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Armageddon Ork and Steel Legion Armies (13 posts)

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  • Avatar Image aztecjaguar61p said 8 months, 2 weeks ago:

    The 7th Beasts of War Birthday video got me thinking…

    Way back in 2015 I sent an e-Mail to Beasts of War (probably to the wrong address, come to think it… Tech-Support? oops!), thanking the team for all the great content, videos and positive attitudes and everything. I wonder if they received it…? Perhaps not – probably landed in the spam folder and no one read it.

    I had attached these (or similar) photos to the e-Mail:

    - the Ork Stompa for was @johnlyons (I remember watching his series of Stompa building and painting videos when they were new!) and could understand his frustration with the confusing Stompa instructions booklet.

    - the converted Tamiya StuG was for @warzan (he does love StuGs!)

    - the converted Panther V with the twin guns from Anarchy Models was inspired by the naval gun barbettes on Battleship-Dreadnoughts and so I guess could have been for @oriskany

    The idea behind this Ork army is that they are on Armageddon and brought with them there collection of ancient rusty tanks and armored vehicles. As the atmosphere on Armageddon is so toxic and polluted, even the Orks are obliged to wear “protective” trench coats, like the Steel Legion.

    That, or they could become uneasy allies, once all the chaos marines and demons from the Warp Rift in 8th Edition show up and spoil everyone’s day…

    And talking of the Steel Legion, the Ork StuG is parked next to one of my camouflage pattern Steel Legion Leman Russ tanks.

    Anyway, now I have discovered the Beast of Wars forums and how to post photos, I thought I would share these photos with you all.

  • Avatar Image aztecjaguar61p said 8 months, 2 weeks ago:

    A Steel Legion forward observation post receives a report of Ork activity in their sector.

    A Leman Russ and a Legionaries squad is sent out to investigate.

    Careful analysis of long range sensor picts reveals – concealed in plain sight amongst ruins and rusted scrap metal – a fourth previously unknown Ork tank variant and fitted with the feared Supa-Gun.

    But even the “Ork Tank #4″ is modest, compared to the mighty “Ork Tank #5″ – with a twin SupaGuns turret.

    Legionaire – vox the Imperial Navy – we need air support! Now!

  • Avatar Image aztecjaguar61p said 8 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Unfortunately the Imperial Navy is otherwise engaged with an attack by flights of Ork DakkaJets and BlitzaBombers.

    Instead, Steel Legion High Command send a “Threat Assessment Team” as forward observers in their APC.

    And to their horror, discover an entire battle force of Orks in the toxic wastelands.

    Legionaire – vox the Inquisition, Ordos Xenos – there seems to be something array…

  • Avatar Image masmalcor18p said 8 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I love the theming. Great Job

  • Avatar Image aztecjaguar61p said 8 months, 1 week ago:

    Formations of Legion infantry units – supported by Lemon Russ Demolishers, Luther Mechs and with air support from Valkyrs Gunshps – prepare to attack the Orks in the
    toxic wastelands.

    A fast Ork recon off-road vehicle and yet another Ork tank variant is identified – apparently a looted Dark Angels Rhino chassis, welded beneath the hull of a former Steel Legion Chimera – to engage and slow the advance of the Steel Legion armor.

    The Steel Legion armored column is then targeted by Ork ground attack aircraft, with their devastating Dakka-Gatling-Guns.

  • Avatar Image georgesealy401p said 8 months, 1 week ago:

    Wow, gorgeous work! The Ork armour and aircraft in particular are amazing. What scale tanks are you using? 1:48 or 1:35?

  • Avatar Image aztecjaguar61p said 8 months, 1 week ago:

    @georgesealy Thank you for the feedback!

    To answer your question: “What scale tanks are you using? 1:48 or 1:35?”
    Tamiya Panzer II, StüG III, Panzer IV and Panther V – all in 1:35 scale.

  • Avatar Image aztecjaguar61p said 8 months, 1 week ago:

    Anyway, back on Armageddon… in the toxic wastelands east of the hive city the
    Steel Legion armored units are engaging the Ork scrapyard clan. The battle
    attracts the attention of a mob of Ork Boyz from a different clan, to the North.

    Never one to miss a good fight, the clan Waag-Boss launches his own attack on
    the hive city defenders to the south.

    The the garrison defending the hive city soon realize the true scale of the
    approaching Ork army: Boyz, Lootas, Burnas, bikes, trukks, battle wagons,
    choppas, mechs, killa-kans gargants and a Stompa.

    The outer defenses are soon overrun and the Imperial Guard are forced to deploy
    their reserves of Legionaires, battle tanks, heavy artillery and the last remaining
    super-heavy Shadowsword on Armageddon.

    The Steel Legion commander, inspired by the Black Templars Reclusiarch Grimaldus and his legendary defense of Hive Helsreach, lays a trap for the Stomp with the Shadowsword as the bait…

    With the Shadownsword’s volcano cannon destroying the Stompa, the hive city forces were victorious.

    The Steel Legion units in the toxic wastelands discovered an Ork weapons storage area and, it seems the scrapyard Ork clan had a secret weapon of their own…

  • Avatar Image solar1352p said 8 months, 1 week ago:

    Cool stuff, Nice collection of models. Love the conversion work too

  • Avatar Image aztecjaguar61p said 8 months, 1 week ago:

    The Steel Legion forces, celebrating their hard-fought victory to save the hive city, and
    receiving three Ordo Xenos @solar commendations, fail to prevent a small war band of
    Ork mechs and armor from escaping the weapons storage facility in the toxic wasteland .

    The decorated hive Imperial commander and self-styled expert on Orks, has interpreted a final pict image of a unusually old rusty red killa-kan, waving its buzz-saw arm to mean “Orks back later… Red go fast-ta! Waaarrr-gggghh”.

    Not surprisingly, given the nature of such an unconventional theory, the newly arrived Inquisitor from the Ordo Xenos had the commanding officer executed on the spot.

  • Avatar Image amachan222p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    I really love the conversions. The rest looks awesome as well.

    Follow me on Twitter for work in progress updates and finished mini’s I’m working on:
    Or see some of my work here on Beasts of War:
  • Avatar Image subedai132p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    Fantastic looking forces and terrain, Armageddon is an iconic theme to work on. The Orks strike the perfect balance between the militaristic and junkyard look.

  • Avatar Image reaperfcrew143p said 7 months, 1 week ago:

    really cool. Alot of work have gone in to that!