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BATTLETECH – Calling all Mechwarriors (470 posts)

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  • Avatar Image oriskany12756p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    Okay, here goes another forum thread, started to “support” and supplement the material presented in our ongoing article series on BattleTech.

    Can I please state up front that in no way shape or form is this supposed to be a “vanity” thread.

    Yes, I’ll be posting up lots of my BattleTech material that couldn’t be put into the main articles. But this being a forum thread means the readers can also post their images, games, ideas, battlefield stories, battle reports, favorite mechs, record sheets, photos, links, documents, etc. I’m really hoping this doesn’t just turn into another procession of me making endless posts with all my article leftovers and battle reports.

    We have uncovered a huge BattleTech community here on Beasts of War! Let’s prove it by jumping in the discussion with your own marvels to amaze us. :D

    So here I go to get the ball rolling, with some recent photos from my Battlemech “factory.”

    What kind of ‘Mechs do you have built? Any photos? Any tricks on assembly / painting you’d like to share?

    Bought a couple of Clan Ghost Bear Grizzlies a while ago to help fill out my “Heavy Star” (357th Ghost Bear Assault Cluster – Omega Galaxy) – Iron Wind Metals. First step was to chop the poor miniatures in half at the waist so I could drill out holes in the torso and pelvis for magnets. This allows the ‘mech to “torso twist” on the table.

    Priming complete:

    Painting started:

    Completed, along with their “Starmates” the two Timberwolf / Mad Cat As:

    Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War – 50th Anniversary – Begins January 30, 1968
    Historical Editor – Beasts of War
  • Avatar Image oriskany12756p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    Some of you may have already seen this in the Hobby Lab Open Challenge – but the 1/200 (8mm) sci-fi buildings I have built to use with BattleTech in miniatures:

    Do you have any buildings / terrain you like to use with BattleTech or Alpha Strike? Or do you stick strictly to the classic BattleTech hex grids?

    Start with:
    Free, junk styrofoam used for the base of the structure.

    Posterboard cut to finish the exteriors.

    All exteriors done, now to put a roof on.

    The building segments are modular so you can put them together into dozens of different shapes “scatter terrain” style.

    First batch is now base-built and ready for detail work.

    About half of the buildings have now been completed in secondary (detail) construction. I’ve primed them a “sci-fi” gray.

    Starting painting now, with some lighter grays, and add some sci-fi patterns and textures I have printed.

    A closeup of some of the completed buildings.

    Another pic with some of the component structures switched around. As you can see, none of these are permanently connected. Keeping them modular like this will make storage much easier, and of course allow for dozens of different shapes and configurations, so my buildings will never get too boring (once they’re finally finished, that is).

    At last, the buildings are complete:

    Hoping to get some interesting lines of sight on the table with these buildings, increase the density of terrain in key points like aerospace ports, bases, cities, etc. 25 separate pieces are pictured in all, able to be mixed-and-matched into hundreds (?) of different combinations and configurations. :D

  • Avatar Image mecha822357p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    It’s always great when BT gets love and attention outside official BT forum and this is also great addition along side with your article series as it gives opportunity to really talk about BT.

    All Clan mechs that I have are OmniMechs so I have no Clan BattleMechs what so ever but I do like some of those (thanks to Ghost Bear’s Legacy). So @oriskany do you use any SLDF era mechs with your Clan BattleMechs?

  • Avatar Image koraski698p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    I think ANY thread with a custom graphic header counts as a vanity thread…

    @oriskany said:

    Okay, here goes another forum thread, started to “support” and supplement the material presented in our ongoing article series on BattleTech.

    Can I please state up front that in no way shape or form is this supposed to be a “vanity” thread.

    “Putting the gruntled back in disgruntled since 1971!”
  • Avatar Image noyjatat986p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    I really like the route you have gone down and it does look a lot like some the scenery you can find in the current Mechwarrior computer game. The game for source material and environments is very good. is very good for terrain in keeping with the Battletech genre.

  • Avatar Image onlyonepinman5386p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    I love the Battletech Universe although many of the mech designs look a bit goofy. But, that aside that terrain looks absolutely amazing! I backed the Heavy Gear Blitz kickstarter and I shall be making some of your terrain pieces for my own table!

  • Avatar Image zorg3591p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    never played the table version I do love the scenery are you using this for other games or specifically for battletech? @oriskany

  • Avatar Image dawfydd1222p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    Well, @oriskany , you’ve managed to get me to dig out some mech’s that were sitting unprimed in the “to do” portion of my table, build some others and think about putting together the various other battlemechs that’ve accumalated over the years.
    I think here we have a Saggitaire, Atlas, Vulture, Warhammer, Tundra Wolf, Madcat MkII, Madcat MkIII, a pair of Madcats and a Shadowcat. Man, I really want a Fanir to mod into my favourite MW4:Mercs loadout: dual Rotary Autocannons with arm-mounted ER PPC’s….

  • Avatar Image goochman70156p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    @oriskany, please more details on how you did the detailing, the buildings look amazing. I just use Monsterpocalypse buildings without the square bases and I make a hex base for them. They are not perfect but they do add the 3d feel to the game.

    Brother G

  • Avatar Image oriskany12756p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    First off, thanks everyone for the great responses already. After the lukewarm reception that the “Barbarossa” thread received, I was a little hesitant to even start one for BattleTech.

    @mecha82 – You ask if I use any any SLDF era mechs with your Clan BattleMechs?
    Eh . . . sort of? I mean my Clan Ghost Bear force includes a Dragon, (2754) and a Catapult (2561), but I haven’t actually used them in battle yet.

    So far I’ve gone up against forces that include Atlas, Catapult, and Cyclops mechs, which are all from the 2500-2700s. But I think we went into Solaris Skunk Werks and updated them or at least used much more modern variants with 3000-era weapons and loadouts. They definitely did a number on me, though.

    @koraski , I’m gonna assume you’re kidding on the vanity thread thing. :D :D :D And as far as headers go, I guess you never saw the Barbarossa thread. :D

  • Avatar Image oriskany12756p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    Thanks, @noyjatat – I’m actually going to start working up some new terrain that looks a little more “alien,” I have to figure out how I’m going to make craters, prehistoric lava flows, etc . . . the kind of stuff you see on the Moon and Mars. Not much, just a few pieces to dress up a board that doesn’t look like “France 3030″ or “Russia 3100.” :D

    I gotta agree, @onlyonepinman – some of the mech designs look silly as hell. In fact . . . (and you MAY have seen this on @unclejimmy ‘s thread) . . .

    Here are four of my “goofiest” mechs from the Catalyst Game Lab starter box. These mechs I just really didn’t like the look of, but certainly didn’t want to throw them away. Every miniature deserves a chance! :D :D :D

    A little decapitation, a little reconstructive surgery . . . new heads, arms cut off, cut at the elbows, and refitted with new joints and segments (cut from old sprues) to form more dynamic poses . . .

    Paint job begun:

    Miniatures completed and salavaged. The “Doofy Derpers” have become the elite “Desert Dragoons!”

  • Avatar Image oriskany12756p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    @dawfydd – Dude, those mechs look awesome! I really like all the new versions of the Mad Cats (What can I say, I’m a shameless Mad Cat fan boy . . . Don’t judge me!) And I also like what looks like the old school original Warhammer from the original 1980s box cover of BattleTech.

    I’ll admit, some of these I had to look up on to match the names with the ‘mechs in your photo. Please remember I’ve only been into BattleTech for like 2 1/2 months (besides a brief flirtation back in the 1991-92). For instance, that Tundra Wolf’s left-hand weapons look freakin’ HUGE. What are those, the ATM-9 missiles, or do you have one of the upgrade variants of the Tundra Wolf?

    Great photo. That’s the kind of stuff I’m hoping to see on this thread, @dawfydd , so I’m not the only one posting materials and photos. If I could +10 that post, I would! :D

  • Avatar Image oriskany12756p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    Not really sure, @zorg , I suppose you could use it for Drop Zone Commander as well, but that came already comes with awesome buildings and these might be a little small (8mm rather than 10mm). Might do in a pinch. however. :D

    More later, everyone, I promise. For now, getting to actually play some BattleTech! :D

  • Avatar Image stvitusdancern749p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    I am working in printing my own mechs. I just got my first 3d printer today!

    BoW Gianna spreading gaming love one continent at a time.
  • Avatar Image zorg3591p said 1 year, 5 months ago:

    a nice fix to the dodgy mech’s @oriskany the big one at the back looks like a reject from the war of the worlds?