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Discussion about everything Warhammer 40000 related, including modelling, painting, collecting, fluff, cheese and the expansions Apocalypse, Cityfight, Planetstrike and Spearhead. Newbie advice on tap too.

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40k Top 10 Units (8 posts)

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  • Avatar Image warhammerofwalton16p said 5 years, 1 month ago:

    I know that beastsofwar did their list along time ago, but I thought it’s bout time that we all did ours so go ahead what is your top 10 of 40k units.
    I really can’t think of mine as of right now so ill post a little later

  • Avatar Image usmc961121p said 5 years, 1 month ago:

    Off the top of my head…

    Terminators with storm shields, Marbo, doom of malan tai , Abbaddon, Eldrad, vindicare assassin, Vulkan, St. Celestine, techmarine & thunderfire cannon combo, and lastly it is a toss up between a brotherhood champion (grey knights) or a loaded up necron overlord (res. orb,, warscyth, and cloak).

    Obviously the terminators are just there because they are hard to kill and can soak up an enormous amount of firepower. I’ve played games where they just start on the board and walk/run every turn (losing a couple to other player shooting) but eventually just crash into the other side and proceed to wreak massive damage. Marbo is just stupid awesome for points. He shows up, blows something up, and forces the opponent to redirect whatever is still alive into trying to kill him. For the points he’s an awesome suicide bomber. The doom hits this category for simply being the only model in the game that can soak additional wounds up beyond starting point and it makes it stronger. Sure it’s not amazing and will probably die after one round to a high strength weapon, but it completely alters game play for the opponent and can have a devastating effect on exposed infantry. Abbaddon… need I say anything? High strength, high initiative, eternal warrior, great saves. Can take on virtually any other model in the game single handed. Eldrad is such a boost for Eldar do you see people taking many other HQ’s? Who else can cast fortune, doom, and guide every turn with virtual 98% success and can save from perils almost as good?! Vindicare assassin makes this simply by game altering ability. This (and necrons) is one of the main reasons I stopped running 250 point land raiders. Why bother when I’ve got to deal with one guy who is a 100+ points less than can pop it from 36″ out fairly easily (on a 4+ since we know X+4 D 6 is almost sure to pen). Now that Look Out Sir rolls are gone from his shots I expect to see him fielded more again. Vulkan boosts the entire space marine army from decent at anti-armour to ‘god’ level if you’ve got models with melta. I know DA bikes with plasma are cool… but bikes with melta and mm attack bikes (because 12″ move makes melta effective) + vulkan (take a captain with a hammer on the bike, why not??) FTW; oh and really stupid awesome is a command squad with SS/melta guns/lightning claws/bikes (again needing a captain). St. Celestine is not a favorite of mine simply because the model is completely broke. You kill her, she dies, your opponent rolls every turn to get up. Can’t EVER be removed from the board. Somehow my opponent always seems to make her scoring with a good warlord roll too. Techie and thunderfire cannon just has to go on this list in 6th edition. Gone are days of anything S4 and above = instant death to artillery. This bad boy sits up in a corner and just harasses your opponent all game long, bolsters a defense, and is capable of repairing vehicles near him while still having the cannon shoot! Not to mention a tech with harness is only 25 points cheaper than having one with the gun as well. I think good arguments can be made for both other hero characters. B Champ is well… a champ. Has great close combat ability, can be either virtually invulnerable with a re-rollable 2+, eat face quickly with an I10 D3+1 (+1 with pedro… heh, heh allies), or just roll out the old haymaker and slash everyone around him if he’s a solo fighter. Still knows how to force weapon baddies or hammerhand 1W models. If he does go down when going toe to toe with any aformentioned single characters (or any other single characters in the game!) has a good chance of removing them from play to (except for that B#$*% Celestine!). The overlord just gives one unit block of warriors amazing killing/surviving power. He’s durable enough to take on most anyone in close combat and hold them up, and the unit will hardly ever die except to massive assaults that ignore their armor saves.

  • Avatar Image deathangel254p said 5 years, 1 month ago:

    10 – tau pathfinders
    9 – eldar rangers
    8 – eldar fire dragons
    7 – nob bikers
    6 – tau battlesuits
    5 – blood angel assault marines
    4 – ork lootas
    3 – th/ss terminators
    2 – leman russ battle tank squadron
    1 – sternguard veterans

    this is my list…and my opinion of the 10 best

    today is tomorrow’s yesterday
  • Avatar Image bigbri464p said 5 years, 1 month ago:

    In no particular order: Vendetta(probably the best value unit in 40k) Manticore, Grey Hunters, Plague Marines, TH/SS termies, xv8 battlesuit, Flamers of Tzeentch, Hammerhead, Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, Long Fangs

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  • Avatar Image candykane89p said 5 years, 1 month ago:

    Top lists…. are not worth the paper there printed on because it all depends on the situation…. example
    thunder hammer storm shield guys are only good in CC but against dark eldar or a fast moving army there going to be a waist of points. to slow to get any where.
    So lets divide up the list…. to try make a equal match up.

    HQ choices
    Elite choices
    fast attack
    heavy support

    My list:
    HQ ‘s
    —Tyranid swarm lord – has 4 spells can cast 2 a turn. has loads of special rules
    In CC there is not much he can not kill He can survive a 10 man thunderhammer stormshield termi unit in combat…. he wins most fights 7-10 from Mefiston. he has 1 down side you can kill him with shooting.
    —- grey knigts cortez —
    His stats are not that good but the special rules are top of the shelf cheese and make up for that.
    Vulkan it just boosts the army so much
    rune priests . some of there spells are just to good and if you dont want them …
    you can pick divination

    Chaos terminators because they are so cheap
    sternguard veterans
    ork lootas

    plague marines If taken as troops
    necrons because they get back up
    The tervigon if taken as troop choice , it gives you free troops so you can play more points then you are playing for. and every unit she makes is a claiming unit…

    Fast attack

    tyranid Gargoyles
    6 points for a model with a jumpack. it cant do a lot but it is fast..

    heavy support
    leman russ battle tank squadron
    vindicator….. not because its a great tank but because my opponent thinks its a super tank that has to be stopped at all cost…..
    Long Fangs best devastator squad in the game

    This list is far from complete list but i gave my thoughts on it. this list is only as good as the next book that will come out

    6th edition sucks Come one GW stop making kiddie rules
  • Avatar Image bloodhunter886p said 5 years, 1 month ago:

    For my list some of these have been picked because i like them, some of them may not be effective but it’s my list i’ll put what i want on :)

    10 – Eldrad. Most annoying model ever. I hate him, truly hate him. But that makes it more fun when he gets squished :)

    9 – Vendetta Gunship. King of flyers, no contest.

    8 – Gary the Daemon Prince (my daemon prince). Costs a stupid number of points but kicks ass, and he’s out casually walking the dogs while he does it!

    7 – Ghazghull. Pretty much same as Eldrad but he’s much harder to take down.

    6 – Chaos Spawn. Very underrated unit, for 180 points (5 with nurgle) they’ll make your opponent laugh at the sight of them then get annoyed when his uber killy deathstar squad can’t escape from them.

    5 – Plague Zombies. Most useful 150 (sometimes 300) points i’ve ever put into a list.

    4 – Ironclad in Drop Pod. There is a dreadnought in your opponents deployment zone on turn 1 that has a 4+ cover save and F/S 13. Good luck dealing with him.

    3 – Epidemius. Makes my chaos want to hug you more.

    2 – Plague Marines. Best marines around, T5, FNP, Blight Grenades, Poisoned (4+) CCW. What’s not to love?

    1 – Typhus, Herald of Nurgle. He’s tough, he’s strong, he can fart your enemies to death, he’s a badass and most importantly he makes my plague marines troops and pathetic cultists into zombies. There is a reason he has the best paint job of all of my models :)

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  • Avatar Image theredterror12313p said 5 years, 1 month ago:

    1 sergent basstone


    3 sammel

    4.ravenwing (any unit)

    5 parasite of mortrex

    6 doom of malantai

    7 inquistor coteaz

    8 commander chencov

    9 seargent harker

    10 tervigon

  • Avatar Image eceto55p said 5 years, 1 month ago:

    valk/vendetta: The fact you can take squadrons and they are so cheep for there cost.
    tervigon: Its a troop, 6 wounds, shoots large blast templates, and spawns more troops.
    doom of malentine: I have yet to see a game where his soul stealing thingy ALONE has not paid for himself and then some.
    ork loota: there is nothing other then like armor 14 this thing wont kill on a 6.
    drop pod: This unit is just so good for its cost.
    Sterguard: Put plasma combis, and 5 can kill just about anything.
    Dakkajet: As long as they dont have lots of anti air, these things will kill so much stuff. And they actually hit most of the time thanks to TLed.
    Saint celestine: Only character iv ever used that can actually kill the swarm lord in CC (Over the course of a game). You put warlord on her, and shove her in the front of your army. Her rules will make it so that it is VERY hard for them to get both of these secondary objectives. Shes jump, so you can sit her in enemy deployment, get that objective, and deny 2 objectives. Shes also amazing in cc, and super cheep.
    lemon tanks: Boom boom boom all day long
    Imperial guard infantry: Solo they wont do anything, but you just cant kill them all.
    Plague marines: pretty dam tough for there points.
    Pyrovore: Most people will be so confused what this strange new model is, they will forfeit the game right away. Surely it must be so amazingly powerful, that only the best of the best can even stand fielding it.