Here on the Beasts of War Forums we have many topics ranging from Sci-Fi wargaming to screaming horror Card Games so it can be almost impossible to browse everything. Fear not, that Romantic Hamster game discussion you’re looking for is just a forum tag away!

What Are Forum Tags?

Forum tags are a discreet way of categorising your topics into various additional genres that perhaps your topic may not fit into. You can create your own awesome “Dancing Cat” tags or your more serious “War Politics” tags in your topics to give an overall theme to your post. Perhaps you have a Game Scenario that you wish to make into a series of posts? Why not even “John Joes infinity Run” or “Jane Doe Painting Guide”.

With tags comes great responsible categorisation…

Here are some popular tags…


Why not try out some of your own?

Here are a selection of tags that will aid not just you, but everyone in the community enabling better search results and discussions. Remember to separate your tags with commas and as always happy posting.

If you have any questions about tagging, feel free to ask in the comments below. In the meantime, why not create your own tag :)

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