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Most memorable RPG character ? (12 posts)

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  • Avatar Image boaz103p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    What’s your most memorable RPG character … any system, any class … who brings back the memories ?

    Being a GM more often than a player (by a large margen) I’ll start with a Champions, the Super Hero RPG , character I helped design … run and developed over a few years of game play by a friend (J for short) … a little leprechaun with a big shillelagh named ‘Lucky’ with a variable magic power pool that could come up with the wildest game altering options changing the champagne into epic roller coaster ride of a game … with the right options in the right players hands and hold onto your seat … between J’s ingenuity and my constant challenge to the game the group had a great time.

    Min-Maxing the mathhammer since 1st edition.
  • Avatar Image somegeezer2099p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    1996-97: Sir Arthur Carrington-Sherwood (guess where my RPG group were based), an extremely posh chap from Call of Cthulhu. For some reason I always rolled obscenely well for shooting:

    “You see a movement in the shadows”
    “I shoot it”
    *rolls dice*
    “Cricital, you blow his head clean off”

    That particular NPC was the one who’d give THE BIG CLUE to complete the adventure. My Keeper (GM) had to work really hard to get the info to us.

    I moved city but would get the occasional email letting me know how he was doing.

  • Avatar Image davehawes309p said 1 week, 3 days ago:

    I guess memorable vs favourite might be different :) I certainly DM more than I play, but a few spring to mind.

    I guess the most memorable was a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world where most people couldn’t use technology, but he was one of the rare few who had that ability.

    Mostly because it was based in a world that had been totally created by the DM, and it was just full of so many fascinating twists and turns and cool gear! It ended with my guy getting to pilot this super-cool vampire-themed mech. Jumping through portals to other worlds, just unlocking cool new abilities for the mech.

    Also the psychic so often got injuries that stopped him from being able to move, broken legs, or bleeding internal organs! So he would end up being carried into battle on the shoulder of my characters mech, and shooting off his powers!

    Check out my skirmish game Deneb! –
  • Avatar Image cazboab1654p said 1 week, 3 days ago:

    My Most Memorable Character was on Orc in Shadowrun named Juan Ch’eyt (yes I did the terrible fake accent like the guy in the kitchen towel add) an ex-Lonestar rent-a-cop turned runner specialising in smuggling and exfiltration. We were playing a game set in Seattle in the 2070s, nobody thought it was odd that a Lonestar cop turned into a runner since the police contract was lost to Knight Errant a year or two before the game was set.
    None of the other players questioned his habbit of keeping a dozen or so of the cheapest phones you could find new in the shrink wrap and destroying them by using his taser.
    Nobody questioned him still being on speaking terms with a precinct chief working for KE when his own contract hadn’t transferred over for “Ethical issues”.
    Nobody questioned the second accent (generic American) that I used when talking to a few specific contacts, and would “accidentally” slip into at times.
    Nobody questioned that his every use of lethal force was in-policy, even when it would have been easy to get away with.
    They should have questioned al of those.
    I had conspired with the DM before the game.
    Juan was a UCAS federal deputy and everyone but Agent John Sudario(Juan’s real name which means basically the same thing) ended up in jail…

  • Avatar Image boaz103p said 1 week, 2 days ago:

    Most memorable recent super hero type … Ohm … teleporting master of electricity, though powerful it was his power of broadcast and interface together with his computer skills that allowed him to hack into almost anything the team needed and allowed him to keep tabs on several major figures dirty laundry …

    Though the craziest character had to be when my cousin had us roll up Gama world mutations for our starting 1st level group … I only got two powers … hawk powers, wings with increased dex/con and irratiated eyes , power level 17 … not bad for a first level ranger leading a group against B1 the hill giant fort … 17d6 eye beams was about as broken as things get but it played out as a blast …

  • Avatar Image bobcockayne226p said 1 week, 2 days ago:

    Mine was from a home brood game set post WW3,
    Trevalion, the mad sniper, A deadly accurate if slightly unhinged British army sniper,
    who was enacting revenge on Russians who he held responsible for the death of his family.

    Should have taken a left at Alberqurquie.
  • Avatar Image bobcockayne226p said 1 week, 2 days ago:

    Mine was from a home brood game set post WW3,
    Trevalion, the mad sniper, A deadly accurate if slightly unhinged British army sniper,
    who was enacting revenge on Russians who he held responsible for the death of his family.

  • Avatar Image bobcockayne226p said 1 week, 2 days ago:

    Mine was from a home brood game set post WW3,
    Trevalion, the mad sniper, A deadly accurate if slightly unhinged British army sniper,
    who was enacting revenge on Russians who he held responsible for the death of his family.

  • Avatar Image trewets107p said 1 week, 1 day ago:

    AD&D elf ranger by the name Hanbar swiftrist ,the DM at the time had him beguile a swamp dragon after a home brew magic control animal spell criticalled the dice roll on casting.
    was made to act out the little dragons interactions with the party along with the obligatory silly voice,never had such a laugh in a campaign.

  • Avatar Image boaz103p said 1 week ago:

    Reminds me of a champain I was running and a player wanted to join in … about level 7 – 9 dnd … the party was deep in the ghost forest so I set up them meeting and befriending a pixi ( the player ) who joined the group and helped them save the ghost tribe from the evil demonic agents from hell gate keep … the first time the pixi let out his flame breath the group was dumbfounded … you see he was not a pixi at all, he was a youngish gold dragon working off a curse from a high level druid that was punishing the dragon for reckless use of is flame breath in the older woods around smaller folk … it took him a wile to go ‘full dragon’ (each level got back some dragon ability, as long as he was ‘advancing’ as a friend of the woods) by then the group was up to speed and ready for some extra firepower with wings.

  • Avatar Image siygess1218p said 6 days, 21 hours ago:

    Tough one because I have played in many highly enjoyable campaigns across a variety of systems over the last 25 years. But despite not being a fan of systemless RPGs, I had the good fortune to play in – and help run – a very long running X-Men based roleplaying game with about 40 other players on RPoL. At the time I had only seen a couple of the X-Men movies and of course the cartoon series, so my discovery of the Marvel universe at large coincided with that of my character, Kelly, who came into Xaviers school as a ‘mature student’ – actually a former NYPD cop who hated mutants and one day found out she was one. With very mundane powers (High level regen and low level super strength) I had the chance to explore what having those powers was like when possessed by someone with the disposition to say “Stand back, I’ll handle this.” to class mates who were far less world-wise but had powers that eclipsed her own. Throughout the campaign (it ran for about 6 years) I had the chance to work with some really great writers and roleplayers and with them we explored some deep – and often dark – subjects in a game world that was constantly evolving and even at the end I felt as though my character’s journey from misguided hero to twisted adversary to broken individual seeking redemption.. was just her origin story.

    Unlike any game I have played before or since, this campaign has massively affected how I perceive the source material and to this day I find myself surprised when I pick up a comic or watch something in the MCU and find myself wondering where our characters are.

    Fun fact – my character, a very tall, pale woman with dark hair had the code name Ward. She came to the team with a lot of tactical experience and worked with them for a while before betraying them due to the arrival of a mentor / mother figure, rationalising her actions in a way only a sociopath can. After killing one of the good guys and escaping she went on to do mercenary work and run some operations of her own, sometimes teaming up with other X-Men foils and even bumping in to former team mates but always somehow escaping without killing any more of them before finally being thrust into a confrontation with her old “team leader” which ultimately lead to her ‘death’ in the most epic 4 vs 1 player vs player fight I have ever participated in!

    ..and all this took place several years before Agents of SHIELD aired. Hmm..

    Now I have a hobby blog
  • Avatar Image angelicdespot1050p said 6 days, 20 hours ago:

    Some of my favourite characters I’ve played have been NPC vampires in a live action game of Vampire the Masquerade. A couple of favourites included one guy who was loud, brash, bold – designed to make everyone think he was someone important – and who got killed in the first fight to demonstrate to the players just how much trouble they were in.

    Another favourite was ‘Son’, the leader of the Sabbat faction in a game which had been running for around 15 years. The Malkavian Prince in the game was a played by the Storyteller, having started off as a zero experience player character many years ago. I was NPCing in a game which saw the leader of the Sabbat invited into the court for some reason. The Sabbat leader was a long-standing NPC, known to most of the players but no one had actually met him in game. Everything was really tense. No one (even the storyteller) knew exactly what was going to happen. I entered the court, walked boldly up to the Prince, stretched my arms out…
    Everyone was ready to pounce, expecting me to suddenly attack him. Instead…
    “Daddy!” I cried out, hugging him (and causing the Prince’s status to plunge spectacularly!) He was great fun to play!