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40k Marine comparison (7 posts)

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  • Avatar Image gazky146p said 6 months ago:

    Hi all.
    Does anyone have a comparison picture to show the new marines besides a standard Ork or Eldar?

  • Avatar Image totsuzenheni142p said 6 months ago:

    Take a look here: .

  • Avatar Image gazky146p said 6 months ago:

    Cheers mate but that only shows marine compared to marine, really want to see how they look next to orks/eldar.

  • Avatar Image totsuzenheni142p said 6 months ago:

    Ah, my bad. I sped read your post and didn’t take in that last few words.

  • Avatar Image mage5493p said 6 months ago:

    It would be good to see a basic trooper from each army compared to the Primaris Marines.

  • Avatar Image kipper8110p said 5 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Can’t wait to cut those new marines down with a huge ork army lol

  • Avatar Image limburger1852p said 5 months, 3 weeks ago:

    @kipper81 : only in your dreams … filthy xenos scum :-p

    festina lente cauta fac omnia mente