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Tyranids are a nomadic alien race comprising many genetically engineered forms created from harvested bio-mass. They are known as the “Great Devourer” and also “Shadow In The Warp” and pose a severe threat to the Imperium. They seek to consume all in their path, draining all planets of every resource.

Tervigon Conversion Bitz from Chapterhouse Studios (16 posts)

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  • Avatar Image scythican396p said 5 years ago:

    Its common knowledge that a lot of people have been begging for an affordable and tournament legal tervigon kit, so hopefully some of you will find these bitz useful. This conversion kit will utilize your Carnifex kits to make a unique looking model.

    Keep in mind, the Tervigon bitz were designed to be true to the codex art. I have seen these pics posted by CHS on several other websites and there have been a lot of people complain about the “Tervititz”. When aiming for something that is similar to the codex art, you kind of have to have them on the model. The only official art of the Tervigon has birthing holes and the whole egg sack thing (Which I even did that on several of my Tervigons), is very different than what a Tervigon is supposed to look like.

    In addition, a lot of people think the thing looks a little top heavy, but it is in my opinion that most tervigon conversions look top heavy. Short of constructing a new set of legs, (which would up the price of the kit even more and push the 50% GW rule), I really am not sure how to make it look less top heavy. However it can’t be any more top heavy looking than a Hierodule right? In addition, the assembly of the kit with the Carnifex pieces isn’t put together as good as it could be. He didn’t push the ball socket of the legs into the torso as far as it could go because he didn’t want to damage the master mold. Trust me, it can go further in there. In addition, I think the torso is propped up on a glue cap and it is rearing a little too far up. The torso should be on the legs a little more hunched over and using the talons to hold itself up. Please wait for some properly assembled and painted pics of the model before final judgement. Greenstuff always seems to show the worst of a model as well.

    So below you will find some shots Nick took of a assembled kit before the masters went into resin molding. He is hoping to keep the kit in the $20-30 price range. It is 5 pieces that include an oval base. Some people didn’t like the price, but you are getting a base out of the deal too. Oval bases on eBay go for about $8.00…

  • Avatar Image theswarmlord24p said 5 years ago:

    I like its pretty cool looking, I really like the carapace, not 100% on the birthing sack but i think i could really like it once i see a finished painted model. Something i would definatly consider buying.

  • Avatar Image spudofwar10p said 5 years ago:

    FFS, the day after I start making my tervigon…

  • Avatar Image Seán O’Regan315p said 5 years ago:

    Agreed, the carapace looks awesome, I like how it really does look like the carapace GW supply. Not sure of the birthing area either seems too breast like.

    Call me reganspor when trying to quote me, otherwise it wont work.
  • Avatar Image harvester14531p said 5 years ago:

    I dont know about this i think its good dont get me wrong but it looks way too out of proportion (like a guy with a small body but huge head) i know the Tervigon should be quite top heavy but when i looked at this:

    I thought the section between the legs and torso looked too small/thin/feable (thats the proportion thing) if you were thinking realisticly it looks as if that bit would snap leaving a poor Tervigon in two peices on the battlefield, so i think you should maybe flesh that part out

    Overall though i really like the sculpting very talented, the proportion thing is just my opinion and i thought i would just say what i thought.

    Oh also i thought i might mention that ade73 has done a really cool Tervigon conversion using a Carnifex and Green stuff please check it out its awsome.

    “We can slay the Tyranids on our worlds, blast their fleets from space, grind their armies to torn and ruined fragments. But their hunger? That is beyond our ability to slay.”
  • Avatar Image scythican396p said 5 years ago:

    The proportion complaints look justified when you see the model, but fluff wise I think it is BS. A Tervigon has the chance of popping out a lot of models. Most Tervigon conversions do not look like the could pop out more than 5 or 6 termaguants. Which for me, that is probably a good thing since I always roll double 2′s or 3′s on my first turn every game…

    But if you think about it, the Tervigon should look really top heavy. Have you ever seen a pregnant lady at 9 months? How about one with twins? If that isn’t top heavy, then I don’t know what is. The Tervigon squirts out way more than twins and unless these guys grow in under a minute and are fully loaded out with equipment I would think she needs to be even fatter.

    Like I said before, this issue can probably be solved somewhat if the ball socket is pushed correctly up into the torso, and the torso in angled down like it is supposed to be. Making another set of legs or a fat hip piece for the small legs to attach to is a little troublesome in my opinion. If you did such a thing, the extra bit could easily push the model past the 50% GW model rule and increase the cost of the bitz. A $25.00 kit could easily hit $35.00 with another piece. CHS has already said this is going to be in the $20.00-$25.00 range. I would cringe if it hit $25.00-$35.00…

    Remember these bitz are designed to fit onto a carnifex kit with little effort. I don’t know how many times I run into people who like my conversions and they confess to me that they do not have the skills to make a proper conversion. These bitz are designed to help those people.

    Now imagine someone with some Greenstuff skills getting a hold of these bitz. They would have an excellent starting point for an even better conversion. I am already thinking of using the carapace as a starting point for a Tyrannofex, hint hint… ;)

  • Avatar Image harvester14531p said 5 years ago:

    @scythican i understand exactly what your saying i was just suggesting improvements but its your choice entierly whether you want to take them on bored, it was just my opinion i still think its good but nothing is ever perfect.

  • Avatar Image scythican396p said 5 years ago:

    Exactly my thoughts. With a conversion like the Tervigon you really cannot make it perfect. Even if a sculptor made it exactly like the picture you would have those that do not like it because they despise the picture. If the sculptor changed it around and gave it a different look, you would have people not liking it just the same.

    With this one, the goal was to just make some bitz that fit with an official model for an easy conversion. Myself? I am already thinking about adding the piece that you referred too, some new legs, and a big gun to make the t-fex. The only problem would be the 50% rule though…I am not sure how you would add some new legs, a gun, and a pelvis and still have a legal model. Thoughts?

  • Avatar Image eathanskies3p said 5 years ago:

    thats a badass conversion. tervitits cracked me up.

  • Avatar Image jyndtactica117p said 5 years ago:

    It is quite interesting… although I’ve already decided I’m modeling my Tervigon after the queen from SC2…

    These aren’t the cheeses your looking for.
  • Avatar Image harvester14531p said 5 years ago:

    @scythican hmmmm i dont know really i was thinking it may look better if you flesh out parts of the leg because if you think if a tervigon is pregnant all the time then it would have very big strong legs (if that makes sense). Also i checked the codex and it said “the giant beast can shift a greater proportion of its weight onto its rear legs”. I think you should just try fleshing parts where the legs would have larger muscles, its gonna have to be a bit of trial and error. Sorry i couldnt be that much help but i still like the idea behind the product its kinda like something forge world might do. :D

  • Avatar Image scythican396p said 5 years ago:

    @jyndtactica said:
    It is quite interesting… although I’ve already decided I’m modeling my Tervigon after the queen from SC2…

    Thats a good idea…

    Let’s see is this her:

    If it is, my noodle is already cooking up a conversion. How about these parts for a start:

    Warrior Rending Claws
    Large Scything Talons
    Trygon Head
    Warrior Torso
    Trygon Torso


    Maybe something like this for the legs and lower pelvis:

    Tyrannofex,Carnifex,Conversion,Tyranid,Warhammer 40K

    @eathanskies: Thanks! I am glad someone liked the tervitits! If anyone else thinks they are bad, you should see how I modeled up the lower part of my T-fex:


  • Avatar Image harvester14531p said 5 years ago:

    @scythican now that i like :D

  • Avatar Image jyndtactica117p said 5 years ago:

    What I actually plan on doing is fluffing it out that she births smaller termagants/larva through an ovipositer (tail) that quickly mutate into ‘adult’ termagants. It does say in the fluff for Hormagants that they lay eggs that quickly grow into adult hormagants so why not?

    I actually plan on trying to stick kind of close to the drawing posted by Scythian.

    Lower body:
    Carnifex upper body
    Carnifex top carapace piece
    potentially also using the lower body piece of the Carnifex body also

    what I plan on doing is using the top carapace piece and putting it where the head would stick out to ‘cap’ the front of the body. and potentially heat bend the lower Carnifex body piece so it is straight and use that as tail. This body will be horizontal…
    And I will green stuff gaps and other parts for visual improvements

    for the legs i plan on using this method by necrotales… modified a bit:

    For the upper body:
    Warrior torso
    Warrior upper body
    Warrior head bitz

    I plan on chopping off the tail of the warrior and assembling the body and head then attaching that to the gap left between the carapace and the upper body of the carnifex.

    Warrior scything Talons ( the standard ones)

    I plan on using the scything talons on the lower limbs and the ‘arms’ from the wings (with out membrane in between them) as upper arms.


  • Avatar Image jyndtactica117p said 5 years ago:

    @harvester145 said:
    @scythican now that i like :D

    Me likey