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Discussion about everything Warhammer 40000 related, including modelling, painting, collecting, fluff, cheese and the expansions Apocalypse, Cityfight, Planetstrike and Spearhead. Newbie advice on tap too.

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I need advice please (58 posts)

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  • Avatar Image armsofsorrow said 4 years ago:

    Im trying to get into 40k but do not want to pick a sorry faction. IG looks cool but idk. Then I have another person trying to trade me a lot of space marines for my warmachine minis. Advice please thank you.

  • Avatar Image usmc961121p said 4 years ago:

    Space marines will get a new codex, guard are the weakest (and due to sheer models) most costly, but are surprisingly powerful in the right combination. The most solid army that can compete with anything is necron though… Not really fun because of how powerful they are, but you’ll be able to play in tournaments with little experience due to their very forgiving nature.

  • Avatar Image armsofsorrow said 4 years ago:

    i was thinking of getting the dark vengeance box is that any good?

  • Avatar Image usmc961121p said 4 years ago:

    No, unless you specifically want to play chaos or dark angels…

  • Avatar Image jay188994p said 4 years ago:

    Hi dude, if your going to play space marines I would hang on till the next codex comes out before acquiring loads of possible unwanted mini’s, its only going to be a few months fella, have you thought of a Tau army?, they have just got there new codex and it seems quite strong, some great models too.

    As for the dark vengeance box set, I think its best left in the shop!.

  • Avatar Image bloodhunter886p said 4 years ago:

    some generic new guy advice: start out small. 1 HQ, 2 troops and 1 other unit until you get the hang of the basics. once you feel you’re ready then expand your army or sell the models if you don’t like it or want a different army, this way you wont have spent too much and now have an understanding of how the game works and what you want.

    now as for what army that’s up to you, for your first army i’d say either marines (even if they get updated soon if you start small you should be fine) as they’re easy to get the hang of and can be tailored to any play style OR you simply go for what you think is the coolest looking army.

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  • Avatar Image armsofsorrow said 4 years ago:

    is 40k worth getting into bc i hear its not that great of a company

  • Avatar Image servantofszarekh43p said 4 years ago:

    Okay, I know that some people here (me excluded) are complaining about Games Workshop, as long as you can handle the price tags you’ll be fine. You don’t ‘have’ to play with Games Workshop people. You can find some friends and see if they want to play.
    However, I must commend you, because you have asked if it’s worth it before diving in and then whingeing. What I say to those people is, don’t like it? find something else to do than clog up email inboxes with complaints. But you, you’re sensible. Some of the flak could be competitors trying to spread propaganda (no accusations, of course). So I think GW is fine. Just jump in.
    And why people recommend Marines is that they can do anything, except horde, so are good to experiment with play-styles. Then there’s the Chapter-specific codexes, e.g. Blood Angels, who are more specialist and have more specific fluff. And Marines are great for experimenting with colour schemes, because there are 1000 Chapters, and some examples are in Codex: Space Marines.
    Hope this helps.

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  • Avatar Image magpie458p said 4 years ago:

    @armsofsorrow said:
    is 40k worth getting into bc i hear its not that great of a company

    It’s about the game not the company.

    Easiest thing to do is go to your nearest GW shop and ask for an Introductory game and the guy will run you through the basics. It’s the only game system you can do that for so may as well take advantage of it.

  • Avatar Image armsofsorrow said 4 years ago:

    thanks for the help

  • Avatar Image armsofsorrow said 4 years ago:

    think i will go to a gw store and ask for a intro game

  • Avatar Image warworksdk411p said 4 years ago:

    @armsofsorrow said:
    is 40k worth getting into bc i hear its not that great of a company

    Each to his own, as they say…

    Having played both WarMachine and 40K, I must say that there’s no way I would trade my Khador for 40K models.

    Games Workshop has some serious problems, some of which might be “game-breakers” for you.

    1) The cost of a full army is insane, particularly horde-armies like Imperial Guard or Orks.
    2) The quality of some the models is dubious at best. FineCast, in particular, is really lousy.
    3) The rules aren’t particularly good and filled to the brim with random events.

    However, if you can get into the fluff behind the game (I’d recommend hunting down 2. edition codices on eBay) and you have a couple of friends that you can play a few less-than-serious games with, then it’s an okay system.

    As a final note, I would also suggest that you take a look at what people are playing in the local stores and clubs. No sense in investing in a game that no-one plays.

  • Avatar Image magpie458p said 4 years ago:

    “Less than serious games” LOL

    @armsofsorrow, mate you are go find that in this game, probably because it covers such a wide range of people, that there are people who play for the enjoyment and people who take themselves and the game far too seriously.

    If you want a laid back fun time, then 40k is for you, if you don’t then it isn’t.

  • Avatar Image number32759p said 4 years ago:

    40k is good fun, as with any game though, its who you play with that make it. If you are with a good bunch its very enjoyable.

    My best advice for an army though is have a look and go for what appeals to you. If you go for something you don’t like you aren’t going to want to build and paint them.

    If money is a factor avoid horde armies.

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  • Avatar Image armsofsorrow said 4 years ago:

    the game looks super badass i just havent played but i want to , i really only play dust warfare , infinity i played a lil bit but didnt like, warmachine was ok but lacks lore.