New Players Drafted Into Your Guild Ball Teams!

March 21, 2014 by brennon

Guild Ball has some more awesome snippets as it winds down after a very successful Kickstarter. Check out two new players below for the Butchers and Morticians as well as a painted up figure thanks to Golem Painting Studio.



Above are Meathook for the Butchers Guild and Casket for the Morticians Guild. I don’t imagine your final journey towards being six feet under would be quite as relaxing if you were strapped to the back of that hulking giant.

Once again though we have a pair of ace characters that you can add to your team roster. Talking of awesome characters we have a painted version of Shark thanks to Golem Painting Studio.

Shark (Painted)

Shark (Painted Rear)

Now that is pretty awesome. Golem do plenty of great work and it’s good to see them taking to the pitch and painting up the characters from Guild Ball. My favourite bit about him is that ace ‘warpaint’ he has over his eyes and of course that incredibly detailed face.

Have you got your final pledges in?