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Arkham Horrror LCG: The Dunwich Legacy campaign is complete (6 posts)

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  • Avatar Image redben8026p said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    The first long-form campaign for the Arkham Horror LCG had its final part published last week, and our intreprid investigators were successful. We played eight scenarios published over seven months which took us from Arkham to Dunwich to a trip across the extradimensions. If you’ve avoided this one because card games aren’t usually your thing, then it’s well worth a second look.

  • Avatar Image mage6119p said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    What makes it more appealing than other card games that a guy like me who is more a mini and board games who dislikes card games generally, but is also a major Lovecraft fan?

  • Avatar Image redben8026p said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    That’s it’s essentially a narrative board game in which you happen to construct a deck of cards. As it’s a co-op game in which you can set the difficulty level then there’s no need to stress about whether your deck building skills are optimal.

  • Avatar Image emptynessisform1141p said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    i know they’re different animals but how does it stack up against the competitive card games, if there was a dozen narrative LCG’s of this quality out there would you be playing less competitive stuff?
    is it value for money ? I know it’s kind of relative and your group is pretty mustard but just generally with money spent vs hours of game play.
    last question. how’s the art? i’m a bit hit and miss with FFG’s card art. generally they look great and some of it is stunning but it’s mixed in with some pretty average pieces when compared with Ashes where everything seems top notch. from what i’ve seen Arkham horror seems to be pretty strong, maybe it’s the subjects darker style but there looks to be very few weak pieces.

  • Avatar Image redben8026p said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Ashes is like Gloom of Kilforth in that it has a relatively small card pool (certainly in relation to frequency of publication) that it uses a single artist for. FFG games use a lot more art assets so use a lot more artists, and the older the piece is the lower the quality tends to be. I tend to notice the art less in AH than I do in their other LCGs, I think because I’m more focused on the text. There are some very nice pieces. All of the investigator portraits are a good example. It never dips below decent and functional.

    All it really has in common with the competitve card games is its distribution model. The space it takes up for our group is board gaming space. We’ll play it in a session in which we’d play a board game, and never a session where we’d play a competitive card game. If FFG did more of this style of LCG (and please do, FFG, lol), then I would certainly consider playing them. I’d love them to redo the LotR LCG with this format, and do a Star Wars and L5R one. Having these additional games wouldn’t squeeze out the competitive card games from a gaming perspective for the reasons I mentioned. The issue instead would be cost as I already get Thrones and this, and will be getting L5R, so adding more LCGs might mean others have to go, or more likely that we try and split the purchases between us.

    Value for money is a difficult one as how much value you’ll get will depend on what you want out of it. If you’re the type of person who plays a competitive card game one or more times a week then AH isn’t going to be that kind of game. Nor does it offer the infinite replayability of board games like Pandemic and Catan, and that’s without considering the ongoing purchase aspect.

    There is some replayability to the scenarios as you can use different investigators, make different decisions, swap in the small number of alt cards you often get in a scenario, and change up the difficulty level. Plus you’ll probably want to try a scenario again if you fail it. The game came out in November and currently has 13 scenarios, so that’s more than a month, which is sufficient for us not to even need to play the same one again given that our problem is more that we can’t squeeze everything in we want to play.

    Unlike the competitive LCGs, AH has a relatively low initial buy-in as one core box can do two investigators, and from there the monthly packs and deluxe boxes can also easily do two investigators. So if you and a friend want to play it then you can just split the cost between you. We run four investigators out of three cores and two of everything else. You only need one copy of the PoD scenarios (of which currently there are two) no matter how many investigators there are. Whilst it’s not the most cost-effective game in terms of minutes played to money spent, you are effectively buying an expansion with each new pack, and each expansion has its own new game and new board (made up by the cards). So you get a lot of variety and progression. The most recent scenario does the transdimensional travel aspect of FFG’s Mythos games far better than any other because of the flexibility the format offers.

  • Avatar Image emptynessisform1141p said 9 months, 1 week ago:

    your right, getting in a sessions or two a month is probably plenty given how competitive table time is. not sure having it compete with KD:M or Gloomhaven for table time helps :) , although by all accounts it’s in that top tier category.
    I might run it solo unless it’s a bit of a waste but i really need to find a way to squeeze it in somewhere.
    cost i’m cool with if the experience is as good as folks say. being able to take it at my own pace meens I can let it slide for a month if need be both in terms of cost and table time.

    man would I like to see them do STAR WARS, given how well AH has been received it’s a possibility. LotR didn’t really do it for me when I watched some lets plays and I can’t see them changing it up any time soon. they tend to aim the big IPs at a larger audience and you can see it in the lower age range associated with the games. the reason I generally stay away aside from the RPGs. would love to see them get it right though.