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Talk about the latest in Warhammer Fantasy including the newly released 8th Edition rulebook!

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RAGE OF SIGMAR – A plog by Mage – updated 23/02/17 (92 posts)

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  • Avatar Image mage4359p said 1 year ago:

    Hey everyone,

    I am starting this plog, or painting log, to show you my exploits and adventures in the Mortal Realms.

    I want to keep this clear and simple, and not overload people with too much information.

    I’m more than happy to answer questions about this or the game, and I’ll be 100% honest if something is bad or doesent work well.

    Without further adiue, I started yesterday by buying the starter set. Below you can see the box and its contents:

    The box was damaged so the staff at the shop I bought it in (The Gathering, O’Connell Street, Limerick City, Republic of Ireland) let me open it and take a look inside. I was glad to spend normal retail price as opposed to ordering it online cheaper to help my local game store going.

    Your standard fare here and nothing exciting, but all essential for games:

    This is a booklet about the game. In it is a painting guide, an article on collecting, background on the setting and two factions, lots of nice photographs and colour scheme ideas, as well as warscrolls. I skimmed it last night but its very interesting and a little thick as books go. Content isnt a bad complaint is it?

    The rules are on four pages and in hard folding card:

    Again nothing glamorous but here is the assembly guide:

    Here is a group shot of the plastic frames that make up the two factions:

  • Avatar Image biggabum2174p said 1 year ago:

    Now this is what I want to see, a completely neutral look at the game. I will be following this with some interest.

  • Avatar Image mage4359p said 1 year ago:

    Apologies everyone, the first picture wont go into landscape for me despite several attempts at trying.

    To come: pictures of each individual frame.

  • Avatar Image mage4359p said 1 year ago:

    @biggabum said:
    Now this is what I want to see, a completely neutral look at the game. I will be following this with some interest.

    Thanks @biggabum ! :)

  • Avatar Image mage4359p said 1 year ago:

    A word of warning: some of these pieces are extremely delicate and finnicky, be careful if you are new to models and experience modellers just take your time. Some are easy to get off but the wings and some of the more delicate pieces are very fragile.

  • Avatar Image mage4359p said 1 year ago:

    Last night I played a small game with a mixed Orruk army against a Chaos Force. Pictures of the game, a bit of a mini breakdown, and assembled pictures and commentaries on the models I have will follow later.

  • Avatar Image mage4359p said 1 year ago:

    Clash at Tuskhorn

    So, John and I, in preparation for our Age of Sigmar group gaming, did a little assembly of the starter set yesterday afternoon and got a game in too.

    My opponent chose ‘Slaves to Darkness’, the current name for the old generic Warriors of Chaos. In it he had:

    A Chaos Sorcerer lord (his general)
    10x Forsaken
    10x Plaguebearers of Nurgle

    I had a Greenskinz army, the current name for Orcs, which as a species are now called Orruks.

    Maniac Weirdnob (a savage orc shaman on a boar, the general, part of the Bonesplitterz faction )
    10x Ardboyz (they were known as Black Orcs, part of the Ironjawz faction)
    5x Orruk Boarboyz (Orcs, now the ‘Greenskinz’ faction)

    The two armies were fairly balanced and we had a good laugh figuring out the game. We kept the terrain light and I have the bug for more playing.

    The Ardboyz took to the centre facing opposite the Forsaken, the hillside (an old out of production Games Workshop hill) guarding their left flank (‘Ardboyz is clever like that) while Maniac Weirdnob and Boarboys guarded their right flank.

    Beside the Forsaken behind the Temple of Skulls (a terrain kit from GW, one of their most beautiful and now sadly gone) lurked the Chaos Sorcerer Lord and Plaguebearers…

    The Forsaken and Ardboyz clashed in the middle while the Boarboyz reformed and redirected, ready to take on the coming Plaguebearers. All the while the Wizards stayed at the edge of the battle, commanding and weaving spells to bolster their troops or blast apart their enemies. The Forsaken wore down the Ardboyz with their fluctuating frenzy of mutating might, with the Boarboyz coming to save the day as the Plaguebearers pondered slowly around the hill failing to charge twice.

    As the last Forsaken was cut down the Boarboyz broke off and hunted down the Sorcerer Lord while the Black Orcs held up the Plaguebearers.

    Eventually the Boar Riders chased down the enemy general and ripped him to bloody shreds atop the Temple of Skulls for the gods to behold.

    Next I will do a break down of each unit in the battle and their Warscroll.

  • Avatar Image onlyonepinman4484p said 1 year ago:

    Posting here to let you know I’m watching this thread. Like a creepy stalker…

  • Avatar Image mage4359p said 1 year ago:

    @onlyonepinman said:
    Posting here to let you know I’m watching this thread. Like a creepy stalker…

    Awesome! I made progress assembling the Khorne Bloodbound with @irredeemable ‘s help and sprayed a wash on all bar one of the primed stormcast externals. I’ll throw pics up when I can.

  • Avatar Image mage4359p said 1 year ago:

    @onlyonepinman said:
    Posting here to let you know I’m watching this thread. Like a creepy stalker…

    Awesome! I made progress assembling the Khorne Bloodbound with @irredeemable ‘s help and sprayed a wash on all bar one of the primed stormcast externals. I’ll throw pics up when I can.

  • Avatar Image onlyonepinman4484p said 1 year ago:

    So are you sticking with just the basic starter box for now or have you decided on a specific army you want to collect?

  • Avatar Image mage4359p said 1 year ago:

    I have a few other armies rebased from other forces so I am sort of getting the bug as it were. The idea is one army for each of my three friends and I to play with but I have a large fantasy collection so it could kind of snowball into something larger.

    So, its sort of a tale of four gamers for the moment with the starter and two other armies, and I might do a fifth up for fun. I’m liking a lot of the armies in the range.

    So the idea is:

    Mage – Stormcast Eternals or Scourge Privateers (Dark Elf Corsair force in the new lingo)

    @Irredeemable – Orruks/Greenskinz

    John – Khorne Bloodbound (and possible other Nurgle Daemons and Slaves to Darkness)

    Adam – Undecided (but we will find something for him)

  • Avatar Image mage4359p said 1 year ago:

    So next up we have the Stormcast Eternals. Each group of them, like the way every faction in a game has subfactions, such as Space Marines in 40k having Chapters, are called ‘Stormhosts’. I painted my Stormhost up as ‘Celestial Vindicators’. I like the colour scheme and they feature heavily in Book 8 of the Realmgate Wars by Black Library, called ‘Bladestorm’.

    Mine aren’t exactly the darker torqouise depicted in most of the artwork and GW photos, and they are more vivid. I’ve been told I’ve a comic book style to my painting, which I think is a nice compliment as I love comics and they probably influenced me subconsciously. They will be my own unique army in the Stormhost, as the Stormhost is split down further, into what I cannot recall.

    I’ll just call them a contingent for now and say mine were lost amongst the lightning when sent to battle due to the machanations of some unknown power, and have found themselves in the realm of Death. They have fought their way to the realmgate to get back to their brothers elsewhere in the mortal realms, but they have taken on a ghostly glow from the time spent in these cursed lands…

    First up we have a character model, the Lord Relictor, and a unit of 3 Retributors. One is a Retributor Prime, a leader model, while the other two are unique poses. Quite cool.

    Here are three Prosecutors, one is a leader or Prosecutor Prime, while the other are the same model but you can position the hammers differenrtly for a more varied pose. These wings are fragile and the models are delicate too. I glued a penny under their bases. Be careful with these muchachos.

    The following are two units of Liberators, each led by a Liberator Prime. Each Prime is unique but there are 8 Paladins with four different sculpts. I really like these guys.

    This is the leader of the Stormcast Eternals from the Age of Sigmar starer, a Lord Celestant on a Dracoth. This model was a bit odd to put together and I had a lot of gap and seam filling to do. Very finnicky. For an experienced modeller put him together last so you can enjoy the assembly of the set without this one frustrating you first.

    For a beginner, just ask a more experienced friend to put it together or someone at a GW to. I had a lot of seems to fill and doubltess but it together wrong even with instructions and my 19 years experience.

    I did not attach the plume as it looks more imposing this way.

    I did not get a chance to prime him today sadly. Also, in the boxed game story his name is Vandus Hammerhand.

    This is just a showcase of my models. Tomorrow I will do an analysis on their Warscrolls.

  • Avatar Image mage4359p said 1 year ago:

    Next up we have the Khorne Bloodbound. Honestly, the naming of some of these guys are ridiculous and they suffer from the same problems as the last couple of Space Wolf codex books (A wolf lord, with a wolf pelt, wolf tooth neckalce on a giant space wolf, of the space wolfs chapter!).

    Here is the Mighty Lord of Khorne (to be fair that name is ok):

    I actually really love this model, he went together like a dream, and he looks different to stuff from the Old World, but still ‘Chaos-ey’. He is definitley an evolution and refinement of the concept of a Chaos Lord dedicated to one deity.

    This is a group shot of everyone else. Please note that most of it but not all was primed Chaos Black as I ran out. The rest got a very watery wash of the old Games Workshop Blue Ink:

    These are two Blood Warriors (basically an evolution of Chaos Warriors who are marked by Khorne), a Bloodsecrator (Bonecollector, Red Signifier, Skullrune, Goretotem, Hate Iconoclast, or any combination therein would have been better names off the top of my head), and a Bloodstoker (a bad mix of Blood and Consecrator, I would have called him a Hatecaller, Skullpriest or Gore Prophet).

    Some Blood Warriors (Gorechosen, the name of the upcoming boardgame, would have been better):

    The guy in the middle was a pain to put together but I didn’t follow the instructions so go figure.

  • Avatar Image mage4359p said 1 year ago:

    Here are the Blood Reavers, basically new, beefed up Chaos Marauders marked by Khorne. Skull Reavers would be a better name. Khrorne is about war, violence, brass, axes, red, anger, rage, spilling blood, killing, skulls for the skull throne… there were other words they could have fit into the name. Even Bloodbound is a bit stupid considering everything is Blood-noun. Heck, ‘Khorne Bound’ is probably better if they are looking to clamp down on their intellectual property.

    The Khorgorath. This is my least favourite model in the set. Its clearly a chaos spawn aimed at being marked by Khorne, and the name is probably for copright. Its head is stupid, its way too small even for something mutating uncontrollably. It looks like something out of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. The gigereaque shoulder worm mouth things do not fit with any of the established Khorne imagery, and while chaotic, looks more fitting with any of the other gods (Tzeentch mutations, nurgle tentacles, or Slaanesh,,,, appendages). The models pose is obvious a result of the kit and looks static with the way it stands and flexes. It kind of suffers from Hellbrute snydrome from the Dark Vengeance set.

    However I am not a man to balk at a challenge.

    This is the Khorgorath as it comes in the boxed set:×620/60010299006_AoSStarter360SkuldrakKhorgorath.jpg

    Luckily @Irredeemable gave me a spare part. I did this:

    I think what I did is far better, not trying to sound arrogant or anything. Also Id have given it a different name, like a Rageslave