t happen. Mining for any kind of resources on the delicately-recovering planet just doesn’t happen. Therefore, the world’s remaining powers (not many, hence most of the smaller nations have been assimilated into these larger empires) HAVE to go out into space to get what they need.

    6) An almost complete “reset” of global geopolitics, so factions like, say . . . the US and Holy Russian Empire can be allied in a war against “allies” like the UK, if that’s what the players want.

    So as you can see, there’s no “EU” or anything like that in the Darkstar world. The people in Darkstar are the distant descendants of survivors of a near-complete human die-off, who are almost reaching back to a “mythical,” half-understood, and ill-remembered idea of what their cultures and countries used to be.

    We also wanted a world where all the traditional kick-ass navies are back, but now in the “black waters” of space.

    We also wanted a world where navies that never really “got a chance” could be picked as viable options. Navies like Imperial Prussia and the Holy Russian Empire, long hemmed-in by geography on Earth, are now free of such restrictions.

    We also wanted a world where the “big powers of tomorrow” – China, India, and perhaps some kind of Arab coalition – were able to “catch up” with traditional “great powers” like the US, UK, and Russia.

    And last but not least, we wanted a world where factions could have “sub-factions” players could create and explore. So with a few exceptions like Japan, Russia, US, and UK, most of the powers are “coalitions” or “empires” or “Consortiums” where smaller nations can be represented (i.e., can launch a generational-term effort costing quadrillions of dollars to put an actual operational NAVY in space, only with the sponsorship and subsidizing from larger powers).

    Anyway, we’re not using any of that this weekend, so no big deal.

  • Avatar Image limburger2133p said 10 months ago:

    @oriskany : no problem, I was referring to the simple fact that it is hard to write about cultures one doesn’t experience as a native. There are very few writers who manage such things (on both sides of the ocean … ) and there’s little incentive to do so either America is a huge market and outside of Bollywood there are few that could compete with Hollywood.
    So we get a lot of media focussing on the good ol’ US of A with a few series that feature aliens who have a remarkable love for the UK …

    There’s always a weekender in the future when you could use the Darkstar setting.
    The idea of a ‘what if’ some of the earth cultures had managed to run a navy is an interesting one.
    For all we know the idea might even go really big.