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Guardians Of Eden Characters Come To Life

746 days ago 1

Word Forge Games have received a bunch of renders showing off the characters for their strange and wonderful game known as Guardians of Eden. We hadn’t heard much about this game for a few months so it’s good to see that the project still has some life…

Guardians Of Eden Show Off The Mighty Thee In Render Form

897 days ago 1

The Guardians of Eden are taking shape with the first big character, Thee, getting himself a 3D render worth taking a look at. If the final piece looks like that it will be great!

Journalist Holly Leaver Reports on Guardians of Eden

911 days ago 8

Word Forge Games reveal another of the characters who players will be joining in their upcoming game Guardians of Eden. It’s time for a sensational scoop as investigative journalist Holly Leaver gets close to the action.

LXG Find Out the Faces Featuring in Guardians of Eden

925 days ago 0

Word Forge’s new game Guardians of Eden has had a bit more information appear as The League of Extraordinary Gamers get to find out about the various characters who will be appearing in this game.

Moonshriek Learn More About Guardians Of Eden

938 days ago 2

See how Guardians of Eden is shaping up over on the Moonshriek blog where they’ve sat down with Mark Rapson to talk about the game and what it’s all about.