Veteran Harry the Hat To Be Fought Over In Guild Ball

November 6, 2017 by thisisazrael

The Union in Chains event for Guild Ball from Steamforged Games is well underway and the latest Veteran player to be won has been revealed. Harry the Hat will join either the Alchemists or the Engineers! Here you can check out the sculpt for the Alchemists.

Guild Ball Alchemists Harry

I’m loving the vials and stopwatch included in this render. As you’d imagine the Engineer sculpt swaps out the potion bottles for chains, wrenches, and tools.

Guild Ball Engineer Harry

In particular, the wooden and mechanical left arm really stands out in this one.

With the Union in Chains event, it’s all about getting games in so make sure to get involved if there’s a particular faction you’d like to see gain a veteran.

Previous Weeks

  • Veteran Hemlocke – Mortician’s Guild & Hunter’s Guild
  • Veteran Decimate – Brewer’s Guild & Mason’s Guild
  • Veteran Gutter – Fisherman’s Guild & Butcher’s Guild

On top of that, we’ve also seen an open letter to the Hunter’s Guild sent by the Mortician’s Guild Team Captain, Obulus.

Morticians Guild Union In Chains

The letter focuses on Veteran Minx, the Lunar Glaive and Obulus seems set to stake his claim over Hemlocke for the Morticians by trading Minx.

Guild Ball Minx Hunter

The miniatures are looking fantastic for this event and it’s great to see people having a real say in how the story unfolds around a tabletop game.

Which faction are you rooting for?

"With the Union in Chains event, it's all about getting games in so make sure to get involved if there's a particular faction you'd like to see gain a veteran..."