Grumpy Old War Gamer’s Painting Competition

June 8, 2013 by brennon

It’s been a very busy day here at the Grumpy Old War Gamers convention but we’ve also had the Painting Competition running too. Check out some of the amazing looking models below…



Vampire, Khornate Warrior, Chaos Knight

Che Geuvara Psyker

Above are just a few of the single miniatures that we’ve seen today and there will be many others below too. Of the ones above I have a soft spot for that mighty Bane figure from Knight Models…


Warhound Titan

Fire & Ice Tau Battlesuits

The Tau diorama is pretty fantastic too. I love the clash of fire and ice but the Werewolf miniature is right up there as one of the best. I’ve no idea what range it’s from but I’m fairly sure I need to find out.

Skaven Warlord

Lizardman & Orc Duel

Eldar Vyper

Chaos Cultists

I always love myself a nice duel and the Lizardman Vs Orc is pretty ace. Although I have to say that a massive Skaven hero riding that beastie makes for a pretty hard to beat entry.

This is only a fraction of the entries from today and slowly but surely I’m going to update this post with a variety of other pieces until the whole lot of them have made an appearance, some more of which are now below…

Galrauch Daemon Dragon

Tau Stealth Suits

Cryx Kraken

Dark Angels Captain

Red Warhound Titan

Thanks to everyone who entered of course!