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Discussion about everything Warhammer 40000 related, including modelling, painting, collecting, fluff, cheese and the expansions Apocalypse, Cityfight, Planetstrike and Spearhead. Newbie advice on tap too.

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The Stone Templar (John’s custom SM Chapter) (12 posts)

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  • Avatar Image johnlyons606p said 6 days ago:

    I have always loved making my own stories through playing and collecting Warhammer 40,000. By the time I had made a Blood Angels army and at least three different Imperial Guard armies of varying quality and -basic- backstory I decided to take on a more narrative-based army. I love Space Marines, the quintessential sci-fi super humans clad in impressive armour and tasked to defend a stagnant, backwards empire through blade and bolt really appealed to me. Those of you who have seen me talk about religious/fanatic factions throughout wargaming will know I have a soft spot for that “crusader” aesthetic. This became my starting point and my first port of call was the Black Templars. These guys are everything I look for in a fanatic and devout faction. Mainly it was their appearance which drew my eye. However, what turned me off collecting a BT army was that their lore was, largely, written out and easy to find and research.

    I therefore took the aesthetic of the Black Templars and embarked on a successor chapter project. First was the name of this chapter, it had to reflect their origins and for this I looked into the lore for the BT themselves. Sons of Dorn and direct successors to the Imperial Fists gave me a good place to start. The Imperial Fists are seige-masters and experts in defense and fortifications, while the BT are crusaders who seem to go to great lengths to maintain some kind of continuous activity to help purge the heretic, alien and so on. Looking at these two Chapters I decided that my successors would be named the Stone Templar. The Stone to represent their stoic resilience and adeptness for defense, while keeping their crusading heritage from the chapter that brought about their existence without trying to retcon any of the established lore from the books too heavily.

    With the idea now set in stone (sorry) What follows is the lore of the Stone Templar which lays out their creation, motivation and one or two of the main characters within the chapter, as well as some detail as to their appearance, expansion, campaigns and their eventual reformation and rebirth. Also, I am including a painting guide and image gallery that includes both the old and new paint schemes. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to throw in ideas and suggestions.

    The Stone Templar came into being following an unknown battle between a Black Templar crusader force and a Necron host upon a world now quarantined by the Holy Inquisition. Since all records of the battle have been locked away all we know for sure is that roughly forty marines returned after a victory seen the Necrons lord on the planet defeated and the host disappearing into a tomb complex which remains undiscovered (despite at least three inquisitorial investigations)

    Upon their return, the High Marshall praised the survivors for thier fervor and determination, and were granted the honor of continuing their crusade upon the Necron threat in the sub-sector with total independence to persecute their holy work how they seen fit. The High Marshall sanctioned the formation of the Stone Templar, allowing them to choose their heraldry and iconography. They were given permission to retain the templar cross (now painted in a bone colour) while their armour was painted grey with bone edging. They were granted an initial boost of manpower and equipment to allow them to deploy two standard sized companies while the most veteran marine, a Lucardo Rhinehart, form the survivors became the first company captain and the defacto “Master” of the chapter. Thus the Stone Templar returned to the sub-sector to become the hunters of the deadly Necron, seeing it as their holy mission to cleanse the cluster of planets from the threat of these mysterious, unholy constructs.

    Over the course of six decades, the new Templars studied what they could find out about their foe and, in one case, worked alongside the Ordo Xenos during an investigation of the planet where thier chapters creation was forged, providing the agents with valuable information of the battle that took place there. This was to be the last time the Templars would set foot upon the planet as they were met with another foe, the Eldar, who tried to convince the inquisitorial party to abandon their investigation. After several attempts at diplomacy, the eldar forces, collectively known now as the Tiel-Lyn, declared they would shut down the Imperial snooping by force, and thus the Templar were to change forever.

    The war brought by the eldar was swift and decisive, the Templars fought them to a near stalemate before the cunning xenos out-flanked the marines force by materializing a strike force onto thier chapters Battle Barge, appearing before the marines as they were requipping their second company, destroying them to a man before returning to the planet surface where they set about the utter destruction of the remaining first company. This battle lasted for several weeks which seen the Inquisition forces utterly wiped out and the marines of the first company reduced to the company captain and his retinue of terminators. By this stage, the losses suffered by the Eldar was becoming too much, and beyond what their Farseer had envisaged. This led to the Eldar retreat back to their webway and left the survivors of the first company stranded planet-side until the Templar fleet could become operational again.

    For the next one hundred years, the Stone Templar rebuilt their numbers, repaired their fleet and reformed their purpose. The Eldar had opened their eyes to the naivety of their original mission. They now decreed to refocus on the surpression of any Necron activity they could find, while simultaniously seeking the utter destruction of the Tiel-Lyn. To this end, the first company captain declared a crusade against the Eldar.

    Once the Stone Templar were back to a strength of three full battle companies, Captain Rhinehart was sworn in officially as the Chapter Master and honored with one of the six suits of Terminator armour that the chapter possessed. One last change to the chapter was the adoption of purple details to their armour, in a slight against the Eldar who had sought their annihilation. From this point on, the Stone Templar worked across the sector, deploying against Necron, Ork and Eldar. For a further two hundred years, the crusaders fought and searched for their foe until, sometime in the late 41st millenium, they found what they had been seeking for. The Eldar fleet which held the Tie-Lyn. A full-scale boarding action took place against the Eldar fleet, seeing many of the smaller crafts ripped apart form the inside within a matter of twelve hours. Such was the fury of the crusaders that the Eldar were, for once, totally caught unprepared. This however, did not last long as they regained their composure and, once again, demonstrated their ruthless cunning and mastery of tactics which the crusaders, bent on wiping out their foe, were nearly blind to until it was too late.

    It could be argued that the Templar were simply never ready to face down the Eldar, lacking superior numbers, or perhaps lacking the patience they would have required to outwit their enemy. Regardless of the reasoning, the battle ended in humiliation. Chapter Master Rhinehart was brought before the Farseer who declared she would not end his life, if only for him to retreat to the stars alone in disgrace. And thus ended the Stone Templar, with only the Chapter Master left alive, the remains of the Imperial fleet (One Battle Barge and three small cruisers) left the sector. It was not long after this confrontation and retreat that the great rift opened and would see the Templars largely forgotten until after the completion of the Indomitus Crusade.

    They said I could be anything. So I became a Tank.
  • Avatar Image torros3368p said 5 days, 23 hours ago:

    They could be led by William the Concreter. :)

  • Avatar Image johnlyons606p said 5 days, 23 hours ago:

    Below is a gallery of my painted Stone Templar. I will add a painting guide later :)

  • Avatar Image amachan104p said 5 days, 14 hours ago:

    I still don’t like the look or lore of the primaris marines, but the colour scheme looks really awesome.

    See my work on Facebook:

  • Avatar Image kevlin230p said 5 days, 13 hours ago:

    Interesting fluff with a chapter that has been disgraciously defeated. So the primaris founding will add to their ranks so that they can go back out in search of the eldar?

    Would have loved more details and knick-knacks on them. You have gotten surprising depth with the grey but I would have liked some more spot colours like a few more purity seals, scrolls and books. Maybe a hood or a tabard?

    My hobby blog: Miniature darkness
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  • Avatar Image ghent99391p said 5 days, 10 hours ago:

    So you are painting up a bunch of dead dudes?

    Cool idea :)

    Enjoy your hobby, your way!
  • Avatar Image khiasharisse133p said 5 days, 2 hours ago:

    Have you ever thought about drilling out the gun barrels? Takes a little bit of practice but makes the whole mini look more realistic (if such a thing is possible ;) )

  • Avatar Image johnlyons606p said 5 days, 2 hours ago:

    @khiasharisse said:
    Have you ever thought about drilling out the gun barrels? Takes a little bit of practice but makes the whole mini look more realistic (if such a thing is possible ;) )

    When I buy a pin vice I will be for sure :D

    @ghent99 said:
    So you are painting up a bunch of dead dudes?

    Cool idea :)

    To paraphrase monty python -They aren’t quite dead- :)

    @kevlin said:
    Interesting fluff with a chapter that has been disgraciously defeated. So the primaris founding will add to their ranks so that they can go back out in search of the eldar?

    Would have loved more details and knick-knacks on them. You have gotten surprising depth with the grey but I would have liked some more spot colours like a few more purity seals, scrolls and books. Maybe a hood or a tabard?

    Totally agree with you. At the moment, all I have bought for the army is the dark imperium set, a chaplain, forge world Gabriel Angelos and the centurions. The plan is for another box of dark imperium and some multi-part kits to mix in through them, and that’s when I’ll be getting all the extra bits to throw in. Tabards especially. This first batch was more of a “proof of concept” to see if I could improve over my old version of them I painted back in 2008.

  • Avatar Image johnlyons606p said 1 day ago:

    Following the recent Hobby Night Live, I have soem more Templar to show. First is my Captain, made from the Gabriel Angelos model from Forge World. To make him more unique I changed the head to one from a Bolt Action British soldier (which really fits in well I have to admit) And also added some extra iconography from a Grey Knight model and a Scibor miniatures figure.

    Next up is my Primaris Chaplain. Again I did a few tweaks to the model to make him a little more unique. Mainly by adding some different iconography and changed the head on the Crozius. I also tried my hand at some lettering, which doesn’t look great up close, but hey, it was a first attempt. Overall I’m pretty happy with them both, but really prefer the Chaplain.

  • Avatar Image thisisazrael68p said 21 hours, 19 minutes ago:

    Absolutely loving these updates and the added titles!
    The Chaplain is by far my favourite so far.
    Now I just need to get John to bring his army in and face the might of the Greater Good :P

  • Avatar Image biggrim102p said 21 hours, 15 minutes ago:

    They’re looking good and I like your fluff!

  • Avatar Image voidifremoved113p said 55 minutes ago:

    Very cool colour scheme. (The other week I did a test model for a custom chapter in similar colours, so a bit biased, lol).

    Awesome freehand on the chaplain!