Guild Ball Welcomes Two More Players With Compound & Chisel

October 20, 2015 by brennon

Guild Ball welcomes two more players to the Alchemist and Mason teams in their Fantasy Football league. Both Compound and Chisel are two dangerous players with their own special set of skills…

Potions Of Power

Compound is certainly a very interesting hulk of a player. He looks like he lost his arms in an accident (I bet he blew his arms off in an experiment) and has now had them replaced with some big ol’ wooden arms.


I don’t imagine it will have escaped your attention that he looks like a slightly more rotund version of one of Batman’s enemies, Bane. He certainly looks all the more like him with the tanks on his back and the mask.

Stone Carver

While not tied to the secret organisation in The Simpsons Chisel is undoubtedly a Mason. Her artwork makes her look a little bit more sinister than the actual miniature but I think she looks ace.


I can’t quite tell what weapon she’s wielding there but I think it’s a hammer of some kind. Guild Ball certainly does a very good job of representing both its male and female characters in various sizes and shapes.

Will you be picking this pair up?

"...he looks like a slightly more rotund version of one of Batman's enemies, Bane"