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Talk about the latest in Warhammer Fantasy including the newly released 8th Edition rulebook!

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Is Tezeentch still a game killer? (7 posts)

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  • Avatar Image chaosdruid156p said 4 years, 11 months ago:

    So yes I am a tzeentch player to the core. Always has been my favorite god of the four, and I was a big fan of Warhammer online’s use of him as the primary deity of the story for the chaos faction. That being said, i have been playing Tzeentch since the beginning of Hordes back in 6th, and have noticed a trend of the army to steam roll opponents. In hordes, you had the benefit of marking any character with tzeentch and making him into a spell caster (meaning your lord stomped around killing in every way possible), hell even the Shaggoths from Beastmen of Chaos back in the day became spell casters. In WoC v.1 in 7th, we gained the +1 to cast and the +1 to our ward save. They have changed that to +1 ward and re roll channel attempts of a 1. I understand Tzeentch armies dominated along side Vamp armies in a lot of the recent tournaments and such, and even though i don’t consider myself a “competitive player” and dont go to many tournaments, i have to wonder about how the power house of an army that’s full of ward saves and heavy magic focus combined with the uber melee death chaos brings to the table feels like to those who have fought against it?

  • Avatar Image amakiir42p said 4 years, 11 months ago:

    At least it isn’t Skaven. That is pretty much my opinion of Warhammer at this point.

  • Avatar Image admiralbiatch1991135p said 4 years, 11 months ago:

    What do u mean amakiir? Have Skaven become OP or something?

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  • Avatar Image chaosdruid156p said 4 years, 11 months ago:

    Its the fact I believe they field more war machines then the empire and dwarf lists combined. (literally, they do, I counted.), and have a ridiculous spell list along side the fact that for every weakness they have there is a strength that negates it. Still a good book, just easily overpowered.

  • Avatar Image amakiir42p said 4 years, 11 months ago:

    I hate skaven. They have a spell that can literally win a game in one magic phase as long as they roll a few 6s. Their units have stats that are too high and point costs that are too low. They just have too many advantages and very few disadvantages. You can intentionally make a weak army with them, and those can actually be fun to play against, but if you power game the list it just isn’t fun.

    Which is a shame, because they could actually be a really entertaining army if their book matched their fluff *at all*.

  • Avatar Image dangerrat31p said 4 years, 10 months ago:

    Skaven are quite similar to new Daemons in that if they are lucky with rolls, they are very very brutal, unlucky rolls though and they can end up killing em selves.

  • Avatar Image maleopener7628p said 4 years, 8 months ago:

    Back on topic …


    While the new book, offered a truckload of new toys, the MoT took a hit.

    Melee & caster characters are separate, so no more “over-powering melee casters” (only ogres can do that).

    The lore became lack-luster, when a FAQ decided they don’t count as “flaming attacks”.

    The +1 to a ward save, and the ability to create an almost-unkillable BSB, are this mark’s “pros”.

    If Gibbs were a god in Warhammer … would you follow him?