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The Expanse – Season 2! now on Netflix (55 posts)

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  • Avatar Image dawfydd1032p said 1 year ago:

    Morning folks,

    It took a while but finally Season 1 of The Expanse is available to watch (legally) outside of the US & Canada and is now streaming on Netflix (in the UK at least).

    Thought I’d throw this out there for everyone who likes their science fiction heavy on the practicalities of just how humanity would have to adapt to survive “Up Well”, the invevitable divisions we’d make amongst ourselves, for space combat to be at the mercy of the laws of physics, and for mankind to be woefully unprepared for contact with an extra-solar technology.

    As an aside I’m a big fan of the books this is based on, and would highly reccomend Leviathan Wakes, the book this first series is mainly based around, to anyone. The audiobook is especially good to listen to whilst painting….

  • Avatar Image warzan9855p said 1 year ago:

    Awesome, I’ll check this out over the weekend :)

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  • Avatar Image seldon91691p said 1 year ago:

    I’m reading the first book now and it’s great!

  • Avatar Image lorcannagle110p said 1 year ago:

    Given they’ve put a Netflix stamp on it, I have a suspicion they’ll be adding series 2 weekly when it airs in January, like they do for other shows that air normally in the US but are on Netflix here, like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Better Call Saul.

  • Avatar Image kantor72407p said 1 year ago:

    I’ve just added this to my list, i will give it a go this weekend.

  • Avatar Image dawfydd1032p said 1 year ago:

    @lorcannagle I think I read somewhere they were going to wait and drop the whole series once it finishes airing on SciFi in the States, but I could see them using the weekly model instead. Guess it’ll depend in part how much traffic this season gets…

  • Avatar Image toshkien315p said 1 year ago:

    the books are so good, the series is done pretty well for the budget, i enjoyed it will watch season 2 when it drops

  • Avatar Image lorcannagle110p said 1 year ago:

    @dawfydd I did a little bit of googling and saw a few pieces announcing the aquisition of series 1, but nothing on series 2. I can hope though. Like with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I’d far prefer to legally watch a show I love and make sure that my viewing contributes to it sticking around.

  • Avatar Image lorcannagle110p said 1 year ago:

    Oh, and have you all seen the trailer for series 2? Any book readers stoked for Bobbie Draper showing up?

    OK, that second question was clearly rhetoical because everyone who’s read the books loves Bobbie.

  • Avatar Image mattadlard219p said 1 year ago:

    Excellent series very sci-hard and a sense of realism.

  • Avatar Image dawfydd1032p said 1 year ago:

    @lorcannagle EVERYONE loves Bobby Draper!
    @toshkien yeah, SciFI have done great things on.a relatively tiny budget. It’s interesting comparing this to their two other currently airing shows set in space, Dark Matter and Killjoys….

  • Avatar Image seldon91691p said 1 year ago:

    I haven’t seen Killjoys but you make a good point about Dark Matter. They go a long way with the budget they’ve got.

  • Avatar Image toshkien315p said 1 year ago:

    i tried killjoys its to much of a xena/hercules(weekly adventure show) type show for me, thats fine an all but prefer expanse and dark matter for sure, cant wait for badass bobby draper, my only pet peeve is that i wish Amos was the hulking intimidation monster he is in the books.

  • Avatar Image btahm172p said 1 year ago:

    Love this show! Listening to the audio books atm and they are fantastic. Stalled at book 4 however beca use they changed the narrator and he sounds like a text to speech program. Guess I’ll read that one.

  • Avatar Image solar1334p said 1 year ago:

    Cool thanks for the heads up, this sounds pretty good!