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Discussion about everything Warhammer 40000 related, including modelling, painting, collecting, fluff, cheese and the expansions Apocalypse, Cityfight, Planetstrike and Spearhead. Newbie advice on tap too.

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Custodes 30k to 40k 8th edition (2 posts)

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  • Avatar Image goggs51p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Hello Folks

    I’m looking for a bit of help. I’m a 40k fluff and miniatures fan but never really enjoyed or liked the gameplay/rules system so never really wargamed it. Recently though through the combination of receiving the “Talons of the Emperor” box set as a present and with the release of 8th and the new open play system I’ve decided to give it a bit of a shot. To this end I attended the UK games expo intending to add to that box set for a 40k army and basically went a bit nuts at the forge world stand buying literally all the Custodes Dreadnoughts and the show exclusive Custodes Character.

    At the time I asked the GW staff will these miniatures be playable in the new 8th edition 40k, they said yes that forge world will be releasing an index with the rules for them. Turns out this is not the case and these guys have no rules as of yet for 8th edition (in their defence they were digital staff and weren’t a 100% sure and it’s not like my rubber arm needed much twisting..haha).

    Anyhow I’m wondering if any experienced 40k guru out there might do me a favour or point me in to the right direction to adapt or create rules for these guys to be playable in 40k. Just want to include them in the army as more then “Counts As” miniatures and will only be playing a friend who will have no issue with house rules. Not experienced enough in 40k rules myself to give it a go so hoping someone might help.

    Expo haul includes:
    Legio Custodes Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought
    Legio Custodes Contemptor- Achilles Dreadnought
    Legio Custodes Telemon Heavy Dreadnought
    Legion Custodes Ixion Hale

    Regards to all

  • Avatar Image mage6119p said 10 months, 1 week ago:

    Maybe message Forge World directly? I’m pretty sure a lot if not all of what you list will get rules for 8th ed at some point in the new few months.

    I haven’t read any of the new rules or indexes yet but Terminators and Contemptors would be the way to go til you get your hands on the relevant rules.