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Testing sharing picture (6 posts)

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  • Avatar Image janus1004284p said 3 weeks ago:


    Purpose is to check if I can share from the Flickr account….


  • Avatar Image janus1004284p said 3 weeks ago:

    Seems to be working, admin can remove this thread if they like. Many thanks! :-)

  • Avatar Image suetoniuspaullinus3324p said 3 weeks ago:

    How do I post pictures from google, all I can seem to manage is a link to my picture..
    Can anyone help?

  • Avatar Image damon61p said 3 weeks ago:

  • Avatar Image damon61p said 3 weeks ago:

    @suetoniuspaulinus I’ve just found that adding IMG tags to the image address works.
    Right click on the image you want to post, then click ‘copy image address’, paste the address into the ‘add reply’ box, then add [ img ] (take out the spaces) in front of the address and [ /img ] (take out the spaces) after.
    Thats how I got the image above added from Google photos

  • Avatar Image caladors3910p said 1 week, 4 days ago:

    Test one pre video