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Discussion about everything Warhammer 40000 related, including modelling, painting, collecting, fluff, cheese and the expansions Apocalypse, Cityfight, Planetstrike and Spearhead. Newbie advice on tap too.

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Adeptus Titanicus (11 posts)

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  • Avatar Image goggs51p said 11 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Did I miss some sneaky reference in Aprils White dwarf or did GW just completely overlook/ignore the fact that they printed in the ‘Next Month’ section of the March issue that Adeptus Titanicus was a section in the April WD issue?? Anyone hear any rumours?

  • Avatar Image fiore135p said 11 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I don’t know for definite, but I think they’ve put the release slot for adeptus titanicus back until later in the year. White Dwarf is put together several months in advance, so the decision must have been made after the last issue was done.

    This is disappointing, but I heard rumour the decision was made for encouraging reasons – I think they’re planning to give the game a bit more support by doing some of the Titans in plastic rather than resin. It is being done as a specialist game through forge world so would normally get resin figures, but after the success of blood bowl I think they decided to do some more in plastic than originally planned.

    These are my hazy memories of some of the chatter that came out of a Horus Heresy open day a couple of months back, so may not be entirely right.

  • Avatar Image goggs51p said 11 months, 2 weeks ago:

    @fiore Cheers for that. It was the fact that the White Dwarf magazines are put together so far in advance that had me hopefull when I saw it last month. Like you say plastic rather then resin leading to actually getting Titans in a box is something worth the wait. Must have been a tight call considering it was mentioned in one months print run and didn’t appear the following month! Appreciate the response, cheers.

  • Avatar Image craigwrdouglas528p said 11 months ago:

    I still have my Reaver and Warlord titans, also the Squats with their Cyclops, Colossus, airships and of course there’s the Goliath Mega Cannon.

  • Avatar Image olliep928p said 11 months ago:

    News out of Adepticon said it’s been delayed till next year
    (And yes at the HH Weekender in Feb they hadn’t decided if the minis would be resin or plastic yet so would say next month is too soon for a release)

  • Avatar Image kantor72565p said 11 months ago:

    Awww man. I am really looking forward to the Titanicus re-release. Guess i just have to wait that bit longer.

  • Avatar Image goggs51p said 11 months ago:

    @craigwrdouglas yep I’m the same and still have all my old epic stuff. Downside of this release version is that it is going to be in 8mm so all the old epic stuff won’t be compatible. In saying that I’m still excited for this considering a Reavor will be about the size of a 40k dreadnought!

    @olliep hadn’t heard that from adepticon. Thought it actually hadn’t been mentioned at all over there so that’s a bit disappointing to hear! I was hoping later this year was still realistic.

  • Avatar Image olliep928p said 11 months ago:

    @goggs said:
    @olliep hadn’t heard that from adepticon. Thought it actually hadn’t been mentioned at all over there so that’s a bit disappointing to hear! I was hoping later this year was still realistic.

    I may be wrong, was just something I read on a FB group from people there

  • Avatar Image torros4236p said 11 months ago:

    Well the original epic titans were probably too small for 1/300 so being 8mm will probably be about right. Depends how much they cost of course

  • Avatar Image craigwrdouglas528p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    I think that they did the titans first, without considering any expansion beyond just the original game.

    When they went to expand it the problem was that they couldn’t manufacture the infantry small enough for it to be in scale with the titans.

  • Avatar Image admiralandy272p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    I Imagine they don’t want to over-shadow the push on core range 28mm scale seeing as they just released Shadow War and also there is going to be the new 40K next month.

    It may yet come out for the last part of the year, but I would assume something Heresy related for Autumn/Christmas as there presently retaining that gameplay in 7th ed, and they need to do more work on 8th ed, Heresy release/push assuming that’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

    Besides as soon as Titans hit the shops straight away people will ask when there Xeno faction are coming, when are the armies coming. They may wish to work on a more complete release schedule.