New Guild Ball Boxes Spotted In The Wild

March 30, 2017 by brennon

New Guild Ball Team Boxes were spotted for Steamforged’s awesome game out in the wild. They appear to be priced at around £50 a piece and come with six characters…

Changing Tides Box

So far we’ve seen the boxes for Fishermen, Engineers and Butchers.

Instruments Of War Box

Bloody Masters Box

According to folks online these boxes are still going to be metal and will require some assembly but they offer up a great way to not only try out the game with a few players but then expand it to include new characters down the line.

We are likely to see new teams done in plastic and for now we have these metal characters to play around with.

Thanks to Hall Of Legends for spotting this…

What do you make of the new boxes?

"So far we've seen the boxes for Fishermen, Engineers and Butchers..."